Best Healthcare Technology Solution

Recognizes the best solution for improving care quality, patient safety, efficiency, medical information and/or data exchange to healthcare professionals or consumers. Population health or fee-for-value solutions include the development of new payment and care models, care coordination, readmission management, med adherence, health optimization/wellness, telemedicine, telehealth, and innovations in disease management. May include Revenue Cycle Management Software.

DeepIntent Outcomes - DeepIntent

DeepIntent built the first demand side platform (DSP) purposefully for healthcare marketers to plan, activate, measure, and optimize their advertising campaigns, all within a single platform. Since the company’s inception, DeepIntent has continually innovated with their unique needs in mind. Chief among those needs has been a demand for real-time campaign measurement and optimization. Typically, there is a lag between the two, which can impact a campaign’s overall reach. Additionally, front-end metrics like clicks and impressions don’t clearly connect the dots to real-world business outcomes such as how many prescriptions were filled as a result of an ad being run. To address these needs, DeepIntent launched DeepIntent Outcomes™ in April 2021. Outcomes is patented technology that makes DeepIntent’s the only DSP able to optimize advertising campaigns in-flight to increase audience quality (the number of unique relevant patients exposed to a brand message) and script performance (the volume of prescriptions written and filled) using anonymized real-world clinical data. Using a combination of AI-powered machine learning and value-based bidding, Outcomes involves a phased approach where its algorithms learn how to best reach the target audience. The algorithms continuously improve with auto-optimizations based on new data and campaign performance. DeepIntent’s optimizations are fueled by the industry’s most comprehensive healthcare dataset (including pharmacy claims, medical counters, and payer-complete datasets) and fastest pharmaceutical data refresh. Because those optimizations are driven by privacy-safe, predictive algorithms and ongoing machine learning, they’re smarter, faster, and more effective. In addition to helping marketers uncover insights in real-time and ultimately be more proactive with their marketing investments, this also lowers costs and drives more efficient media. As a result, Outcomes has been proven in beta to increase script performance by up to 35%. Prior to the launch of Outcomes, DeepIntent surveyed patients to better understand how they feel about pharmaceutical advertising, and how it impacts their health and wellness journeys. While just 35% of patients feel the pharmaceutical advertising they see is relevant to them, they are receptive to seeing more relevant advertising. The research also found that patients are more likely to adhere to treatment recommendations for something they recognize from advertising. That finding highlights the incredible opportunity Outcomes gives healthcare marketers to educate patients and providers about conditions and treatment options. Greater awareness strengthens the patient-provider relationship, empowering both to have more informed discussions about the patient’s health and wellness. These discussions underpin the formation of a partnership based on trust and centered on the patient’s needs, which ultimately yields better adherence and patient outcomes.

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  • Pulsara MED OPS - Pulsara

    Pulsara is the healthcare communications and logistics platform that unites teams and technologies during dynamic events. During time-sensitive emergencies and major stress events, care teams must try to orchestrate complex communications using old technologies like pagers, fax machines, and two-way radios. This system is dangerous—it breeds miscommunication which leads to treatment delays. Pulsara provides an intuitive and easy-to-use platform that unites ALL healthcare communications, speeding time to treatment by 30% on average. Built to enable systems of care that scale, eliminate fragmentation of communication, and coordinate mutual aid, Pulsara MED OPS™ (medical operations) gives emergency managers ONE tool to connect team members during any event. Since the pandemic started, many health systems have been overwhelmed by surges of COVID-19 patients needing emergent care. With no established systems for matching supply (available hospital beds) with demand (patients needing beds), care teams struggled to keep up. The scalability of Pulsara MED OPS gave the Texas Emergency Medical Task Force the flexibility to build Regional Medical Operation Coordinating Centers (RMOCCs) to assess regional and statewide needs and compile resources (i.e., bed availability lists from hospitals) into one place. While Pulsara offers a 60-day implementation period, it took just 48 hours—during a COVID surge—to get RMOCCs onboarded. The time savings and reduction in miscommunications are tangible. The RMOCCs streamlined the patient transfer process, reducing the number of phone calls it takes to transfer one patient by 75% (from 30-50 calls down to 7-12). Enabling systems of care that scale, Pulsara MED OPS provides emergency responders with a secure and HIPAA-compliant communication solution that can integrate into existing workflows or establish new ones depending on the event. From time-sensitive emergencies (stroke, STEMI, trauma, etc.) to mass casualty incidents (car crashes, natural disasters, etc.), to a global pandemic, Pulsara MED OPS helps regions scale to ensure patients get the right care at the right time. With a 99.99% uptime, Pulsara has proven to be a reliable healthcare communication solution. From rural areas to entire cities, regions, and states, healthcare providers can share audio clips, images, video calls, and other multimedia with every member of the care team in real-time, without worry of information not being delivered due to limited connectivity. Built atop a secure, cloud-based platform, Pulsara’s public API allows seamless integrations. Pulsara has partnered with companies including AT&T’s FirstNet, ensuring communications are prioritized for delivery during high stress events when other networks are jammed or down. At Pulsara, we believe It’s About People. Communications shouldn’t be limited to one patient type or certain regions. When care teams are connected, everyone, and more importantly, the patients, win.

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  • Weave Plus - Weave

    Weave is the all-in-one customer communications platform for small business. From the first phone call to the final invoice and every touchpoint in between, Weave connects the entire customer journey. Weave’s software solutions transform how local businesses attract, communicate with and engage customers to grow their business.

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