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Recognizes the best solution that automates any aspect of human resources management and talent acquisition, including HRIS, benefits administration, recruiting, payroll, and performance appraisal.

Appcast Premium - Appcast

Appcast is the global leader in programmatic recruitment advertising technology and services. Appcast’s technology and services manage over a billion dollars in job advertising annually on behalf of more than 1,500 clients. Appcast’s proprietary technology is built on the company’s deep industry expertise and best practices from its team of recruiting industry veterans, technologists and data scientists. Since 2014, Appcast has powered more than 1.3 billion job postings, generated 10.2 billion job ad clicks and 1.2 billion job applications. Appcast Premium is a comprehensive, enterprise managed service for all recruitment advertising needs, providing employers with a cost-efficient, data-driven solution to meet hiring goals. A cutting-edge collaboration between Appcast’s innovative programmatic technology and its team of experts, Appcast Premium has been instrumental in delivering qualified candidates and filling recruitment pipelines in a time when hiring has been exceptionally challenging. Appcast’s technology seamlessly integrates with a company’s ATS to track candidates from click to application and most importantly, to hire. This ensures that job ads are continuously optimized to provide the best possible candidates at the best possible cost per hire. Appcast Premium also offers the benefits of a single vendor – customers receive one bill each month for all job advertising spend across hundreds to thousands of job sites. Talent acquisition teams face a core set of challenges when trying to recruit for their open roles, including: ● Some roles get far too many applicants, and some do not get enough (or sometimes none) ● There’s a constant guessing game of figuring out which job sites are best to post jobs at any given time ● Job advertising budget is often wasted or misallocated and doesn’t produce the results needed ● Many talent acquisition (TA) teams lack both the access to data and the right tools to build and scale for efficiency ● The labor market changes constantly, and many TA teams lack the agility to keep up with those supply and demand changes so that hiring funnels are not disrupted The last point is underscored by recent shifts in the market, where we’ve seen a spike in the number of job openings (increase in demand for candidates), and a drop in the supply of active job seekers (due to a number of factors). This has made it very difficult for hiring organizations to find the talent they need to grow, reopen, or in some cases, remain open at all. Appcast Premium combats these challenges by delivering: ● Complete coverage across all leading job sites ● Industry-leading programmatic technology ● Full-service support provided by a dedicated team of recruitment advertising experts ● Full visibility into how job ads are performing with customized, in-depth reporting (that is available both on-demand and via monthly performance reviews), competitive intelligence, labor market insights, and recommendations

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  • CapsimInbox - Capsim Management Simulations Inc

    The education landscape is shifting rapidly. Educators from both academia and the corporate sphere must navigate the now accelerated transition to digital learning while tasked with doing more with fewer resources. Given this digital transformation, practical and experiential learning has never been more critical in assessing essential skills and knowledge. Enter CapsimInbox, a Software-as-a-Service (Saas) solution that enables academic and corporate authors, instructional designers, and learning and development professionals to create Inbox Microsimulations, or choose from a variety of ready-to-use experiences created by Capsim. These day-in-the-life experiences provide learners a hands-on way to practice soft and technical skills in a real-world context without the risk. Each microsimulation is self-directed and customized to the needs of the learner. Learners typically assume the role of an employee at a real or fictitious company. As learners interact with other characters and gather information, they must face and respond to situations through emails and instant messages. With every reply, CapsimInbox assesses pre-defined skills. After completing the simulation (typically 15-45 minutes in length), learners receive immediate and actionable feedback based on their performance. Included in the feedback report is: • an overall score as a percentile, comparing the learner's performance to others who have completed the assessment • a developmental index demonstrating the proficiency and consistency of the learner's performance • a skill-gap analysis visually comparing self-ratings on each skill with proficiency levels determined by the simulation. With CapsimInbox, educators can turn any course or program into an experiential learning opportunity that engages learners and provides the practical experience and feedback needed for career success. Learning professionals can also track monitor progress over time with empirical, longitudinal data.

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    MyInnerGenius - MyInnerGenius

    MyInnerGenius is an award-winning HR technology platform helping enterprises and small businesses improve their hiring and skills programs with diversity, equity and inclusion. The company was recently named an “IDC Innovator”, “Best Technology to Combat and Reduce the Impact of COVID19” by the CEO World Awards & Women World Awards, “An Innovator to Watch” by JFFLabs and was chosen for the Deloitte Assessment Market Landscape report. MyInnerGenius is an ed tech innovation which uses cognitive tools to help match employees and students to careers which complement their innate skills and abilities used by many leading brands and Fortune 500 companies, such as IBM's Collar Program and the US Department of Labor. MyInnerGenius career fit assessments help people discover what they do best with careers that match their natural skills, abilities and personality -- regardless of education or background. By using non-biased, structured tools instead of resumes, you ensure you are assessing someone's job-related competencies -- the things that really matter and not the things that can introduce bias. This means you will have the right people with the right skills in the right roles and have a more diverse and inclusive workforce that is better positioned to meet your organizational objectives. When you help align people’s innate skills, abilities and personality with their careers, they are more successful, their self-esteem increases, their earning potential increases, their future is brighter and even their relationships with customers, co-workers, friends and family improves. MyInnerGenius platform has been named a GSV Bootcamp Top 25 Finalist, and has delvered nearly 2 million assessments since its 2019 launch, with year-over-year growth exceeding 3x. MyInnerGenius uses neuroscience to match people to the jobs they were born to do, revealing hidden potential, regardless of their history, match them to careers and show the pathways to get there. In less than an hour, it can change the course of someone's entire life and have global societal impact. MyInnerGenius is revealing talents, giving people confidence and helping them find careers they will love. In addition, Leaser outlined the MyInnerGenius successful approach in a recent Forbes interview: “Looking For A Fresh Start? Find Your Inner Genius” that gives real-world examples of MyInnerGenius assessment results. MyInnerGenius, assesses students, employees, and jobseekers for pre-training, workforce rebalancing, and career planning to help them discover the perfect career match regardless of education or background. Candidates who use MyInnerGenius users are almost 2.5 times as likely to be more effective on the job, are more than twice as likely to stay in a job, almost 10 times more likely to learn quickly, and 3 times more likely to apply that knowledge on the job.

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    Paylocity - Paylocity

    Founded in 1997 and publicly traded since 2014, Paylocity provides HR and payroll software solutions to more than 30,000 clients. We combine an award-winning, all-in-one platform with leading service to help businesses of all sizes automate processes, attract and retain talent, and build better workplaces. Despite all the end-to-end HR solutions on the market, HR teams still waste time manually entering data, correcting errors, chasing documentation or approvals, and answering recurring questions. Automation alone doesn’t get companies where they’re trying to go, because most HCM platforms are designed to get employees to complete HR transactions rather than give them what they want and need. Like all software, it falls short because people don’t use it. Paylocity is the only HR platform that focuses on the employee experience. We deliver the full capabilities to run a thriving business and get employees excited to use it. Our foundation is a single system of record that supports every part of the employee lifecycle from recruit to retire. Data flows seamlessly through every step to help HR stay out of excel once and for all. This is combined with consumer-driven user experiences across the platform such as using video to communicate transparently, connecting with peers using recognition, and collaborating with features like chat, file sharing, and discussion groups. We also amplify the employee voice through surveys or comments on announcements and promote flexibility and financial wellness with features like On Demand Pay—all available on mobile devices like the apps they’re already using. Clients say we’ve done the impossible–they report viral employee adoption and usage without constant reminders from HR. And getting more employees into Paylocity enables HR to achieve its goals, which are tied to overall business success. Paylocity also helps clients scale and grow by providing insights and recommendations to improve efficiency and build healthier workforces. We offer 200+ customizable reports and dashboards that visualize and share insights, like which employees are at risk of leaving. Our patent-pending AI benchmarks data against peers and delivers clear recommendations for improvements that will make the biggest impact, drawing from 24 years of experience and 4.3M users on the platform. Clients who follow these recommendations see better business outcomes—up to 25% less voluntary attrition and 24% faster headcount growth. We also work hard to make implementation as seamless as the user experiences we create. Clients rate our implementation and service teams as the best in the industry according to G2. We answer 90% of service calls in 20 seconds or less and resolve questions in the first contact 85% of the time. Plus, with 300+ integration partners across 20 product categories, our open architecture allows clients to easily streamline data management across other business platforms and services they use.

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