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Recognizes the product, tool, or solution that leverages artificial intelligence, machine and deep learning algorithms to enhance their product features, and provide users with a more intelligent, automated, scalable solution.

accessibilityInsight - codemantra

codemantra is unlocking content for the world by supporting social, diversity, accessibility, and inclusion (ESG/ D&I) programs. These initiatives allow content to be accessed by all in compliance with US, UK and EU Disability regulations.

According to the World Health Organization, 1 in 8 people in the world have vision impairment. Also, 91% of the documents available online are inaccessible and cannot be fully interpreted by such users. Accessibility is at the heart of inclusivity and truly accessible content enabling everyone, regardless of disability or special needs, to engage with that content.

Much of the accessibility services being provided today require end-users to utilize assistive technology to access the content. And if the documents lack appropriate contextual information such as reading order, alternative descriptions, logical structure, then those documents cannot be made truly accessible.

accessibilityInsight, codemantra’s digital document compliance platform, was developed to address these issues by leveraging AI to efficiently remediate digital documents so everyone around the world who has access to the internet, can read and consume digital documents. The platform accurately predicts document structure and automates the workflow necessary to deliver a 100% compliant output that enables senior citizens, veterans, and people with disabilities equal access to information.

accessibilityInsight removes the “undue burden” on institutions through its AI powered automation while furthering their accessibility initiatives and compliance with laws and regulations. Based on specific client needs, codemantra offers a compelling and qualified human-in-the-loop optimization through its professional services business unit.

codemantra technology is patent pending in its ability to prepare unstructured content for ingestion by electronic devices using machine learning models that break apart unstructured data and identify and annotate a document into distinct, readable pieces. 

codemantra’s technology integrates seamlessly with content repositories, workflow systems and websites through Restful API’s, creating a seamless and non-disruptive workflow for their clients. The platform can be deployed as an on-premises solution or as a cloud-based offering.

codemantra is the leader in Intelligent Document Automation – the winner of CODiE award in this category in 2021 and supports multiple institutions across different verticals including Education, Government, Financial Services and NGO’s. to further their digital accessibility and ESG compliance initiatives.

codemantra is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts

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    Lexis+ - LexisNexis

    Lexis+ combines superior research, data-driven insights, and practical guidance into the single most simplified and modern legal experience. The one-of-a-kind experience of superior research, data-driven insights, breaking legal news and practical guidance all in one place, makes it a uniquely integrated workflow solution. Access the most comprehensive legal information with a dramatic new display that sets a precedent in simplicity, offering virtually no learning curve.


    • Integration: All-in-one Legal Research, Data-Driven Insights, and Practical Guidance—working all together now for the most efficient experience.

    • Modern User Experience: Leverage the most streamlined and intuitive visual display for unprecedented simplicity in legal search, strategy, and guidance.

    • Data-Driven Insights: Practice with confidence using relevant and accurate results, tailored to your needs, from the most comprehensive data available.

    • Legal Research: Resolve issues quickly and confidently via the largest collection of primary law, leading editorial analysis and the most simplified search experience.

    Legal News Hub: Receive up-to-the-minute, award-winning journalism from Law360 and Law360 Pulse, right when you need it.

    • Brief Analysis: Build the strongest arguments and find relevant materials with targeted recommendations based on the citations and concepts in your document.

    • Practical Guidance: Work at maximum efficiency with ready-to-use practice notes, checklists, forms, drafting tools and insights from thousands of leading practitioners.

    • Shepard’s® At Risk: Cite the best authority for a point of law with unprecedented visibility into whether a case is at risk of being overruled or undermined.

    • Code Compare: Compare two versions of a statute section or regulation side-by-side to better understand the law, legislative intent and statutory and regulatory changes over time.

    • Lexis Answers®: Resolve legal questions with ease by locating the answers directly within the document where the answer is found.

    • Ravel View: Leverage data visualizations to identify citing patterns and trends, find cases faster and determine which cases work together to support your strategy.

    • Data-Driven Guidance: Formulate better case strategies and advise on risks and trends with first-of-its-kind analytics-enhanced practice resources.

    • Market Standards: Search, compare and analyze publicly filed transactions with access to over 33k deals, 150 deal points and SEC updates within 48 hours.

    • Search Term Maps: Find relevant resources faster by reviewing search term patterns across all content types, within the results list and in each full document.

    • Search Tree: Understand why terms are missing from the results set so you can change your search strategy and select the requisite terms to refresh the results set.

    • Missing & Must Include: View which terms are missing from a document in the results set without opening a document and rerun the search with your must-have terms.

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  • Lilt Platform - Lilt, Inc.

    Lilt is the global experience platform enabling customers to deploy multilingual experiences across every step of the global customer journey through human-powered, AI-assisted translation. Lilt is disrupting localization, an industry that touches every global (and globally-aspiring) enterprise around the world. As individuals and organizations continue to move online, the world's conversations and interactions are happening digitally. Without proper localization, social language inequity grows. It's estimated that over 60% of websites show content in English only, leaving non-English speakers without access to a majority of the world's content, products, and services.

    The Lilt Platform uses a human-in-the-loop AI process surfaced through a cloud translation tool that enables human translators to translate 5x faster than the industry average. The key to Lilt's technology is using AI to augment, rather than replace, the skill of a human translator. The way it works is that while human translators are working on a document, Lilt's AI system serves them suggestions of the most likely translations, which they can accept, amend, or reject based on their accuracy. The system learns and adapts its suggestions with each word that the translator types and each interaction they have with the suggestions. Every word trains the AI system to provide more accurate predictions in the future. Lilt stands out in a crowded artificial intelligence market due to its unique application specifically for the localization industry and translation process. Virtually all other applications of machine translation and AI in translation use raw machine translation with no human involvement, or involve humans editing and fixing the output of a machine translation system. In contrast, Lilt's human-in-the-loop translation process keeps the human translator in the driver's seat, where the machine assists the human translation process to produce higher quality results faster and more affordably.

    The company has built a suite of 60+ integrations with popular content systems including CMSs, code repositories, knowledge bases, e-commerce platforms, file sharing systems, and more which make it simple for customers to publish content in English, quickly send it to Lilt for translation, and have it automatically sent back to those same content systems for review and publishing across every step of their global customer experience. With this upgraded technology, organizations receive content back faster than ever before, enabling them to identify and fix gaps in the global customer experience faster than ever. More languages are available and can be adapted to work within Lilt, meaning that more customers globally can access and engage with that organization.

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    Seismic Aura - Seismic

    The most successful sellers spend time building trust and nurturing relationships with their buyers. Too much time spent researching buyer behavior or searching for the right content means less time actually connecting with customers. With the ability to access the industry’s largest amount of in-platform and third-party data, Seismic’s new AI engine, Aura, gives sellers intelligent recommendations on how to effectively engage with buyers, advance deals, and uncover new opportunities. Today’s sellers are faced with competing priorities, content overload, time-consuming training, and other demands that keep them from the actual work of selling. Seismic’s Aura AI engine, launched in Spring 2021, takes the guesswork out of how to interact with buyers by delivering personalized, relevant content recommendations based on data from similar buyers. Aura also provides helpful context for customer engagement history and engagements with other company representatives. Sellers can spend more time building relationships and establishing trust with their buyers, and ultimately, winning more deals. Seismic Aura also helps sellers navigate content discovery with context-driven insights that drive deals forward. Sellers can better prioritize their time with smart content recommendations, available through a Google Chrome extension powered by Aura. Aura offers up intelligent recommendations that are personalized for every opportunity based on insights from similar prospects and clients. Sellers can then choose to take action on the recommendation or not.

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