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Auvik - Auvik Networks

The legacy network management systems IT professionals depend on haven't evolved. They aren’t intuitive or easy to use, are cumbersome and time consuming to deploy, and don't give the IT professional all the resources they need to troubleshoot network issues quickly. Many systems require an IT professional to purchase expensive on-premises hardware, set up complex collection and data forwarding schemes, and are often inaccessible from outside of the network, a critical point in today’s ‘work from anywhere’ reality. Enter Auvik: Real-time network topology (giving up-to-date information on where every device is connected to the network), detailed device performance statistics, visibility into the applications in use on their network, and device logs from across their managed networks, all in a single dashboard. Automating these manual functions enables IT teams to spend their time on more value-added activities enabling their end user’s productivity. Our cloud-based network management software can be deployed in minutes, and it’s simple, intuitive interface can be used by even the most junior technician on an IT team. It doesn’t require deep network knowledge to use and it’s designed to scale with a business. Our customers range from enterprise customers, managing thousands of assets across hundreds of sites, to SMBs managing their critical infrastructure. Our real-time network mapping is a key feature—it allows users to automatically map and understand their network in minutes, rather than tracing wires manually, which can take days or weeks. Thanks to the intellectual heavy-lifting of our development team, no competitor can quickly or easily recreate Auvik. And with the acquisition of a Barcelona-based technology company in 2018, we also rolled out a powerful network traffic analytics feature last year, one which uses machine learning to surface additional network insights for Auvik users. We're continuing to evolve and are migrating parts of our system to embrace standard data streaming platforms and frameworks like Kafka, loosely coupled and highly available services orchestrated using Kubernetes, and user interface philosophies like React to deliver maximum value to our clients. Auvik has a well defined continuous improvement process that is consistently delivering new functionality, addressing emerging security threats, and improving the user experience through resolving reported bugs. Auvik also has a bi-weekly maintenance release applied to all systems to ensure all clients are always on the latest software. For full details on Auvik security, check out our Systems Security page. Our offering works out of the box with support for over 15,000+ devices from over 700 vendors—a major benefit to drive adoption as few IT environments are homogeneous. Since Auvik works with any network device a customer already has, it eliminates the need for techs to know multiple different operating systems and languages.

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  • BigPanda - BigPanda

    Midsize and large enterprises are grappling with a tsunami of IT data produced by the move to the cloud. With greater complexity and scale in hybrid cloud infrastructures, it’s no longer possible for IT teams to analyze this data manually and quickly resolve IT incidents and outages. Thus more enterprises are turning to AIOps to tame the data tsunami, prevent and resolve outages, and serve their customers better. 


    To help, BigPanda, the leader in AIOps Event Correlation and Automation, provides the Event Correlation and Automation platform — an AIOps solution that improves incident management within complex IT Ops environments by using Machine Learning (ML) to correlate events into actionable insights and turn manual tasks into automated actions.  


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  • CloudBolt - CloudBolt Software

    79% of Global IT leaders say that their cloud/digital transformation journeys are hitting a wall, due largely to existing platforms and tools not being designed to handle the exponential complexity of the multi-cloud, multi-tool world. Success going forward requires something much more flexible, comprehensive, and intelligent. 89% say they are looking for an overarching solution to enable true automation, optimization, and governance. CloudBolt offers a unified Framework for transformative acceleration that customers love (NPS score = 51 - and "100% Would Recommend" on Gartner Peer Insights). CloudBolt builds on the foundation of Gartner's 7 essentials of hybrid cloud tooling (CB was the only vendor to satisfy all 7) and adds important new capabilities never contemplated by Gartner or competitors including: - Discoverability - easily find and catalogue cloud/on-prem infrastructure resources. You can’t automate, optimize, or govern what you don’t know about. - Testing & Assurance - ensure infrastructure integrity by testing it periodically. Vastly accelerates the CI/CD process, increases productivity, and reduces compute costs. - Integration Engine - CB makes it easy to ‘plug-in’ and connect islands of automation, each with different tools/clouds/preferences thanks to an API-driven architecture, policy-based/codeless integrations, 100s of out of the box connectors, and even a Python-backed custom automation environment for unique cases. - Self-Service IT - CB simplifies procuring compute resources from any and all infrastructure and tools (AWS, Terraform, On-Prem, Containers, etc.). Built-in orchestration determines optimal delivery; allows developers and cloud consumers to focus on more important work by abstracting away complexity (automation is built into the workload). - Automation Exchange – a governed content library of re-usable elements to save time and ensure workability and standardization across functions/teams. Think GitHub for your organization’s cloud automation. - Visibility & Reporting – advanced capabilities for slicing/dicing/visualizing cloud and infrastructure-related data with views for individuals, teams, groups, regions, and departments. Create actionable insights and alerts across multi-cloud environments. - Continuous IQ - On-going trend analysis via Machine Learning infuses improvement insights back into your environment, driving better ways to optimize and accelerate. - Active Cloud Governance - RBAC and guardrails for control without being overbearing and intrusive. Implicit governance allows security to be built up front into blueprints and workloads. CloudBolt's revolutionary Framework rises above existing platforms and tools to get companies past the wall they are hitting with traditional approaches. It’s a comprehensive overlay necessary for today's and tomorrow's multi-cloud, multi-tool, multi-team challenges so that companies can automate easily, optimize continuously, and govern at scale.

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  • Veritas Backup Exec™ - Veritas Technologies

    Veritas Backup Exec™ is an award-winning IT management solution for automating data protection, disaster recovery (DR) for providing businesses a simple and powerful way to ensure the integrity and availability of their data – from edge to core to cloud. Backup Exec protects all environments regardless of whether data resides on-premises or hybrid, multi-cloud—from a single physical server, thousands of virtual machines, to cloud data and workloads within the cloud—all with a single solution. •Automation of workflows – The Backup Exec Platform automates the protection and orchestrates the recovery of data everywhere it lives, ensures 24/7 availability of business-critical applications, and provides IT with the insights they need to comply with evolving data regulations. • Protects all data – Backup Exec lays the foundation for universal IT management, enabling rapid visualization of data and accelerated cloud adoption with minimal risk. A unified solution, it protects all kind of data and enables recovery—at scale—anywhere it resides. • Ease of use – Through intuitive wizards and insightful dashboards, Backup Exec is easy to implement, use and manage, whether you are upgrading from a previous version or switching from a competitive product. • Innovative – With hundreds of patents awarded to Backup Exec in areas including backup, recovery, virtualization and deduplication, we continue a long tradition of bringing advanced engineering technologies to market first. • Rapid development cycle for customer satisfaction – Backup Exec has a cadence of delivering regular product updates to customers with an Agile model. The Agile process establishes a regular cadence to hear from customers and allows us to make incremental changes to our products without losing precious time or having to go back and reengineer entire features so close to a release date. • Scalability – Scalability is an important consideration in IT data management, and Backup Exec supports customers as their organization grows. Backup Exec delivers scalable management of distributed sites and helps reduce the time and resources needed to manage your IT and backup operations. • Security – Data is protected from compromise within the network and ransomware or malicious invaders are prevented from stealing your data and using it for malicious intent. Backup Exec provides the freedom to choose the encryption solution that works best for your environment. •Ransomware Resilience: With Backup Exec we not only secure you backup data, but also secure the backup server. Secure Console and two-factor authentication (2FA) functionality provides an extra layer of security accessing the console. Easy integrations: Deeply integrated with Microsoft, VMware, Oracle, AWS, Azure, Google, Linux and UNIX platforms, Backup Exec provides optimal performance and efficiency.

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