Best Legal Solution

Recognizes the best information-based solution designed for the legal professional. Nominees may submit solutions that provide access to legal research information, business & practice performance, productivity and development tools, as well as litigation support, workflow, and e-discovery solutions.

Cobalt - Berry Appleman & Leiden LLP

BAL’s proprietary software Cobalt® is a dynamic case management system that offers lightning-speed performance with minimal downtime thanks to our Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) upgrade and a new proprietary reporting tool DataPro that is streamlining essential business intelligence for both the firm and our clients. Cobalt helps clients and BAL’s legal teams manage cases in an easy-to-use web and mobile app interface. An ever-evolving product, Cobalt is a springboard for innovation. Our Products Team chose strategic upgrades that dramatically improved usability, performance and configuration. Upgrades cut rebuilding environment times from weeks to hours and improved reporting performance time by 100%. Proactive upgrades enable Cobalt to handle millions of actions: In 2021, users logged on 14.7 million times, performed 5.5 million searches and uploaded 2.5 million documents. It’s also scalable enough to handle the unexpected curve-balls. A recent government change led to more than double-normal traffic overnight, an 11x increase in document uploads. BAL attorneys filed over 12,000 green card cases for clients in a four-week filing period, while experiencing zero down time or outages. We call that “legal lightning”! Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC). IaC, allows us to code our infrastructure, guaranteeing nothing will be missing from any of Cobalt’s more than 20 environments, providing consistency, speed and disaster recovery reliability. With IaC, we can build an environment from scratch in 2 hours instead of 2 weeks, update a database in 10 minutes instead of 2 days, and achieve annual cost savings of 15%. But the ultimate success is the improved experience for Cobalt users. Cobalt scored a 97% A rating in satisfaction surveys for the first half of 2021, and 100% A’s in the most recent survey. DataPro – Efficiencies gained from IaC enabled our team to create DataPro, a first-in-class reporting tool that is an integral part of Cobalt. Our clients need accurate, fast reporting to understand their global workforce, such as immigration status and visa dates. These metrics help clients plan and budget for their workforce. Previously, Cobalt used a third-party reporting tool, but we wanted to offer a better, faster user experience and allow customized reports. We released DataPro as a phased beta. Feedback allowed correction of 10 issues in real time, leading to a smooth release. Clients can customize reports and schedule them to automatically generate at a cadence they choose. Our legal teams can create reports to track productivity. DataPro is twice as fast as the third-party tool and Admins can create report templates in 5 minutes instead of 1 hour. Dashboards allow users to efficiently navigate DataPro’s capabilities. Audit logs allow BAL’s quality experts to audit case work, and email audit tab allows results to be easily communicated. Our Cobalt upgrades helped us achieve an NPS of 56! (50 is considered “Excellent” by global NPS standards.)

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    Bloomberg Law - Bloomberg Industry Group

    Bloomberg Law is a unique legal technology solution, including:

    • Comprehensive coverage on a single, integrated platform
    • AI-powered tools transforming basic and strategic legal research
    • Commitment to continuous product enhancement
    • Smarter, faster practice tools
    • Unlimited, unmetered access

    Integrated platform: Bloomberg Law provides a comprehensive offering of content and tools — from dedicated practice area coverage to primary and secondary sources, news, and AI-powered tools, we have what lawyers need to get the job done in a single, intuitive platform. Our integrated platform allows us to leverage our large data and content sets – dockets, court opinions, corporate filings, news, practical guidance, and business information – and build unique tools that seamlessly integrate with the workflow of legal professionals and deliver an experience they can get nowhere else.

    AI-powered tools: Points of Law – winner of AALL’s 2018 New Product award – is a programmatically-generated database of legal points that helps practitioners identify language critical to a court’s reasoning, including jurisdictional filters and most-cited data. It’s an invaluable addition to court opinion research, helping practitioners to find the best case and draft persuasive arguments. Brief Analyzer – winner of Dewey B. Strategic’s 2020 Best New Workflow Tool – drastically reduces the time spent analyzing a brief, evaluating and researching relevant authorities, and preparing a credible response.

    Continuous product enhancements: Bloomberg Law is committed to making a great product always better at no cost to existing subscribers. Over two years, we have launched –Brief Analyzer; Draft Analyzer, an enhanced AI-powered tool that analyzes contract language against the market; ALM Media content including current and archived news, verdicts, and expert/judicial profiles; 14 additional Bloomberg Law news channels; approximately 2,000 additional Practical Guidance documents; and Fast Answers, a new practice tool offering quick insights and a gateway to deeper analysis.  

    Practice tools: Bloomberg Law’s Practitioner Tools – Practical Guidance, Chart Builders, Trackers, In Focus Resources, Fast Answers – are essential, time-saving products designed to help attorneys practice smarter and faster. Our Practical Guidance includes expert guidance including sample forms, checklists, and overviews across a wide variety of practice areas; Chart Builders generate near instant comparisons of state laws for hundreds of topics across L&E, Privacy, Health, and more.

    Unlimited, easy-to-manage access: A subscription to Bloomberg Law is available at a firm, fixed price so practitioners need never worry about add-on charges or venturing out-of-plan. Additionally, Bloomberg Law offers tools to help system administrators manage their subscriptions and for users to collaborate on research all within the platform.

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    LEAP - LEAP Legal Software

    LEAP is the world’s most powerful cloud-based legal practice productivity solution for law firms, with more than 61,000 users across the globe. LEAP leverages innovative technology to help law firms maximize productivity, efficiency, and profitability by combining state-of-the-art practice management, legal accounting, document assembly and management, and legal publishing in one integrated solution for all common areas of law.

    LEAP is available online and offline, from mobile and desktop environments, giving attorneys full flexibility for remote work options and easy access to matter details. LEAP synchronizes matter data in real time across all devices so that matters, correspondence, client details, and more are always readily available for law firm staff in the office, at home, or in court. LEAP provides secure cloud back-up and data recovery with Amazon Web Services, seamless integrations with leading applications like Microsoft 365, and inexpensive IT infrastructures.

    LEAP opens pre-configured matter types, specific to jurisdictions and areas of law, upon online client intake. All matter-related activities including email correspondence, meetings, documents, legal deadlines, and more, are centralized in one location. Over 11,000 court forms, for over 2,500 matter types, are made available in LEAP. Forms are auto-filled immediately with details from the electronic matter. Once the form is complete, it can be securely shared with clients or other parties for review, e-signatures, and e-filing in select states.

    LEAP instantly tracks the time spent on matter-related work and synchronizes the records in the LEAP Timesheet so that every matter is billed accurately. Lawyers can easily create and send invoices and get paid faster with online click-to-pay functionality for clients. LEAP completes financial management for the matter with compliant trust accounting, bank reconciliations, and integrations with leading accounting solutions like QuickBooks Online or Xero.

    Lawyers use the LEAP Web Portal to track prospective clients, collaborate on documents, provide 24/7 online client services, and run productivity reports. The online portal allows clients to easily complete online intake forms, schedule appointments, securely share large files, send referrals, and more. 

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    easyQuorum - Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory - Legal Software

    easyQuorum is a software solution that helps legal professionals to efficiently simplify, automate, digitize and manage the organization of all types of corporate statutory meetings such as boards, committees, shareholders assemblies, making it possible:


    • to hold all remote, face-to-face or hybrid meetings 1/ in a secure manner 2/ at a lower cost for organizers and participants
    • to automate all the administrative tasks of the legal professionals allowing them to focus on higher value-added tasks
    • to manage the entire process, from meeting invitation management to broadcasting, electronic voting (including secret vote, proxies etc) and decision tracking
    • to offer to meetings‘ owners, administrators, participants a real digital experience on mobile, tablet and computer


    Differently from other solutions in the market, that specialize either in shareholders meetings, either in board meetings, easyQuorum is a modular, scalable‚ all-in-one solution.  It is easy to integrate with other legal management systems used by organizers, and is available as a stand-alone solution or as a module of Legisway corporate legal management.

    easyQuorum was developed by a French start-up and successfully launched in the French market, where is currently used by +200 companies. Acquired in October 2021 by Wolters Kluwer, this innovative solution can now be coupled with Wolters Kluwer‘s solid background, legal knowledge and software expertise, adding up to a rich portfolio of legal software solutions such as Legisway and Kleos. easyQuorum is currently being launched across Europe, starting with The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

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  • Kluwer Arbitration - Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory US

    Kluwer Arbitration is the world’s leading information-based solution for international arbitration. It provides access to exclusive arbitration materials and a streamlined research experience that support legal professionals throughout the arbitration process end-to-end, from selecting the right arbitrator for the case to building a winning strategy. Now days, clients don’t want to pay for research, they would like to pay for the ability to transform the research into a strategy that makes them win a case. With Kluwer Arbitration, legal professionals are supercharged with tools that empower them to get to the answers quickly so they could focus on the more strategic, high value tasks. Kluwer Arbitration supports legal professionals with the most pressing and challenging issues relating to the arbitration process, such as selecting an arbitrator to best suit the case strategy. Recently developed tools provide data-driven information about arbitrators and their experience, drawn from a wide range of resources, to create as complete a picture as possible. The information is extracted using machine learning supported by rigorous quality checks performed by arbitration experts to ensure high quality of the data. As another layer, the tools identify connections of arbitrators to uncover potential conflicts of interest. Together, these data-driven tools empower legal professionals to find, compare, or challenge arbitrators while minimizing involved risks and increasing predictability and efficacy of arbitrator appointments for the parties. With 4,300+ data-driven arbitrator profiles and relationships of 13,000+ arbitration professionals, the tools provide customers with easy access to information that is typically confidential, saving time on research and replacing a cumbersome and incomplete process with a data backed up approach. Each arbitrator profile visualizes the information in a user-friendly manner, including pie charts and tables, and provides links to publications and awards associated with the arbitrator within Kluwer Arbitration database to gain a deeper understanding of the arbitrator’s views and approach in a seamless workflow. Kluwer Arbitration is evolving with the customer’s need in mind to solve the main challenges in international arbitration, which is inaccessibility of data-backed information and time spent on research, providing a different, more efficient way to do things.

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