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Recognizes the best solution for preventing and monitoring unauthorized access, misuse, modification, or denial of a computer network and network-accessible resources. Includes firewall, intrusion prevention and detection, unified threat management, VPN, etc.

BOSS (Business Operations Security Suite) - UncommonX

SaaS-based cybersecurity services and XDR provider UncommonX offers midsize organizations and others an uncommon approach to tackling network security threats. Its patented BOSS (Business Operations Security Suite) platform, as used by UncommonX’s customers and its 24/7 industry experts, offers enterprise-class cybersecurity protection and managed detection and response based on adaptive technology that integrates seamlessly into an organization’s infrastructure and processes to help identify, prioritize and manage ongoing internal and external security risks. The BOSS platform provides clear contextual and situational awareness to yield accelerated outcomes that mitigate and safeguard against ransomware and other cybersecurity attacks including unique curated threat feeds. Midsize organizations have been underserved by a market crowded with solutions designed for large companies that overcharge, overpromise and underdeliver. UncommonX’s BOSS platform provides an unabridged solution --- intelligent software paired with 24x7 industry experts -- to find and solve root security risks from the inside out. Recently UncommonX was selected as the ongoing cybersecurity partner for the City of Gary Indiana following the containment, eradication and recovery of a Conti strain ransomware attack - without ransom payment - earlier this year. The City of Gary’s IT team connected with UncommonX shortly after the ransomware attack was uncovered, and UncommonX’s security specialists quickly deployed the company’s patented BOSS intelligent security platform. Following the mapping of the entire digital environment and monitoring for ongoing attacks, the UncommonX team contained the ransomware within 72 hours and helped eradicate it from their environment while working to begin the full recovery and bring the servers online. As a result of UncommonX’s rapid response to map and patch vulnerabilities while supporting the full recovery, city officials signed a long-term contract with the company for ongoing managed cybersecurity services. “UncommonX is our 24/7 cybersecurity department. No organization should ever have online networks without the level of security UncommonX provides us,” said Lloyd Keith, Chief Innovation Officer for the City of Gary, Indiana. Headquartered in Chicago, UncommonX has experienced significant growth since its inception in 2012. In the last year, the company’s doubling of customers, annual recurring revenue, and employees has necessitated moving into a larger workspace to allow for additional hires and increased collaboration between sales, development, operations, and management. UncommonX also recently closed out $36 million Series A funding round and announced the launch of UncommonX Labs, a new division focused on the development of new technology and techniques in cybersecurity protection as well as executing an aggressive IP protection program. To date, UncommonX has 80+ security analysis inventions protected.

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    Webscale CloudEDGE Security - WEBSCALE NETWORKS

    The meteoric growth of ecommerce was fueled by COVID-19 and the exodus of consumers to online storefronts triggered a shift in shopping habits. Even though brick and mortar stores reopened later, ecommerce continued to thrive making it a prime target for cyber-criminals. This had a significant impact on the hosting and infrastructure decisions of merchants, as they moved to enable secure omnichannel experiences. The security features bundled with hosted platforms such as Adobe Commerce lack the features as specialized solutions, which meant merchants found themselves at risk. Those wanting to upgrade their security, were forced to purchase services from expensive, pre-selected providers. 


    In March 2021, Webscale launched CloudEDGE Security, which takes Webscale’s award-winning security platform and deploys it at the edge. Significant because it means our security solution can be deployed alongside the Webscale CDN (content delivery network) or any third-party CDN and web application firewall (WAF), and on top of any commerce cloud, headless/PWA deployment, or on-premise application.


    CloudEDGE Security provides application-aware, customized rules to protect against attacks, in addition to its fully-managed WAF (a basic version of which is often the only security offered by traditional hosting providers). Based on our principle of “monitor everything, and automate everywhere”, CloudEDGE Security offers a range of features that allow for real-time application monitoring and analysis through machine learning, detection, automated mitigation, and ongoing protection. 


    CloudEDGE Security continuously monitors customer web application infrastructure for potential issues that might disrupt an application or degrade the end user experience. It gathers application-specific metrics, identifies malicious patterns within the customer’s site traffic, and then analyzes them to eliminate potential harm and prevent any service disruptions in near real time. To accomplish that, CloudEDGE Security uses a unique proprietary anomaly detection approach that is fast to execute and successfully minimizes false positives while all but eliminating false negatives.

    As an integral part of the Webscale CloudEDGE Platform, CloudEDGE Security offers unprecedented flexibility and programmability to merchants for ensuring bullet-proof security. Once deployed, site owners enjoy deep observability into their infrastructure and traffic through the Webscale Portal, another first for the ecommerce segment. 


    Webscale CloudEDGE Security includes:

    • A managed, application-aware programmable WAF.

    • Bot Management for allow/block of good/bad bots powered by machine learning.

    • Web Controls – a unique, DIY policy and rules engine that allows users of any skill set, to create (or use existing) security rules to ensure enterprise-grade security.

    • Real-time Content Security Policy protection prevents XSS attacks by enhancing trust between browser and application server. Prevents code sourced from the site from executing Magecart attacks. Webscale also ensures code scanning at container build stage to prevent malware distribution from the code base.

    • Programmable CloudEDGE workers that can be deployed to address any emerging threat, such as carding attacks.

    • DDoS Shield Mode for single-click protection.

    • Secure Access - enterprise-grade security for multi-factor authentication, ensuring only real admins can get to the admin page, even before credentials are entered.

    • Site Splice and Site Cache, that allow developers to easily route device-specific and functional needs to the appropriate services dynamically, making application development and user experience faster and without third-party bottlenecks.

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