Best No Code/ Low Code Platform

Recognizes the best No Code/ Low Code solution that allows users to create applications with little knowledge of traditional programming languages, machine code or development work.

Interplay -'s Interplay low-code platform offers customers (which include ULTA Beauty, Pampered Chef, Circle K, Jockey, and many others across industries) a uniquely comprehensive drag-and-drop low-code environment with 475 pre-built modules enabling the AI/ML, data integration, voice/messaging, IoT, blockchain, and API capabilities critical to fast-track companies' innovation and competitive differentiation. Customers use Interplay to build and deploy low-code-built applications at scale, plus customers can edit modules and add code around the modules.


The Interplay low-code platform is designed to quickly enable and combine the five forces of innovation within a single, one-stop application development environment. The five forces are AI/ML, the IoT, blockchain, data, and APIs from the most nascent and cutting-edge startup technologies. Deployed as a runtime environment built on Node.js within containers and delivered through an intuitive workflow visualizer, Interplay’s pre-built components can be easily configured together, and application prototypes can be tested quickly and safely.


Unlike other low-code platforms, it’s incredibly easy to migrate an Interplay proof-of-concept application into production –removing the usual friction between innovation and IT teams within an enterprise. Using Interplay, customer applications are routinely developed 17x more rapidly than standard code-writing development models. The architecture empowers both experienced coders and non-coders to connect pre-built modules with ease. Interplay can run on an edge server, on-prem in a data center, or on any of the major cloud providers. The low-code platform is built with security top-of-mind, and includes aggressive workflow backup and monitoring.


Among the newest technical features of the Interplay low-code platform are:


-- 475 specific and pre-built modules for instantly bringing AI, ML, data ingestion, voice/messaging, IoT, blockchain, and enterprise and startup API capabilities into applications;

-- An easy-to-use interface built for non-coders – intuitively facilitating rapid application development, debugging, and deployment – that does not require developer talent to run;

-- New drag-and-drop AI capabilities built on top of technologies such as TensorFlow, Gensim, Scikit, PyTorch, PyCaret, and others;

-- Supercharged AI abilities to build regression, classification, image recognition, and text clustering models without code in under five minutes;

-- Expanded flexibility to run on any cloud or edge environment;

-- Native support for Node.js and Python languages to add new functionality or extend existing capabilities.

-- An uber-thin runtime (~45MB) ready to run on edge platforms and powered by Intel CPUs (patent #10,929,18);

-- Complete support for the Kubernetes scaling standard;

-- Improved tutorials and contextual help designed to speak to both developers and non-developers.

-- Five significant advancements will be launched in Interplay’s sixth major release in mid-May 2022. Those include a code-generator for non-templated graphic designs; configurations for simplifying the usage of TensorFlow and SageMaker; automated OCR connections to advance AI and NLP.

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    Openprise RevOps Automation Platform - Openprise

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  • OutSystems 11 - OutSystems

    OutSystems provides an enterprise-grade low-code development platform that delivers significant productivity gains for developers building complex, mission-critical applications. Using innovative technologies including advanced automation and AI, OutSystems improves every aspect of the Dev/Sec/Ops lifecycle, from development to deployment- providing flexibility, scalability and enterprise-class security. The platform integrates the most important features into a single, integrated cloud-native platform in order to help developers build solutions fast and maintain flexibility. As a pioneer of the low-code space, OutSystems recognized early on that “low-code” alone wasn’t enough for the complex solutions companies needed to build. Unlike many of the low-code players in this space who are targeting workgroup apps, the OutSystems platform takes the foundation of low-code and spans far beyond combining speed and efficiency with the expressiveness and capability of traditional development to build and manage serious enterprise applications. Customers are choosing OutSystems to dramatically accelerate the development of their most important applications while also delivering unprecedented levels of flexibility and efficiency to their teams. Rather than depending on 10x engineers only available to the tech elite, the OutSystems platform empowers companies across all sizes and industries to create 10x teams that can build applications to address the most significant business issues and modernize business processes and technologies. Analysts consistently recognize OutSystems as a leading enterprise development platform - with 2021 marking the company’s fifth consecutive year as a Leader in Gartner’s Enterprise Low-Code and Application Platform-as-a-Service Magic Quadrant reports and a recent Forrester report labeled OutSystems the “developers’ choice” and quoted a customer who “compared OutSystems with the experience of driving a Porsche.” Most recently, the company announced a new platform, codenamed Project Neo, that combines the productivity benefits of visual, model-based development with a state-of-the-art container- and Kubernetes-based cloud architecture, hosted on AWS. This next generation platform stands alongside OutSystems flagship platform, OutSystems 11, providing companies with the ability to build custom cloud apps capable of global-scale and continuous change. Today, OutSystems has global customers in 87 countries across 22 industries, including Toyota, Logitech, Schneider Electric, Santander, Ricoh, Exxon, ING, GM Financial, Vodafone, and thousands more use the OutSystems modern application development platform for a better, faster way to build enterprise-grade applications.

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  • Trifacta's Data Engineering Cloud - Trifacta

    Trifacta has created the world’s first cloud designed specifically for data engineering. The Trifacta Data Engineering Cloud runs on AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud, creating a modern platform to structure, clean, transform, enrich, and validate data for downstream analytics, BI, and machine learning systems. The platform enables integration to more than 180 modern and legacy data sources, making it faster and easier for users to connect to their critical data, wherever it lives. Unlike other data engineering products, Trifacta guides users with intelligent suggestions powered by AI and machine learning to make the process more efficient for data engineers, analysts, scientists, and anyone working with data. In keeping with its mission to create radical productivity for people who work with data, Trifacta’s Data Engineering Cloud democratizes data, expanding the number of people and teams that contribute to the data engineering process. Using a flexible low code/no code approach with extensive collaborative capabilities, organizations can leverage the power of their teams to transform and deliver high-quality data. In addition, the flexible architecture of the cloud allows organizations to run their systems with low code/no code approaches to scale applications and business requirements. With expectations for data products rising and cycle times falling, the key to unlocking enterprise value is to enable a broader set of users to collaborate, experiment, and iterate quickly on data science and analytics projects.Trifacta’s Data Engineering Cloud unlocks the data that companies previously struggled to wrangle and analyze with low code/no code offerings, helping them make optimal decisions across the enterprise with greater ease.

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