Best Payments Solution

Recognizes the best solution for securely passing authorization, payments, and settlement data between a merchant’s website and the merchant’s processor. Includes digital payment products, payment gateways, crypto, blockchain, etc.

2Checkout Monetization Platform - 2Checkout (now Verifone)

2Checkout (now Verifone)’s all-in-one monetization platform helps businesses accept payments globally from anywhere in the world and grow digital commerce revenue streams across geographies, business models, or channels.

The 2Checkout Monetization Platform provides coverage for 200+ countries and territories, 45+ payment methods, 30+ languages, and 100 display & billing currencies. Other features of the platform include:

• Intelligent Payment Routing that increases authorization rates;

• Account updater services that ensure recurring billing continuity by automatically updating the customer card expiration date with the issuing bank;

• Configurable payment retry logic that enables merchants to minimize failures and recover up to 20% of failed transactions due to soft declines;

• The multi-currency management feature that can increase authorization rates by up to 25%.

A?unique aspect?of the platform is the ability to work with multiple payment models, meaning clients can go to market using a Merchant of Record (MoR) model, a Payment Service Provider (PSP) model, or a hybrid of both. In addition to payment processing, merchants can offload the heavy lifting of their payment and financial transactions to us, including back-office operations like reconciliation, refunds, chargebacks, tax/VAT handling, invoicing, and more.

Merchants are also protected in the face of payment fraud with our advanced fraud detection tools, which use a combination of artificial intelligence backed by manual review to detect and prevent fraudulent activities. Also, merchants can easily stay compliant with global and local payment and data privacy regulations by offloading compliance efforts to us. We are constantly adjusting our platform controls for payments and money flows compliance to the latest laws and regulations across the world. As such, we are on top of PCI DSS, GDPR, PSD2, CCPA, and other industry compliance and security standards.

Finally, our comprehensive disaster recovery and failover plan guarantees an average of 99.98%+ uptime. For performance and availability monitoring, we employ a global monitoring system from multiple sites across continents.

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    Mifos X - Mifos Initiative

    Mifos X is an Extended Platform for Financial services. The Mifos Initiative is a global fintech nonprofit democratizing financial services to the 3 billion underbanked by stewarding a global community developing open source building blocks for banking; recognized as digital public goods to and delivered as Open APIs, we make core banking commoditized infrastructure enabling any organization anywhere in the world to embed financial services in any solution for any consumer via any channel. Mifos X is the standard distribution created by the Mifos Initiative, containing the platform, web client, and mobile client on Fineract. It can be deployed in any environment: cloud or on-premise, on or offline, mobile or PC; it’s extensible enough to support any organizational type or delivery channel, and flexible enough to support any product, service, or methodology. For any organization, big or small, it will provide the client data management, loan and savings portfolio management, integrated real time accounting and social and financial reporting need to bring digital financial services in a modern connected world. In 2021 to advance our mission of providing open source banking building blocks to accelerate digital transformation across the financial inclusion sector and enable meaningful usage of digital financial services, we launched our Payment Hub Enterprise Edition which provides a robust and flexible orchestration engine to enable any financial institution to offer digital payments. With this open source bridge, we now fuel innovation at the account and application level on top of interoperable payment rails. With the continued growth in mobile money APIs, the growing adoption of real-time payment systems and the emergence of open banking, we enable financial institutions and fintechs of any size to participate in the digital economy by abstracting the cost and complexity of connecting to these modern payment rails.

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