Best Platform as a Service

Recognizes the best platform as a service (PaaS) that increases the speed of development of applications, reduces cost of development, automates deployment, and provides flexibility and scalability. This includes enablement capabilities.

SaaSOps Platform - Corent Technology, Inc.

SaaSOps is a cloud based SaaS platform that provides the key capabilities for organizations to succeed in the digital transformation journey to the cloud. The SaaSOps Platform is part of three applications, MaaS (Migration/Modernization as a Service), ComPaaS for cloud management and optimization, and SaaSOps for SaaS transformation and SaaS Operations. Together they manage the entire cloud journey. From initial steps to scan, analyze and plan for migrations of applications to the SaaS model, including transformation to SaaS and complete management, modernization and optimization of the applications in the cloud, SaaSOps provides insight and automation that saves time and reduces cloud costs and enables applications to be offered to the market in the most popular and efficient model, Software as a Service. When organizations subscribe to SaaSOps they have all the requisite capabilities for Tenancy Management, SaaS Operations and SaaS Commercial management that they need, including the ability to sell directly or integrate publishing of the offering on popular cloud marketplaces.

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  • Azure Red Hat OpenShift - Red Hat, Inc.

    Azure Red Hat OpenShift brings a jointly-managed enterprise-grade Kubernetes solution to a leading public cloud, Microsoft Azure. The solution provides a powerful on-ramp to hybrid cloud computing, enabling IT organizations to use Red Hat OpenShift in their datacenters and more seamlessly extend these workloads to use the power and scale of Azure services. With Azure Red Hat OpenShift, customers can also bring containerized applications into workflows where they exist, while mitigating many of the inherent complexities of container management. Azure Red Hat OpenShift provides highly available, fully managed Red Hat OpenShift clusters on demand, monitored and operated jointly by Microsoft and Red Hat with an integrated support experience. A specialized global Site Reliability Engineering team manages the full stack, from infrastructure to daily operations, reducing operational complexity, increasing speed to market, and allowing you to focus on business critical needs. Organizations are able to reduce operational overhead and focus on quickly delivering applications that provide more value to their business, while supporting regulatory compliance. Additionally, Red Hat has optimized Azure Red Hat OpenShift for performance, scalability, and security, allowing businesses to go to market faster and focus on innovation. Azure Red Hat OpenShift offers enterprise developers and operations teams: --Fully managed clusters with master, infrastructure and application nodes managed by Microsoft and Red Hat; plus, no VMs to operate and no patching required. --Regulatory compliance will be provided through compliance certifications similar to other Azure services. --Enhanced flexibility to more freely move applications from on-premise environments to the Azure public cloud via the consistent foundation of OpenShift. --Greater speed to connect to Azure services from on-premises OpenShift deployments. --Extended productivity with easier access to Azure public cloud services such as Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Machine Learning and Azure SQL DB for building the next-generation of cloud-native enterprise applications.

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