Best Project Management Solution

Recognizes the best business solution that automates any aspect of managing project-based business activities. Includes estimation and planning, scheduling, cost control and budget management, resource allocation, collaboration, etc.

Project Insight (PI) - Project Insight

Project Insight (PI®) is a project and portfolio management software company dedicated to making work life easier for over 20 years. As an industry leader, PI continues to perfect and innovate their web-based project management software for businesses of all sizes. Project Insight is used by industry leaders in IT, professional services, healthcare, finance, product development, and others worldwide to automate work across their entire organization. PI is recognized as the leading project and portfolio management (PPM) solution because it centralizes a team’s work all in one online platform. The PI tool is capable of handling projects that intersect with all of the unique disciplines modern businesses require. PI boasts intelligent scheduling, powerful resource management, time and budgeting functionalities, real-time project and portfolio reports, and a robust mobile app. Its powerful integrations- including Microsoft Teams and Office 365-make a way for teams to connect in the project management hub via the tools that are easiest for them. PI’s PPM solution stands above other popular tools because it is truly flexible, thoroughly customizable, and plays well when integrated with other enterprise applications. PI clients regularly rave that PI is the first tool that has fit their unique business processes. The mobile app -for example- when paired with PI’s customized field capabilities and appointment calendar can give companies a way to offer a built-in field service app without having to build their own application from scratch. Project Insight aggregates project information from key applications like Salesforce, Zendesk Sell, Jira, Zendesk, Microsoft DevOps, QuickBooks, Netsuite and other high-productivity tools to provide stakeholders and project managers with real-time insights across their organization. By automatically aggregating your work directly into one, consolidated platform, Project Insight sets your company up for enterprise-wide success. PI’s state-of-the-art tool combined with our unprecedented customer service gives C-suite leaders, project managers, and teams a powerful platform that makes life easier for their entire company.

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    Polaris PSA - Replicon, Inc.

    Polaris has created a new category of self-driving solutions for Professional Services Automation and Project Portfolio Management. For the first time, project management leaders get intelligent help with decision making as Polaris leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to do the heavy lifting, analyze real-time data, and deliver live recommendations on the best possible choices for them to decide from. Polaris is created by the team at Replicon, the Time Intelligence company, with over 25 years of industry leadership in enterprise time tracking. Replicon supports thousands of customers across 70 countries, including PwC, SAS, NTT, NSC Global, Omnicom, and Aon. Polaris PSA works by collecting large amounts of real-time project, resource, finance and other data using SmartBeats and creates a single source of truth for better project management. It simplifies project delivery management by providing real-time visibility into all critical project metrics, including task progress, resource requirements, hours, cost, financials, and other details. It centralizes project health information and makes it more accessible and visible for a services organization. With accurate and up-to-date project information, managers and business leaders can make the best decisions and ensure successful project and service delivery. From intelligent bids, real-time project management, smart resourcing, to comprehensive billing and revenue workflows, Polaris PSA is a comprehensive professional services automation solution that meets unique business needs.

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