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GoodData.CN - gooddata

Until now, there’s been little market pressure for BI to adapt to modern devops tooling and best practices. Business analytics has remained siloed and decades behind other core business applications. As data usage continues to surge, the need for analytics and BI to catch up is more urgent than ever. A world leader in helping enterprises gain more value from data, GoodData is driving the analytics industry forward with its cloud-native platform, GoodData.CN. GoodData created its cloud-native analytics platform with a powerful engine, interactive visualizations, and self-service tools, all under an API-first approach. The Community Edition provides developers with a modern framework to test at no cost with unlimited access and data storage, and the Production Edition is scalable to enterprises. GoodData.CN offers interactive visualizations and self-service tools, and provides flexibility for different user groups to build custom metrics while maintaining data integrity and consistency. GoodData.CN is the first solution to deliver enterprise-grade analytics as a microservices-based stack. Compared to traditional monolithic BI tools that are preloaded with redundant modules and features, this headless engine exposes a modular set of BI capabilities via APIs — serving as a translation or semantic layer between the company’s data fabric (IT side) and businesspeople (non-technical side). GoodData.CN delivers next-generation analytics to meet the market demand for flexible, cloud-native solutions. The scalable analytics platform can be embedded directly into user workflows, making it easy to enable data-driven decision-making for both employees and customers.

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  • Gurucul Analytics-Driven SIEM - Gurucul

    With the rise of sophisticated cyberattacks, a widening attack surface, more assets to protect and limited security staff, detecting and responding to suspicious activity on business networks is more challenging than ever. Most threat detection and response tools bury security operations teams in an avalanche of alerts without enough context to sift out the real issues associated with false positives. In fact, the average time to identify and contain a breach in 2021 was 287 days, according to IBM. Big data and machine learning (ML) models are crucial tools for detecting security threats (both known and unknown) before a breach occurs and protecting sensitive information. By integrating and analyzing data from various enterprise and cloud apps/platforms including identity, access, activity logs, transactions, flow data, external Threat Intelligence feeds, and much more, it provides the contextual information needed for security operations teams to detect and respond to threats faster and more effectively. The Gurucul Analytics-Driven Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platform uses big data and ML to detect, predict, investigate, hunt, and remediate security threats before they can damage an organization’s ecosystem. It reduces noise and false positives, delivering extensive context that enables the security operations team to focus on the activities that present the highest risks. Telemetry data is transformed into risk-prioritized alerts, allowing security teams to detect and respond to threats faster and more efficiently. One of the core components of Gurucul’s SIEM is its industry-leading ML and analytics engine that unifies data from distributed networks, cloud environments, SaaS applications, identity stores and various endpoints. It combines this data with user and entity behavior to deliver rich context for further analysis or remediation. The analytics engine uses ML rather than static rules, allowing it to perform endpoint anomaly detection without having to anticipate and define parameters in advance. It is also the ONLY platform that includes more than 2,500 data models out-of-the-box and gives customers the flexibility to fine-tune existing models or create their own (an open platform approach). This contextual data and extensive library of ML behavior and threat models can identify advanced and unknown threats like zero-day exploits, fileless malware and ransomware that rule-based or signature-based threat detection solutions can’t, and it can be configured to trigger automated risk response to isolate the host from the production network or take other preventive actions. Gurucul SIEM is a powerful big data reporting and analytics security platform that improves security operations productivity and helps orgs responds to threats more quickly, providing a vital piece of the puzzle to help keep networks, employees and data safe.

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    Scuba Analytics - Scuba Analytics

    Scuba Analytics is a real-time, comprehensive customer experience analytics platform that spans the entire data lifecycle -- from storage to value-add insights -- for customer-obsessed enterprises. The platform leverages augmented analytics, event stream processing, business rule management, and machine learning to enable critical CX business decisions. Scuba's platform enables customers to crunch billions of data points, maintain data integrity by reducing the need to export data to other tools, and get deeper analysis on user behavior in real-time. Scuba accelerates real-time decisions across user, product, performance, and activity metrics without data prepping or delays. Scuba is easy to deploy, ingesting data from any source with minimal documentation to eliminate SQL and ETL. Scuba analyzes tens of billions of data rows per day, with year-over-year retention, from any source, with unlimited growth. Scuba works with Azure, AWS, and private SaaS. Users can easily interact with Scuba's UI with point-and-click intelligence, making digital storytelling of the CX experience easy for all team members. Scuba Signals monitors real time performance of critical measures, and sends notifications via Slack or email when status code errors increase beyond defined thresholds. Lastly, Scuba is private by design: Data never strays from private firewalls with its secure SaaS capabilities.

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    Treasure Data Enterprise CDP - Treasure Data

    Treasure Data connects all of a company's customer-related data into one AI-enabled platform, busting down data silos to create unified customer profiles of each and every customer. This data allows the marketing, sales, service, and even product design and supply-chain teams deliver profitable, purposeful customer engagements that make every customer feel like a company's most valued customer, all while protecting and administering privacy controls that can be different for every country or region. Treasure Data is trusted by leading companies around the world, including consumer products companies such as AB InBev and Lion Corp.; auto companies such as Subaru Suzuki, and Isuzu; game giants such as Survios; retailers such as Muji and PARCO; and financial firms such as Credit Saison. Treasure Data customers span the Fortune 500 and Global 2000 enterprises. As a result, we've won numerous awards and accolades, including a 2020 CODiE for Best Marketing Solution. Treasure Data CDP was originally designed for marketers and data scientists who want to acquire new customers, orchestrate stellar customer experiences, target advertising more effectively, and gain insights about customer behavior. But with the release of special-feature offerings for support, service, and sales, Treasure Data Enterprise CDP is now fulfilling its mission of helping companies "run on customer data." Our customers are using our SaaS-based offerings for everything from quick-reorder to provide what customers want, when they want it, to product design that better meets customer needs, to contact centers that can offer better recommendations and service, to sales departments that can use better customer understanding to match the right offerings to the right customers, every time. We have many customers who share this data silo-busting vision, and who are using our platform as a company-wide digital transformation tool that is easy to use for people in many departments and functions, enabling better cross-departmental collaboration in their efforts to give customers what exactly what they want, increasing customer lifetime value and engendering, in many cases, fanatical customer loyalty.

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