Best Sales & Marketing Intelligence Solution

Honors the solution that best empowers sales and marketing professionals with internal and external data, insights and analytics to help drive business development and target new prospects. Solutions may include B2B data, prospect databases, contact information, sales analytics, visual configuration software, conversation intelligence software, outbound call tracking, attribution software and other tools used by sales and marketing professionals.

Mastermind - automotiveMastermind

automotiveMastermind’s proprietary and automated sales and marketing platform, Mastermind, empowers auto dealerships to close more deals by predicting future buyers and consistently marketing to them. With Mastermind, dealers can generate success in their loyalty, service and conquest portfolios through a combination of turnkey predictive analytics, proactive marketing and dedicated consultative services. Specific product features include: • Predictive Marketing: A data-powered predictive approach focuses on channels and messaging that work. With each highly personalized marketing campaign building off the previous one, dealers can convert auto leads into buyers faster and at an ROI up to 15x. • Retention: Intelligent behavior prediction modeling algorithms easily identify which customers are ready to buy and the reasons why dealers should speak to them, increasing their retention sales up to 15%. • Service-to-Sales: Greater visibility into service drive customers, due in part to Mastermind’s TransUnion partnership, allows dealers to market to and convert service customers into new car buyers at a 4x higher activation rate. • Market Conquest: Behavior prediction and powerful data fuel automated and personalized multi-channel marketing campaigns to convert conquest prospects effectively and efficiently, creating up to an incremental 15 deals per month. • Consultation: Experts from the field, directly in dealerships every 30-45 days. The automotiveMastermind team is on-site and by our partners’ side to help strategize, share best practices and conduct personalized product training and workshops. To help dealers identify buyers earlier than competitors, Mastermind’s proprietary algorithm provides a unique and incredibly accurate Behavior Prediction Score® (BPS) that ranks buyers on a scale of 0 to 100. The BPS score takes in factors beyond vehicle equity, excess mileage or contract terms. Thanks to Mastermind’s affiliation with IHS Markit (a world leader in critical information, analytics and solutions for the auto industry and beyond) and its subsidiaries (including CARFAX and TransUnion), Mastermind layers in thousands of additional data points to build a dynamic buyer profile. These data points include sociodemographic data, personal behaviors and buyer preference – which are true leading indicators of the motivation behind a vehicle purchase. With dealers experiencing ongoing inventory challenges due to chip shortages, supply chain constraints and soaring customer demand for vehicles, Mastermind has been a critical tool for helping dealers to acquire inventory. Mastermind’s print and digital Predictive Marketing Campaigns help dealers maximize their limited inventory and acquire new inventory through customers willing and ready to sell their vehicles. The technology helps dealers identify the right customers to target for vehicle acquisition and then send the right message at the right time, including compelling offers.

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    Gryphon ONE -

    The Gryphon ONE platform from is the only AI-driven end-to-end sales solution that infuses decades of data from a tier 1 telephony network with AI intelligence to drive better decisions for organizations. The platform offers real-time visibility and feedback, guided coaching and conversational intelligence capabilities to empower sales professionals and revenue leaders to optimize processes and close business faster than ever before. With more than 788M+ minutes of calling data experience, works with Fortune 500 companies, as well as small and medium-sized businesses across a variety of industries. The business world has faced many challenges in recent years, with many organizations transitioning to a hybrid work structure during the pandemic and various departments adopting and implementing new digital solutions for the first time. Gartner research found that 70% of buyers prefer to work digitally, forcing company leaders to quickly digitize while training new talent. For sales departments, the buyer journey has become reliant on technology to keep up with these new demands, but sales reps struggle to hit performance targets and create seamless experiences under the pressure. The Gryphon ONE platform solves these challenges by putting the needs of sales reps first, providing them with AI intelligence and conversational data to make more strategic decisions throughout the sales cycle. With Gryph,’s intelligent AI-powered sales assistant, sales reps are able to jump into week one of the job — rather than shadowing a seasoned pro — by being coached on the phone in real-time with next steps, competitive intel, promotional cues, call transcriptions and more. Gryph is able to provide recommended answers to questions on the spot, helping employees perform better, close deals faster and feel empowered to move up in their organization. With Gryph’s real-time guided coaching, organizations can: Access Gryphon from any CRM or web browser. Transcribe calls in real-time and displays customized conversation cards for guided coaching during an active call. Provide reps with instant coaching assistance by triggering screen prompts with related content during an active call and giving feedback sentiment to continuously train the AI for future performance. Display controlled, custom content on competitors, products, offers or any messaging that will guide your team to successful calls. Define scripts and guide conversations to uncover key questions for meeting sales criteria needs such as MEDDIC, SPIN, Sandler, SNAP or any other key methodology needed to drive deal progression. Utilizing decades of conversational data and a sophisticated AI assistant, has set the standard for real-time guided coaching and selling. Revenue leaders are consistently turning to the to unlock key insights and improve sales teams’ ability to create a personalized, tech-enabled buyer journey.

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  • HG Market Intelligence - HG Insights

    Businesses use incomplete or incorrect data too often—and it’s costing individual companies almost $10M/year (Gartner).

    As a business and market intelligence industry leader, HG Insights continues to innovate and develop data-science driven business insights products to support businesses through pivots and drive market share growth. Our latest impactful product serving the business tech market is the HG Market Intelligence solution. This HG offering bridges the gap between market and account-level business intelligence.

    By harmonizing IT install, spend, contract, and intent data, HG’s Market Intelligence solution reveals not just what technology companies purchase, but when and why they buy. This business intelligence can be used to plan on which markets to enter, optimize sales territories, focus on accounts with the highest propensity to buy, and execute data-driven Go-To-Market strategies to maximize chances of closing. HG’s Market Intelligence allows customers to Go-To-Market with confidence, capture market share quicker, scale with velocity, and maximize revenue and ROI using data-driven insights.

    Unlike traditional top-down research, HG’s Market Intelligence provides granular business insights based on 10 years of detailed market and account intelligence. The platform allows our customers to instantly understand the size, shape, and structure of their market. Our tool also provides a unique ability to customize market view so that it consists only of the companies that match their ideal customer profile (ICP).

    For example, we allow users to customize their target market by region, country, industry, and a variety of different business, market, and account intelligence relevant data points. Further, they can drill down even more to see detailed technology installation information on all their accounts within a defined market, geography, or industry to identify companies with the highest propensity to buy their specific solution.

    For example, with HG Market Intelligence, customers can quickly see that the ERP market for the US banking sector is $3.7B and growing by 7% per year. But then, our clients can do a deep dive into this market to see:

    • Which individual banks make up the $3.7B spend

    • With which vendors they spend

    • Discover how loyal they are to a specific storage vendor by analyzing intent data

    • When a competitor’s contract is up for renewal for displacement opportunities

    By giving customers business intelligence into what technologies a prospect has installed, purchased, spent, and their contract details, our business and market intelligence allows customers to:

    • Increase lead generation

    • Grow content engagement

    • Provide campaigns for sales and marketing efforts

    • Retain and expand existing customers

    With HG‘s Market Intelligence, our customers have seen a:

    • 10x increase in click-through rates

    • 40x increase total lead volume attribution

    • 50% decrease in cost per lead

    • Increase in win rates by up to 68%

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    Invoca - Invoca

    Invoca is the first AI-powered conversation intelligence platform to provide a unified solution across revenue teams, including marketing, the contact center, individual business locations, and CX teams. Invoca enables marketing and sales to join forces under shared data and metrics to create connected buying experiences that improve close rates and accelerate revenue growth. With the ability to connect the digital buying journey to customer conversations revenue teams can create the ultimate seamless experience that customers demand. AI-Powered Analytics Connect Customer Experiences and Data Across Channels: Signal AI and Signal Discovery use AI and unsupervised ML to analyze and derive 1st-party data from every customer conversation. Signal AI automates call listening to categorize calls in real-time, track conversion events like purchases, service activations, and appointments to enable true and transparent attribution for all marketing efforts and sales. Signal Discovery aggregates customer conversations and creates a conversation map that reaffirms the known and uncovers the unknown in customer behavior, motivations, and outcomes. Invoca for Sales Accelerates Sales Revenue and Improves Experiences: Invoca for Sales and Lost Sales Recovery QA and score customer conversations, improve close rates, and make the most out of every sales opportunity. Invoca for Sales enables organizations to: - Automatically analyze 100% of conversations - Automate QA to get a complete and objective view into call handling quality, track compliance, and understand the full buying journey - Automatically score sales calls and identify coaching moments to improve performance through targeted coaching. Managers and agents can view scorecards as soon as the call ends - Use digital intent data to dynamically route calls to improve the customer experience Lost Sales Recovery detects voice energy to uncover if calls are answered by an agent, sent to voicemail, or if a voicemail was left. Sales and marketing teams can: - Identify highest intent missed sales calls and then re-engage callers for higher conversion rates - Prioritize missed sales call follow-up by combining Lost Sales Recovery Signal data with digital intent and sales call quality to isolate and re-engage highest intent callers - Diagnose what causes missed calls to increase answered call rates - Immediately activate data with contact center integrations Take Action on Conversation Data in Nearly any Platform: Invoca offers an extensive integration library to turn conversation data into automated action. Invoca in-platform integrations enable activation of integrations with a few clicks. Through APIs and Webhooks, Invoca can integrate conversation data in nearly any platform, including homegrown solutions. User-Friendly UI and Reporting: Invoca is fully customizable dashboards enable users to see the data that reflects the KPIs that are important to their teams.

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  • Priority Engine Purchase Intent Data Platform and Services - TechTarget, Inc.

    Priority Engine, the leading SaaS-based purchase intent insight platform in the market today. provides direct, real-time access to ranked accouns & named prospects actively researching purchases in specific technology categories. Other solutions in the market provide account-level views, but don’t supply the contacts actually doing the research/activity. Priority Engine delivers advanced views on topical interests of buying teams, vendors under consideration & currently installed technologies at organizations. With subscriptions in hundreds of technology-specific segments globally, it optimizes customer operations by integrating directly with major CRM & Marketing Automation systems as well as customer applications and systems.  Providing organizations direct access to thousands of active accounts & buyers clients would commonly otherwise miss, Priority Engine improves outcomes for both Marketing & Sales for Demand Generation, Lead Nurturing, Account-Based Marketing (ABM), Sales Prospecting and Engagement, Channel Enablement & more. Priority Engine’s real purchase intent data platform creates actionable understanding for marketing and sales teams and advanced analytics curate the truly critical insights—real buying signals from real buyer’s journeys—for their direct use. In addition to insights for marketing & sales teams in Priority Engine, TechTarget provides additional managed advertising, lead generation & sales qualification services within the platform that allow customers to re-target, influence, engage & convert the accounts & prospects. TechTarget provides value-add customer success services for onboarding, implementation, integration & ROI consulting.

    Extensive dashboards avaialble in the platform help sales and marketing teams assess program perfromance and delivers clear insight into Priority Engine’s influence on clients' existing business and helps identify key segments of their active market they may be missing.

    The latest enhancements to Priority Engine include:

    • BrightTALKTM (acquired in December 2020) accounts and contacts are now fully integrated into Priority Engine, delivering access to millions of new active prospects, better visibility into full buying teams and more engagement data, including use of webinars, virtual events and videos.
    • Better insight into overall buyer content preferences (content type and topic) and interactions with customer content across multiple channels help inform more personalized outreach and marketing engagement strategies.
    • Improved interface (UI) customized to individual users delivers faster access to data to increase productivity and maximize opportunities, including new views allowing teams to quickly see untapped, high potential accounts in their TAM they have not yet engaged.
    • New timeline showcasing dynamic account journeys featuring recent and relevant research interactions from target accounts allows sales and marketing teams to easily monitor buying changes to better optimize programs and engagement.
    • Expanded account-level intent (incl. anonymous account activity) sourced via deeper account intelligence gathering across TechTarget’s network of 150+ technology-specific sites and 1,125 channels.
    • Launched an enhanced version of Inbound Converter with deeper contextual insights for technology organizations about the accounts visiting their own website

    These new enhancements not only expand the amount of relevant data B2B enterprise tech companies have access to, it further augments and extends TechTarget’s ability to service both marketing and sales use cases. Originally developed primarily as a platform for marketing, the Company has invested significant resources over the last two years specifically designed to make the data in Priority Engine more easily accessible for individual users. As a result, the latest version of Priority Engine now offers modules focused separately on sales or marketing use cases. This provides flexible, customized solutions for customers to empower their marketers and sellers to achieve better performance at scale.

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