Best Subscription Billing Solution

Recognizes the best solution to help companies manage all aspects of the subscription lifecycle. Subscription management includes onboarding, assisted or unassisted subscription sales, pricing and packaging, recurring billing, auto-renewing, paywall management, invoicing, reporting, and financial management.

2Checkout Monetization Platform - 2Checkout (now Verifone)

2Checkout (now Verifone) helps merchants improve client relationships and overall recurring revenue for their local and any international market. We provide the tools and capabilities that enable merchants to manage every aspect of commerce for their subscription business – from creating flexible pricing and packaging to support for acquisition and onboarding, to churn prevention and maximizing recurring payments.

Integral to the 2Checkout Monetization platform, the Subscription Billing capabilities enable merchants to sell subscriptions via any model (B2C, B2B), across multiple channels (online direct, in-app, channel sales). The solution offers flexible pricing models, both in terms of the pricing plan (flat rate, per seat, usage-based, hybrid pricing), and billing model (daily, weekly, monthly, or annually), as well as support for over 35 payment methods with recurring billing.

Customer retention is the most important factor for any subscription business as the key driver for revenue growth. Thus, our platform also provides a comprehensive suite of award-winning Revenue Recovery Tools that easily help recover up to 20% of recurring revenue.

The flexible subscription management options, including active churn prevention incentives, subscription enrollment, subscription pause, and expiration reminders, are also poised to combat voluntary churn and nurture customer loyalty.

To learn how their business is doing and where they need to optimize, merchants have access to out-of-the-box reporting on monthly or annual recurring revenue, renewal and churn rate, active customers and subscriptions and more, complemented by on-the-fly custom reports.

Finally, the solution allows merchants to connect the subscriptions storefront to their own website or app with powerful APIs.

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    TRG Screen�s Revenue Management Platform - TRG Screen

    Market data providers want to work more closely with their end customers, but they often struggle to have complete visibility over how and where their market data is being used. Many state that they aren’t confident that the data they are collecting is completely accurate, which prevents them from helping their customers to avoid billing errors or compliance findings. On top of this they find it hard to manage the time consuming administrative, billing, compliance and reporting processes involved.

    The Revenue Management Platform from TRG Screen provides the solution to these problems. It gives the transparency needed to fully understand your customer base, and the powerful usage tracking, compliance, and billing workflow automation tool saves time and puts you in control.

    The self-service model gives market data providers direct access to the end consumers of their data, helping with their relationship management and giving their clients the best possible user experience. This allows market data providers to manage their revenue streams – all in one place – and:


    • Get detailed and accurate usage and revenue reports
    • Quickly identify opportunities to prevent billing errors or compliance findings
    • Leverage vendor of record management capabilities
    • Streamline product ordering and client onboarding processes
    • Simplify compliance monitoring and audit processes for their customers
    • Deliver self-service functionality to your end consumers
    • And, transform your operations, saving you time and money!


    Ultimately, our Revenue Management Platform gives market data providers a better understanding of how customers use their market data while completely transforming their approaches to usage reporting and invoicing – supporting all types of billing, including one-offs, subscriptions, and usage-based. By taking this kind of approach – and implementing a direct client communication mechanism – exchanges and data vendors can get a better view of the big picture with respect to customer data usage and make fast, informed sales and marketing decisions that maximize this strategically important revenue stream. By interacting more and directly with consumer organizations, exchanges and data vendors can start to understand client data usage, allowing them to more easily identify revenue opportunities. Analysis by TRG Screen suggests that connecting directly with data consumer clients – for example, through the deployment of a self-service portal – can result in growth in financial information service revenues of between 12% and 24%.

    This revenue improvement stems from a range of operational and business process improvements. Direct relationships with users can help streamline compliance monitoring and support a proactive audit process. They can help achieve operational excellence by introducing automation of administrative functions, saving time and money, and by streamlining inefficient processes like product ordering and client onboarding.

    This introduces greater administrative data integrity and consistency, leading to proactive compliance and accurate and timely billing and invoicing (with API integration to system such as ‘Accounts Payable’ where needed). At the same time, standardization of reporting processes among consumer firms, data originators and data vendors can result in improved policies, underpinned by detailed, accurate usage reporting & compliance monitoring.

    The Revenue Management platform supports multiple languages and currencies (including conversion rates) and clients benefit from 24/7 service ‘follow the sun’ support.

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