Best Technology Solution Deploying FIPS 140 Validated Encryption

Recognizes the solution that demonstrates a commitment to disruption and innovation in their space, while leveraging a FIPS 140 validated cryptographic module to meet compliance and procurement mandates.

NetBackup - Veritas Technologies

Our latest version, NetBackup 10, is the industry’s first cloud-optimized enterprise data protection solution that applies software innovation and automation to deliver a more cost-effective, secure, and sustainable cloud environment. NetBackup 10 simplifies data management with multi-cloud optimization and reduces the costs of cloud-native data protection by only charging for resources customers need.


This new release moves enterprises one step closer in their journey to achieving the end state of full autonomous data protection. To make things even better, Veritas NetBackup with Cloud Scale Technology, provides your organization with containerized services, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and dynamic features that ensure the optimization and security of your multi-cloud environment. It is a software-based, vendor-agnostic platform that is uniquely focused on the value of information rather than the underlying environment. NetBackup also helps manage data as a critical asset and ensures rapid recovery of critical data during catastrophic events such as lost files, security attacks, or unexpected business disruptions. 


As the #1 solution in data protection with the most exabytes under management, NetBackup can protect any size workload at petabyte-level scale, eliminating the need for disjointed point products. Finally, NetBackup helps ensure resiliency and on-demand access from anywhere and reduces the risks and costs of storing ever-increasing amounts of data throughout the globe.

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  • XSOC Cryptosystem - XSOC CORP

    Purpose-built, optimizable encryption engine designed to provide Quantum-Safe information security using FIPS 140-2 Certified functionality, for any data stored or transmitted regardless of size or format, and can be integrated into new or existing cybersecurity applications or workflows. Optimal Uses: When the low-speed/ high-latency of existing (legacy) encryption make it prohibitive to deploy Where the value or retention period of the data being stored or transmitted is expecting be longer than 3-5years (the time-frame when powerful Quantum Computers could be used to decrypt data) Integrated into “constrained” internet connected devices (e.g., IoT/ IIoT/ IoBT/ sensors) where the efficiency of the encryption engine, or being “lightweight”, is a primary decision factor Live video streaming/ conferencing without relying on Network Time Protocol (NTP) for syncing Competitive Differentiators: FIPS 140-2 Certified, with (100) Quantum-Safe length key lengths starting 512-bit Extremely fast performing, can be software or hardware-integrated without affecting performance Optimizable, flexible and combinable modes allow highest speed/lowest latency or max strength XSOC Value Proposition: By incorporating the XSOC encryption engine into an organization’s business processes and leveraging its increased SPEED, EFFICIENCY, and SECURITY (compared with legacy encryption) it delivers measurable and monetizable reductions in application/ device resource utilization, network latency, corporate cyber-risk, and IT maintenance while increasing cyberattack resistance, cyber resilience and productivity.

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