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Recognizes the solution that promotes wellness and wellbeing by applying technology in an innovative way to help employees thrive in their work and daily lives.

FinFit's Holistic Financial Wellness Platform - FinFit

FinFit offers a holistic financial wellness platform, featuring a personalized assessment, premier educational resources, interactive budgeting tools, member rewards incentives, early wage access, and innovative banking, savings, and credit solutions that motivate employees to establish healthy financial behaviors to alleviate financial stress and achieve overall financial well-being. If your organization is struggling to retain employees, adding FinFit's suite of financial wellness resources to your employee benefit package can increase employee retention by 25% and save you nearly $2 million annually for every 1,000 employees.

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  • Cordico - Lexipol

    Personnel in high-risk industries—such as law enforcement, fire/EMS and corrections—face constant stress and exposure to critical incidents, which can have a significant impact on their mental and physical wellbeing. Yet cultural stigmas in these industries often prevent personnel from requesting help. Even if they do reach out, trusted, confidential and effective resources are difficult to find. Cordico provides public safety personnel and their family members with on-demand, 24/7 access to confidential and relevant wellness resources through an easily accessible mobile application. The Cordico wellness app—available on Apple iOS and Android—offers a complete range of self-assessments as well as videos, guides and articles on more than 60 behavioral health topics. Organizations can also incorporate customized content, as well as one-touch access to peer support, therapists and chaplains. Key to the app’s functionality is the ability for personnel to access resources anonymously—something most Employee Assistance Plans do not provide. The Cordico app does not collect any individual data, so users can explore resources without worrying about employment repercussions. This is especially important when accessing the app’s self-assessments, which deliver highly specific results and next-step guidance on a range of topics, from alcohol abuse to post-traumatic stress to resilience. Created by experienced clinical and scientific staff, the Cordico app’s wellness tools and self-assessments are designed to keep personnel healthy and effective on-duty and off. There is guidance on common issues such as trouble sleeping or dealing with anxiety or depression. Personnel also benefit from a wide range of resources to support work/life balance and career longevity. The topics selected and guidance provided are specific to the unique concerns of public safety professionals, including bouncing back from potentially traumatic incidents, protecting against exposure to COVID-19 while on the front lines, suicide prevention, parenting tips for firefighters and dispatchers, compassion fatigue, first responder family support and more. Lexipol’s Cordico app also features unique technological features to help public safety personnel get help when they need it. CrisisAlert® one-touch dialing allows users to instantly—and anonymously—reach members of the agency’s peer support team or chaplain staff. The Therapist Finder displays profiles of agency-approved therapists and their locations, and allows users to contact the therapist within the app. In public safety, personnel wellness is especially critical. Lexipol’s Cordico wellness app provides a robust and accessible wellness solution to support first responder mental, physical and behavioral health. Cordico helps organizations ensure their personnel are in the best possible shape to serve their communities safely, professionally and effectively, while helping them maintain long, healthy careers.

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    Upstrive Education - MindMotions LLE

    What is Upstrive?

    Upstrive is a real-time system that measures and manages wellbeing for students and staff, providing the entire journey from data collection and analysis to solution implementation and follow up.

    The problems Upstrive solves:

    - Students tell us they are less comfortable to express themselves in person or ask for support

    - Mental health of young people is continuously eroding

    - Most schools don’t have tools to measure and impact wellbeing

    - Students cover their real emotions with fake ones based on perceived social pressure

    - Early detection of wellbeing issues is critical to prevent life-long mental health issues

    How Upstrive solves these problems:

    1.Create a safe environment and motivate students to share their real emotions, express themselves, and self or co-explore solutions.

    2.Identify and support students in need and improve their wellbeing— leading to increased resilience, better performance and results.

    3.Provide the entire journey from problem identification to solution implementation—leading to measurably improved wellbeing and supporting staff to positively impact wellbeing issues.

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