Best Work Management Platform

Recognizes the best digital tool that allows users to plan, track, organize, and review both projects and non-project tasks to improve business results and team performance.

Qualia - Qualia

Qualia is the real estate and mortgage industry’s leading digital closing platform, used by over half a million real estate professionals. Qualia's cloud-based closing rooms provide the complete infrastructure to streamline the home closing experience for real estate businesses and their clients. The company offers a suite of products that brings together homebuyers and sellers, lenders, title & escrow agents, and real estate agents onto one secure, remote platform.

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  • Tr3Dent Transformation Accelerator - Tr3Dent

    As the leading global provider of an intuitive, end-to-end strategic planning platform, Tr3Dent empowers organizations of all sizes to achieve their digital transformation goals. Its platform, Transformation Accelerator (TA), is trusted by over 500 organizations and partners globally across a variety of industries – including management and IT consulting, technology, education, telecommunications, insurance, healthcare, supply chain and retail – to intelligently transform their ecosystems and business models to identify new revenue streams, drive growth, enhance customer experience and improve productivity. The following advanced features differentiate TA from every other strategic planning and enterprise architecture platform on the market: • Stakeholder, Product and Service Mapping: accelerates buy-in by allowing organizations to easily map stakeholders, products and services to associated drivers, value statements, risk and other key elements. • Dynamic Ecosystem Modeling: visualizes types of stakeholder, product and service interactions in a secure environment, enabling users to see how transformation will impact each business element and modify strategic planning efforts to optimize outcomes. • Structured Collaboration: allows dispersed stakeholders using an interconnected data structure to ensure consistency and clarity, complete with multiple user access, real-time edits and data sharing across a variety of formats. • Embedded Vertical and Horizontal Intelligence: provides best practices and industry-specific, pre-built templates within the platform, delivering a step-by-step guide to digital transformation. • Intelligent Integrations: allows TA to work with other digital transformation tools to empower success and deliver a complete, end-to-end solution. ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certification: exemplifies Tr3Dent’s commitment to meeting the highest industry standard Tr3Dent partners with its customers to tailor solutions to address emerging market needs. For instance, Tr3Dent worked with its partner TM Forum to develop CurateFX, a white-labeled version of TA that TM Forum members use to manage digital transformation and digital ecosystem projects. Similarly, Smart Cities Council partnered with Tr3Dent to create a custom version of TA for their members, Smart City Project Activator, which is currently being used by 250+ cities worldwide. To further empower customers with additional resources that support winning strategic planning initiatives, in March 2021, Tr3Dent announced a partnership with the Business Architecture Guild (BAG), the global standard body for business architecture. The agreement made BAG Industry Reference Models – including financial services, insurance, manufacturing, transportation, government and healthcare - available in TA.

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