Best Business Information or Data Delivery Solution

Recognizes the best information solution that helps business professionals with their daily job functions including strategy, business development, sales, marketing, research or other corporate functions. Solutions could include business and industry news, market research, business directories, company/ industry information, executive profiles, financial data, analyst reports, vertical segment information, competitive intelligence, etc.

Nexis - LexisNexis

Nexis is a simple, cloud-based research platform with an unprecedented source universe--powered up by advanced search and filtering technologies that reduce noise and deliver relevant information faster. Top companies worldwide depend on Nexis to deliver on a diverse set of research needs--across regions, industries, job titles and processes to: - Uncover news, industry, legal & regulatory data - Dig deep into our company data, analyst reports and trade pubs to research companies alongside the executives and board members that lead them - Compare and analyze companies Nexis is designed with customer needs and insights at the core to help Nexis users unlock insights from our unrivaled information universe, and ongoing technology investment and innovation ensure that Nexis continues to evolve to meet their changing needs. Some use cases that Nexis is known to support: Investigative journalism and media production, M&A and equity research, competitive intelligence and political opposition research, business development and donor research, strategic management and consulting, real estate development and much more. And Nexis functionality has been built with individual preferences in mind: - Users can cast a wide search for discovery of topics and trends or run an advanced search with boolean, index terms and advanced filtering. - Articles, reports and more can be annotated and saved into folders to share and collaborate with colleagues. - New in 2021, we added a simple newsletter functionality that users can create and customize to keep stakeholders informed in just a few clicks. - Along with the newsletter, we rolled out a reader version of Nexis to provide quick access to alerts, full articles and other shared documents and notes. With more than 45,000 sources covering 200 countries in 37 languages spanning 45+ years, our users will capture a complete picture and uncover hard-to-find information on their topic. Along with our news sources, we offer company, executive, public records, legal, legislative, IP, and more content. With this huge trove of big data, we still are able to provide ridiculously relevant results in a fraction of the time it would take to sort through all of results. Behind every search on Nexis is a data classification and enrichment process that leverages natural language processing and machine learning to apply metadata related to more than 7,900 subjects, 7,200 industries, 1,100 geographies and 350,000 companies.

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  • Visual Explorer - Mode Analytics

    Mode Analytics’ Visual Explorer is a new flexible visualization system that helps analysts explore data faster and provides easy-to-interpret insights to business stakeholders. A best-in-class visualization suite powered by Helix, Mode’s award-winning responsive data engine, Visual Explorer builds upon Mode’s unique ability to combine BI and Data Science. Mode has always pushed to bring Analysts and Data Scientists closer to their business counterparts in the name of better, faster decision making. Visual Explorer is a critical piece of that puzzle, enabling faster collaboration in greater depth than ever before. By bringing together the workflows of analysts and business users in new ways, Visual Explorer allows analysts to answer questions quickly and advance knowledge across the organization. Inspired by the Grammar of Graphics framework, Visual Explorer enables analysts and data scientists to deliver information and insights that inform business decisions faster than ever before. By enabling anyone to explore and describe data visually across multiple dimensions, it empowers data teams to iterate on data-heavy visualizations with ease. Visual Explorer’s drag-and-drop interface also enables business stakeholders to answer their own follow-up questions, rather than overwhelming the data team with frequent requests. With Visual Explorer, data teams can flexibly explore data and easily create expressive visualizations with pivot tables, faceted charts, and other dynamic options. It also allows business stakeholders to perform table calculations and aggregations without code, providing them with greater ability to produce individual insights and answer common questions about audience segmentation, pricing, product prototyping and more. “With Mode’s new Visual Explorer feature, we can do everything we need within the platform,” said Neil Chainani, Data Science Lead, Square Cash App. “This saves time for my team and empowers us to do our jobs better.”

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  • PricePro - OPIS A Dow Jones Company

    When it comes to retail fuel pricing, time is money. Fuel markets are extremely volatile, and a delay in getting your fuel priced correctly at your stores can diminish your store traffic if priced too high, cost you profits if priced too low, or hurt your reputation with customers if priced out of line from your brand’s positioning within the local market. OPIS PricePro allows fuel retailers to make the best-possible, data-driven decisions much faster than legacy solutions, helping them get the right price in front of their customers as soon as possible. Leveraging our real-time fuel pricing data along with the most modern and secure technologies, OPIS PricePro is a fast and efficient fuel pricing software that works the way our customers work. 

    PricePro is the only retail fuel pricing solution that leverages OPIS’s market-leading database of 140,000 retail fuel stations with a data stream of nearly 5 million price reports per day. No more costly store surveys, high liability costs, manual tracking of competitor prices, and resulting price moves made in the dark, plus you keep your employees in the stores where they are needed most amidst the most significant staffing shortages the industry has witnessed to date. Our customers monitor retail fuel prices in their local area, or across the country, in the fastest and most accurate way available with real-time notifications or scheduled pricing events so they know the moment their prices lose a competitive edge. Predictable and explainable proposed pricing by OPIS' world class data scientists is combined with our customers' experience-based, custom-defined "gut feel" strategies to provide optimal analysis and refinement of pricing opportunities. Our customers can leverage their actual volumes and costs imported directly into PricePro to improve recommendations and decision-making capabilities. PricePro is an end to end solution powered by OPIS's data stream processing, within our cloud decision-making platform, to determine and deliver our clients’ prices to their customers through their point-of-sale system. Workflow is configurable by design, so our customers can work the way they want to work using our secure fuel pricing solution that is available anywhere, anytime, on any device.

    PricePro is highly available, scalable across multiple regions, responsive and resilient.  Security and privacy are paramount in our design and PricePro protects our customers’ assets by leveraging multi factor authentication, Single Sign On and federated identify options.  Domain-driven design and flexible event patterns ensure agility and scalability of code. Data in each customer account is encrypted and isolated to address privacy concerns.  The serverless and event-driven approach enhances our ability to capture multiple data points, provide exceptional data quality, and utilize machine learning and analytics to deliver real-time pricing decisions to customers of any size.

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