Best Collaborative Solution for Teachers

Recognizes the online solution designed to provide social learning, collaborative and community support for PK-12 or higher education teachers and administrators. This Includes tools for communication, professional learning experiences, resource centers, collaboration and planning tools and other interactive, social media solutions and tech tools between and among teachers, staff, administration, and community.

Alma App Center - Alma Technologies

App Center is Alma SIS's game-changing program for integration management, created to give agency to teachers and admins alike, to integrate mission-critical third-party applications with Alma’s platform. This self-serve tool can shorten the implementation period by weeks or more, ensuring users are prepared well in advance of the first day of school. Alma’s App Center simplifies the entire user experience, empowering teachers to successfully set up and support their preferred integrations – without needing a data expert – from start to finish. Alma’s Vendor Library is front-loaded with dozens of schools’ most commonly used third-party applications. Teachers may incorporate an array of communication, LMS, curriculum applications and more, all within the searchable Vendor Library. Teachers select their desired applications fitted with an installation template that allows the integration to be configured to the school’s settings, and work right out of the box. Alma continues to build features to meet the unique needs of every learning community, and on a platform that users of every tech level can understand. Teachers no longer have to worry about compromising their use of class-dependent third-party applications with the onset of a new SIS – a critical component of Alma’s evolution as the all-around SIS solution. The App Center joins Alma’s Navigator and the platform’s simplified data import/update processes to fully realize a seamless SIS onboarding process – eliminating the mystery of integrations, and providing Alma users with agency and transparency. App Center’s file editor gives teachers and other users control over the content and format of files so that they can achieve their integration’s unique needs when the standard template isn’t a perfect fit. Errors that may arise are brought to the attention of administrators with detailed information to identify and fix issues before they affect instruction.

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  • Share My Lesson - American Federation of Teachers

    The American Federation of Teachers’ Share My Lesson is a free, award-winning community-based site that brings together educators, parents and caregivers, paraprofessionals and school-related personnel, specialized instructional support personnel, union and nonunion members, educational partners, and higher education professionals who have the common goal of finding and sharing the best educational resources available. SML members contribute content, share ideas, get educated on the topics that matter, online, 24/7. We issue Creative Commons licenses, and we do not share our members' private data with anyone. Share My Lesson was created by the AFT and TES Global in 2012. From the beginning, we have been committed to providing our community of members high-quality and effective lesson plans and professional development resources—all for free. Today, Share My Lesson remains a trusted resource for high-quality education materials, many of which are designed to support educators implementing standards. As of 2021, Share My Lesson has 1.8 million members and more than 420,000 resources (geared to toddlers through higher education), which have been downloaded more than 15 million times.

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    edWeb is a free professional learning and social network that is a model for the best practices in virtual professional learning. Our community has grown to 1.25 million educators in 185 countries. edWeb members have free access to over 100 virtual professional learning communities on the widest range of topics from preK – secondary education; 400 new real-time, professional learning edWebinars each year; 2,700 edWebinar programs available on-demand to watch anytime/anywhere; 130 programs available on all podcast channels. edWeb members who are teachers can receive a CE certificate the edWebinar they complete that is accepted for teacher license renewal in 43 states. edWeb’s social network and live edWebinars provide the opportunity for educators in all roles and at all levels to network and collaborate through live chats and forums to share ideas and practices and get the help and support needed in a time of unprecedented change and crisis. Our edWebinars have been presented by 3,000 of the most innovative and expert educators who share their best advice and information. Collaboration and peer-to-peer learning is the best way to share the most effective ideas, practices, and resources. Individual educators can use edWeb for their personal professional learning. They have access to the widest and most current topics that meet their needs, and they can view programs anytime, anywhere, and receive credit for their PD hours in most schools, districts, and states. Teams of educators can use edWeb to create their own private professional learning communities or hubs to aggregate all of their communications and resources to meet their own learning objectives. Our recent case study of how the Georgia Department of Education has used edWeb over the past 5 years, especially during COVID, is a testament to the critical importance of virtual collaboration in times of crisis in education, and at any time to maximize improvement. edWeb’s free social network gives educators the ability to create any number of virtual communities to support their collaboration needs. edWeb communities include blogs, forums, file storage, messaging, professional learning plans, reports, and the ability to add any other web-based tool or resource. edWeb has accessibility features build into the website, and all edWebinar recordings have closed-captioning. edWeb is an ideal professional learning hub. edWeb is supported by 125 leading education organizations so that our social network and all of our edWebinars and CE certificates are free. edWeb has received outstanding reviews, awards, and recognition. We value the enthusiastic and thankful feedback from our members the most, especially during this terrible pandemic when they need all the support we can provide.

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  • Clerisy - has achieved success through the work of its dedicated, certified educators, all of whom have been trained on the company’s professional development (PD) platform Clerisy to become effective online tutors and instructors. On the basis of that training program, first launched Clerisy -- PD workshops developed for educators by educators – in mid-2020. One year later, re-launched Clerisy as a no- or low-cost library of more than 100 PD workshops, created by teacher-entrepreneurs, accessed by more than 2,700 educators, and accepted by 36 states for CEU credits toward teacher licensure requirements. The reason for the shift, according to CEO Ysiad Ferreiras: “Providing no- or low-cost career-enhancing professional development reflects our commitment to underappreciated teachers following a long and stressful pandemic, and the urgent need to stem the tide of a troubling nationwide teacher shortage.” The expanding Clerisy PD library includes content on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI); social emotional learning (SEL); instructional best practices, content design and implementation, and more. K-12 teachers enjoy no- or low-cost access to all content: - Individual Teacher Account– Includes comprehensive, cost-free access to the Clerisy professional development collection of one- to two-hour online workshops. - Premium Faculty Program for Schools–A low district or school cost of $10 per teacher annually includes a school analytics and tracking dashboard and user management portal. - Clerisy-University of San Diego Partnership – A teacher cost of just $75 per credit for Graduate level extension units through the University of San Diego, based on completion of the Clerisy SEL and DEI tracks. Through the Clerisy PD platform, also offers teachers interested in sharing their expertise additional income and professional recognition when they become Clerisy content contributors. engages teachers nationwide to create, promote and present career-enhancing PD on Clerisy: - Teacher-contributors have unlimited earning potential and will receive $300 per completed PD workshop; $100 per hour for live presenting; $75 per blog post; and $10 per social media post to promote their offering. - Teacher-contributors have the freedom to select topics based on their experiences and expertise, become published leaders in K-12 education, and retain ownership of their contributed content. With the re-launch of its Clerisy teacher PD platform, expects not only to disrupt the K-12 teacher PD market, but more importantly, to keep more great teachers engaged, enthusiastic about their careers, and producing positive outcomes in their classrooms and for their students.

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