Best Content Authoring Development or Curation Solution

Recognizes the best solution designed for users to be able to create, modify, design, alter, combine, customize, and curate multiple content sources and formats, and share digital content for effective and engaged learning in the PreK-20 learning areas.

CapsimInbox - Capsim Management Simulations Inc

The education landscape is shifting rapidly. Educators from both academia and the corporate sphere must navigate the now accelerated transition to digital learning while tasked with doing more with fewer resources. Given this digital transformation, practical and experiential learning has never been more critical in assessing essential skills and knowledge. Enter CapsimInbox, a Software-as-a-Service (Saas) solution that enables academic and corporate authors, instructional designers, and learning and development professionals to create Inbox Microsimulations, or choose from a variety of ready-to-use experiences created by Capsim. These day-in-the-life experiences provide learners a hands-on way to practice soft and technical skills in a real-world context without the risk. Each microsimulation is self-directed and customized to the needs of the learner. Learners typically assume the role of an employee at a real or fictitious company. As learners interact with other characters and gather information, they must face and respond to situations through emails and instant messages. With every reply, CapsimInbox assesses pre-defined skills. After completing the simulation (typically 15-45 minutes in length), learners receive immediate and actionable feedback based on their performance. Included in the feedback report is: • an overall score as a percentile, comparing the learner's performance to others who have completed the assessment • a developmental index demonstrating the proficiency and consistency of the learner's performance • a skill-gap analysis visually comparing self-ratings on each skill with proficiency levels determined by the simulation. With CapsimInbox, educators can turn any course or program into an experiential learning opportunity that engages learners and provides the practical experience and feedback needed for career success. Learning professionals can also track monitor progress over time with empirical, longitudinal data.

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    CurrikiStudio Interactive Video - Curriki

    At Curriki, we see a world where every learning experience, anywhere in the world, is easy to create, highly engaging and generates a genuine love for learning. Our flagship product, CurrikiStudio, is the world’s first free and open-source interactive learning content authoring platform, designed to accelerate and scale digital-first courses. CurrikiStudio empowers educators to transform static worksheets and dense lectures into dynamic, gamified courses that can be published into their Learning Management System with one click. CurrikiStudio will be THE WAY that organizations build curriculum of the future and has the potential to impact hundreds of millions learners at scale. CurrikiStudio launched in June 2020 with rapid adoption from educators in classrooms looking for a tool to support distance learning and hybrid learning models. Since our launch, we have observed that 94% of authors incorporate CurrikiStudio’s Interactive Video authoring, which allows authors to take existing videos and add robust interactions and assessments throughout the video. In addition, there is a growing research base around the proliferation of video instruction as an effective tool for education. According to the Kaltura’s The State of Video in Education 2020 Report, 98% of educators see video as having a part to play in personalized learning experiences, 91% believe video increases student satisfaction, and 82% see it increasing student achievement. Also, students increasingly expect video to be part of their educational experience. 82% see students’ expectations for how much video should be part of their learning experience as increasing. Our innovation in education technology was to create CurrikiStudio’s Interactive Video Application that allows authors to embed engaging interactions within a video. There are 16 different interaction types available and the authoring tool allows for customization on style, language, accessibility features, and scoring. Educators can pull in videos from YouTube or Vimeo and we are also building the ability to integrate with existing subscription-based video streaming platforms that are widely used by education institutions such as Kaltura, Brightcove, or Wistia. Curriki’s technology is API-based, free, and open source which means that the authoring tools for interactive video can be utilized by any K-12 district or other edtech organization with video curriculum or functionalities. An example of this scale is our partnership with Safari Montage, who has embedded CurrikiStudio as an authoring tool within their platform, which is now being used by the SC Department of Education and all of Chicago Public Schools, or our partnership with Oracle, which is using CurrikiStudio to power OracleUniversity, which certifies thousands of professionals in cloud computing and information technology.

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  • uCertify CREATE - uCertify

    uCertify CREATE is the state of the art course development platform to develop full-fledged, highly interactive and hands-on courses. Course developers have the ability to either start from the ground up or start with a textbook and deliver an interactive and hands on course that comes complete with  interactive lessons, videos, knowledge checks, hands-on labs, test prep, glossaries, flashcards, and assessments.

    Flexible import of epubs, docs, and xmls provides developers the ability to convert a textbook into a comprehensive course therefore saving significant time and effort. 

    uCertify CREATE comes complete with an Item Editor to create over 40 interactive item types. Such items can be used to create Knowledge Checks, Quizzes, Test Prep and Assessments.

    Authors can effortlessly publish courses for both Web and SmartPhone Apps using Apple iOS (iPhone) and Google Android without any modifications.

    Since writing a course is a team work and often involves multiple authors, editors, reviewers and instructor designers, uCertify CREATE comes complete with Project Management, workflow and comprehensive feedback features. This allows team members to work asynchronously and remotely.

    uCertify CREATE is especially useful for SMEs and Instructional Designers as they can easily create a todo list for the tasks to be completed. 

    Courses created with uCertify CREATE are ADA compliant out of the box. A number of Diagnostic Tools ensure creation of high quality courses with minimal effort.

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