Best Customer Experience in Ed Tech

Recognizes the tool, platform, or service that supports educators in adopting a solution effectively with superior customer service and support. Experience may include help-desk services, live chat, social media tools, training/learning that is included in the purchase of the solution, etc. Entries will be evaluated based on the information provided in the written and/ or video nomination entry. Support your entry with data and examples where appropriate. It is also helpful to provide solution access if possible.

Clever - Clever

In March 2020, most districts had days to transition to remote learning. The shift required unprecedented technical maneuvering and the Clever team instantly became an extension of districts’ IT teams – helping schools minimize the amount of instructional time lost due to forgotten passwords, edtech systems not talking to each other, confusion around what apps and learning tools can be used, etc. As Elizabeth Hoover, CTO of Alexandria City Public Schools put it, “It is kind of hard not to look back on the pandemic and see how integral Clever was in our transition to learn from home.” In the first four months of the pandemic, Clever grew its support team by 70%. Often putting in 12+ hour days, the team addressed everything from file formatting and data quality issues, to setting up identity providers in Clever and fixing student and teacher logins, to troubleshooting device issues. Since those early days, Clever has invested in self-service resources, resulting in 48% of customer queries being swiftly resolved independently. In 2021, Clever Support earned a 96% customer satisfaction rate and a 2 business day median resolution time. But responsiveness isn’t just what defines a customer experience. Clever was anticipating needs, and surfacing solutions. For example, after hearing customers’ countless stories about the challenges of maintaining a daily connection virtually, Clever launched a partnership with Zoom to offer Zoom for free to schools. Within 2 weeks, Clever Support had helped more than 2,000 school districts sign up for free Zoom accounts so teachers and students could connect face-to-face directly from the Clever portal. Throughout the last two years, Clever has stepped up to create community spaces via Slack, webinars, and town hall meetings so that administrators and educators could share lessons and connect with others experiencing the same challenges. That sharing of insights surfaced important needs -- like resources to help families, who suddenly found themselves playing a new role in their child’s education. Clever created its Remote Learning Resource hub, with simple-to-use, multilingual guides designed to help families log in, navigate the platform, and understand how remote learning was going to work. And, finally, Clever created a remote learning course for teachers, to help make edtech easier to implement and use in the classroom. Over 135,000 courses and 26,000 hours have been completed by teachers in Clever Academy. Larry Snyder, an innovative learning specialist with Ysleta Independent School District in Texas, describes the customer experience best: “Everything is wrapped around Clever; it's the place you go to when you're not sure about how to do something … You have to make it as easy as possible, and Clever is a great tool to make that happen.”

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  • Brightspace - D2L

    Customer Stories:

    D2L's mission is to transform the way the world learns. We unify a diverse and fragmented learning market through a powerful ecosystem of technology that is supported by more than 20 years of expertise and a vision for the future of work and learning. We focus on creating a unique learner-centric platform, informed by learning science, that increases adoption, retention, engagement, and learning outcomes for over 15 million learners globally.

    The core of our solution is D2L Brightspace, a scalable and flexible cloud-based software platform designed to help our customers deliver courses in person and online. D2L Brightspace serves as the central foundation for the design and delivery of modern, mobile-optimized, and accessible learning experiences (e.g., courses, learning based games, assessments, etc.). Our platform complements, accelerates, and improves learning online or in the classroom. We serve all types of customers, no matter the industry, size, or sophistication of their learning programs.

    Designed in close collaboration with our K-12, Higher Education, and Corporate customers focusing new development efforts on what we believe are our clients most critical needs for today and tomorrow.

    Brightspace delivers worry-free technology with 99.99% reliability and world-class security and data privacy. Our technology integrates with other ecosystem technologies, enabling our customers to deliver individualized and personalized learning programs at scale. It's fully accessible, customizable, and looks beautiful on any mobile device making it easier to reach every learner.

    Brightspace makes it easy to support exceptional learning experiences in person, fully online, and hybrid by providing educators and learners with tools they'll love. With Brightspace, you can set up individualized learning paths for learners, keep them on track with automated nudges, and engage them with video, game-based learning, awards, badges, and other powerful features. Brightspace also makes it easier to complete assessments and provide meaningful feedback. Learning data and analytics reports are readily available, providing up-to-date information and insights that help answer questions and inform decisions to take action and improve learning outcomes.

    D2L is a dedicated partner in the learning journey genuinely committed to supporting our customers to help them leverage Brightspace to achieve, outperform, and succeed. In a rapidly changing educational landscape, partnering with D2L and taking advantage of our supportive community and broad ecosystem of partners can help our customers navigate change and differentiate their offerings.

    D2L's team of learning experience experts can address both strategic and tactical needs, including implementation, support, instructional design, courseware development, learning strategy, technical account management and data consulting and this can all be done virtually today and into the future.

    The Brightspace platform includes all the tools and capabilities an organization needs to take its learning programs to the next level. The intuitive interface makes it easy for employees to access material and can be accessed on any device or computer without compromising usability. Native apps provide notifications and offline access. Brightspace products are usable by people with disabilities and interoperable with assistive technologies. Content can be created right in the system, including written, images, video and audio, or curated from third-party authoring tools and content providers. Integrated web conferencing allows for virtual meetings and online collaboration. Video clips can be added directly to course content. Flexible options make learning relevant for each employee by creating personalized pathways based on what they do – or don’t do – in the system. Tools such as annotations, audio, video, written and rubrics help managers provide feedback that is specific, relevant, timely and meaningful. Employees can be motivated with an element of gamification by recognizing their achievements with badges and certificates. Intuitive analytics provide insight on performance with the ability to drill down to the individual level. D2L’s contracts include confidentiality provisions that prohibit D2L from disclosing customer confidential information or accessing customer’s accounts, including customer data, except to maintain the service, prevent or respond to technical or service problems, at a customer’s request, or where required by law. We help our clients ensure that their learning experiences are customized to their requirements. 

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    MobyMax - Best Customer Experience in Ed Tech - MobyMax

    MobyMax is America�s most highly-acclaimed edtech company for two reasons. First, it offers the only complete K-8 curriculum for 27 subjects via integrated, automated classroom tools that save teachers precious hours with comprehensive assessments, grading and markup systems, accurate diagnostics, IEP reporting, and real-time progress monitoring. Second, Moby�s customer support system is unparalleled for the quality, responsiveness, and help it provides. Moby�s U.S.-based support team includes both tech experts and former educators who inherently understand customers� needs. Live phone and chat support are available between 7:00 am and 6:00 pm EST Monday-Friday. Teachers can also email 24/7 and get a speedy reply. Critically, the answers teachers receive are completely personalized and well-informed. Each support team member receives 240 hours of professional training in all aspects of the Moby universe. In respond to the pandemic, Moby increased their free live training options�a hallmark of the Moby support system�as soon as the 2020 lockdown occurred, offering daily webinars so every teacher using Moby could succeed as well online as in the classroom. �I cannot imagine a more helpful support system/staff,� reports one teacher �My questions are always answered so quickly--today in less than 10 minutes! The advice always works and is easy to follow.� "I have several things I love about MobyMax,� noted another, �Here�s my favorite: Customer service and response time are exceptional. I emailed my concern/issue today at 9:02 am and the problem was resolved by 9:15 am the same day! How awesome is that!" Moby prides itself on superior customer support with lightning speed response that delights and surprises educators. The stats speak for themselves: -Average call wait time: 29 seconds -Average ticket response time: 2 hours and 22 min -Average live chat response time: 37 seconds It�s little wonder we have received thousands of Rave Reviews ( MobyMax earned the 2021 SIIA CODiE Award for Best Customer Experience in Business Tech.

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    Xello - Xello

    Xello is an online K-12 college, career and future readiness program that helps students achieve a deeper understanding of themselves, explore pathways and plan for the future. The student-centered program helps learners determine academic and career options best aligned to their unique skills and interests. Xello encourages students to self-reflect on their aspirations and build skills to achieve their goals. In the Xello platform, students create online portfolios to display their interests, skills and abilities. As students gain new experiences, profiles are updated to reflect those experiences. Students also have access to career and college profiles that include real-world interviews, providing an authentic glimpse into different options. A built-in lesson curriculum is built around six core themes: Self-knowledge, Learning Pathways, Career Exploration, Decision Making & Goal Setting, Success Skills, and Real World Readiness. Lessons include reflective activities to help students build social-emotional skills and knowledge that employers value, including communication, problem-solving and self-advocacy. Other notable features include end-to-end support for high school course selection as well as the college application process, empowering students to take ownership of their future. Xello is used in over 9,000 schools across North America, and has earned a reputation as a high-quality college and career planning solution for K-12 school districts. Xello is set up to ensure local and federal requirements for college and career readiness are met. The program is available in English and Spanish, optimized for mobile, tablet and desktop. Xello uses the latest protocols to keep student data secure, is EdFi certified and is a signatory of the Student Privacy Pledge. Xello has won numerous awards, including an EdTech Award for best career planning solution.

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