Best Data Management Solution

Recognizes the best software or digital service that’s primary purpose is the application of data analytics to improve PK-12 or higher education teaching, learning, retention, and/ or growth strategies, and decision-making within an educational or training environment.

Edsby - Edsby

The Edsby® social learning environment has been putting the connections between people, not just documents, at the center of K-12 education around the world for more than 10 years. Edsby enables in-class, hybrid and online learning, and rich communication between students, teachers and families—all aimed at driving K-12 student success. School districts, states, provinces and countries adopt Edsby for learning management, assessment & reporting, analytics and student well-being. Edsby has an unusually wide set of capabilities in a single platform tailored to the needs of the full range of K-6 and 7-12 within a familiar, social-style user experience. Edsby is used district-wide by K-12 districts, including some of the top 10 largest in North America. It has been licensed for national use by the New Zealand Ministry of Education and has received more than 60 industry awards and distinctions.

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    eduCLIMBER - Illuminate Education

    eduCLIMBER is an MTSS collaboration and management solution providing interactive whole child data integration and visualizations with built-in tools for key MTSS practices, including intervention tracking, effectiveness reporting, and driving school improvement. It serves as a centralized location for all educators across the district—from the classroom to the district office—to access both the whole child data and the workflow tools they need to drive the daily data-informed decisions around instruction, intervention, resourcing, and professional development unique to their role.

    eduCLIMBER integrates current and historic whole child data—including academics, social-emotional behavior (SEB), attendance, intervention, behavior incident, school climate and culture, qualitative data, and office data (such as budget)—for effortless triangulation, aggregation, and disaggregation. eduCLIMBER’s interactive visualizations are meaningfully designed to answer key questions across educator roles, enabling them to drill down to view longitudinal data, subscores, and related datapoints.

    Data in eduCLIMBER automatically populate the platform’s interconnected collaboration and workflow tools, so educators can seamlessly turn data analysis into action steps. These built-in tools—including an intervention tracking and analysis module, a dedicated collaboration module for team meetings, an early warning system, student plan forms, real-time dashboards, program evaluation reports, and strategic planning tools—all intuit the daily tasks of educators, putting the right data and the right workflow tools together at their fingertips. While these tools are pre-built, they’re also intended to be easily customized around the district’s unique workflows, practices, and areas of strategic focus.

    As a result, educators can take the heavy-lifting, data crunching, and disjointed data analysis out of data-driven decision making. Instead, teams spend more time: 

    • supporting the whole child 
    • evaluating what’s working 
    • collaborating in the continuous improvement/problem-solving cycle 
    • driving just-in-time adjustments throughout the year 
    • maximizing early prevention 
    • strengthening their intervention programs 
    • leveraging high-impact, system-level resources around universal needs; and 
    • identifying areas of inequity to drive positive outcomes for all learners. 

    eduCLIMBER helps teams unlock the potential of a data-driven, equity-based MTSS. With access to the right data at the right time and tools that both support and progress their practices, educators can identify academic and SEB needs, align whole child supports, bolster school improvement, and equitably accelerate growth for every learner.

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    Landing Zone - InnovateEDU

    Landing Zone develops software to enable best in class enterprise data infrastructure for all K12 districts, regardless of size. We love open data standards such as Ed-Fi and IMS Global, and working to push the sector forward in terms of embracing data interoperability. We offer this software via a community license which aspires to make the technology behind this work available free of charge. We also offer support services to implement the components in your Google Cloud environment. This means you will have a robust data infrastructure integrating all education data sources most important to you together, in one place. We provide a data mart for analytics in Google BigQuery that can be connected to any of the top business intelligence (BI) platforms such as Tableau, Looker, and Google Data Studio. We support all education organizations from single site districts to state entities providing managed data infrastructure so you can rest easy knowing your data is cleanly organized in one place. We believe that every school district should have the opportunity to advance equity through data driven decision making and Landing Zone provides the infrastructure to do that. If you are a small school district or a team of one, we offer an enhanced support tier that focuses on helping you, as a data practitioner, use Google BigQuery and Google Data Studio, a great toolset for building data reports and analytics. Here on this site you’ll find useful, K12 focused information related to data infrastructure, data integration, analytics and visualization, and most importantly, a community of awesome, driven people working hard to impact their communities. You'll also find a report and visualization library that you can pull from and connect your own data to, in order to help expedite the process of sharing learning and insight back to your community.

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  • IMPACT™: Rapid-cycle Evaluation by LearnPlatform - LearnPlatform

    IMPACT™ is a rapid-cycle evaluation (RCE) engine that uses quantitative and qualitative data (e.g., usage data, student achievement metrics, demographic datas, license cost and teacher feedback) from different sources (e.g., student information systems, product companies and end users) to generate evidence about the effectiveness of education technology. District administrators use this evidence to make informed decisions about edtech intervention selection and implementation to ensure edtech is advancing outcomes for students and delivering value for teachers and budgets. Edtech providers use this evidence to gain real world evidence on the outcomes of their products in order to improve customer experience as well as the product itself. Rapid-cycle evaluations run using IMPACT allow administrators and providers to examine edtech products using real-world data and a cyclical research design within a condensed timeframe. Rapid-cycle evaluation addresses the common complaints about traditional evaluation, namely that it is too expensive and takes too much time to be practical for districts and those they serve. With IMPACT, administrators are able to understand: • What usage of specific products looks like across student populations (Usage Analyses). • Whether (and which) students are meeting recommended product usage goals (Usage with Fidelity Analyses). • Whether edtech usage is driving student growth and for which student groups (Outcomes Analyses). • Unrealized or under-realized value from specific edtech expenditures (Cost Analyses). Using IMPACT, district customers generate and analyze evidence in as little as a few weeks, providing an immediate impact on teaching, learning and budgets. This work impacts district efforts in the following key areas: • Ensure equity: Monitor edtech engagement and effectiveness for equity gaps over time to ensure • selected edtech aligns with teaching strategies and advances the growth of all students. • Meet regulatory requirements: Generate the types of evidence needed to meet Every Student Succeeds • Act (ESSA) and other reporting requirements. • Make evidence-based budget decisions: Uncover underutilized and/or and ineffective edtech tools • to inform future spend. • Improve existing edtech implementations: Identify needs for teacher support, professional development refinement or other modifications with specific digital interventions. IMPACT is designed for today’s learning environment, which is supported on all levels by technology. The evidence generated allows administrators to ask more questions and dig deeper into how they can make improvements to implementation as well as identify savings, ultimately maximizing their allocated resources to best support teaching and learning for their learning communities.

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    Munetrix School Enterprise Edition - Munetrix

    The Munetrix Enterprise Edition is a comprehensive, all-in-one solution for school districts looking to create a district-wide culture of community through trust, teamwork and transparency. From financials, human resources and business processes to educator evaluations and student progress reporting, the Munetrix Enterprise Edition features easy-to-adopt and easy-to-use modules that facilitate simpler and more robust forecasting, planning and performance management. The product is a comprehensive suite of powerful, interdependent solutions that takes multi-level, complex data sets and makes them simple to understand, report and act upon, including: achievement and growth data, student reporting, needs assessment, educator evaluation, and progress monitoring, as well as financial budgeting, forecasting and modeling. It was developed in partnership with educators and administrators to accelerate academic outcomes and facilitate the monitoring of progress made by the whole student, as well as the whole district—academically, emotionally, socially, demographically, fiscally and socio-economically. Maximizing the product’s interoperability by integrating with a district’s existing systems, the product enables users to harvest and contextualize publicly available and privately generated data in one powerful combination, supporting horizontal succession planning, building institutional knowledge, and facilitating workflow management. The product’s Academic Module provides robust analytics, reporting and visualization tools for achievement and growth data, student reporting, needs assessment, educator evaluation, progress monitoring, and more. The interconnected Financial Module addresses the complete range of a district’s departmental operations, including business and process workflows, fiscal wellness, personnel management, safety drill reporting and a complete range of compliance reporting needs. The system empowers users, from the district office to the individual teacher, to easily analyze various student data at individual student, class, grade, building and district levels across multiple assessments and departments with a few clicks. Correlations between state and nationally normed assessment data are calculated using actual student data—not projected data—providing an accurate picture of achievement, staffing and budgetary trends. It also allows users to analyze year-over-year grade-level trends and cohort trends to identify areas of strength and need in curriculum, instructional practices, etc. This newly improved product is a robust combination of financial, demographic, student achievement, educator assessments, and perception and process data tools to accommodate the optimization of educational outcomes.

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  • Higher Ed Platform: Analytics Dashboards - PeopleAdmin

    PeopleAdmin’s Analytics is designed specifically for higher education talent management professionals, and the staff and faculty they support. Users can take an up-close look or view the broader picture, examining hiring metrics including retention, time-to-hire, salaries, open vs. filled positions, and diversity statistics by department, role type, or time period. HR leaders can monitor performance review processes by following average time-to-complete metrics and viewing performance breakdowns by department or role. Faculty affairs offices can ensure an informed and equitable tenure review process with insights into faculty activity and workload balance, and seeing an overview of promotion and tenure cases by department. Interactive, visual dashboards provide near real-time visibility for colleges and universities to improve strategic decision-making and institutional efficiency, as well as to easily navigate budget planning, diversity initiatives, faculty and staff retention, and more. Compliance is easy thanks to our drill-down capabilities. Intuitively analyze hiring practices by position type using EEOC guidelines and pinpoint diversity breakdowns in your hiring workflow with precision. Institutions can stay audit-ready with a historical record of all changes, approvals, and more. Automated reporting removes the burden of manual data manipulation with easy scheduling of specific, visual, easy-to-understand reports for institution leaders and key stakeholders. In addition, predictive analytics learn from past trends to help institutions anticipate and proactively plan for future outcomes. Integrations with other systems mean that users can bring key metrics from all corners of campus for a single source of intelligence. Please note: The latest version of this platform was 12/10/21, including many new features and insights.

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    Unified Insights Powered by Hoonuit - PowerSchool

    As schools and districts continue to digitally transform their operations and modernize their cloud solutions, PowerSchool’s Unified Insights solution offers rich analytics that provide educators actionable insights they need to improve student outcomes. Having access to the right analytics and data management solution enables educators to connect data (that was historically isolated), surface trends, and empower educators to be more informed. Unified Insights, a leading K-12 analytics and data management solution, allows educators access to breakthrough analytics including: • Comprehensive, actionable insights across key aspects of schools and districts including accountability tracking, early warning and intervention, student learning and growth, social and emotional learning, college and career readiness, finance and operations, talent management, enrollment analytics, and location analytics. • Visibility into data to address the critical challenges in enrollment, attendance, and learning engagement to help identify at-risk students, drive better attendance, improve school engagement, and monitor social and emotional well-being to increase enrollment. • Public facing accountability dashboards to share how schools and districts are performing including graduation rates, attendance and chronic absenteeism, English Language Arts, and science/mathematics achievement. • Personalized instruction and intervention informed by one-of-a-kind predictive insights and Artificial Intelligence modeling. These analytics leverage machine learning to tap into attendance, behavior, and academic datasets across platforms to identify trends, and deliver a comprehensive snapshot of the whole child.

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  • Schoolzilla - Renaissance Learning

    Schoolzilla is a powerful yet easy-to-use K�12 analytics solution that gives district and school leaders the relevant data they need to quickly answer questions around how their district, schools, and students are performing to accelerate learning for every student. Schoolzilla�s data-driven dashboards give educators actionable insights into trends in student attendance and achievement, helping them to identify opportunities to improve outcomes for all learners. These near real-time dashboards can integrate over 135 education data sources, including student information systems, interim and state tests, Star Assessments, behavior management systems, and more. By combining learning data from Renaissance�s solutions with these sources, the dashboards enable education leaders to get a true, full-circle view of their students, schools, and district, so they can better track daily progress toward goals around chronic absences, grades, student growth, and college readiness. Educators use Schoolzilla to monitor student progress, identify which students need additional support, and target instruction. Administrators use Schoolzilla to track progress toward strategic goals, and inform action, practice, and policy. Data analysts use Schoolzilla to create sophisticated analyses quickly for analytic and ad hoc reporting. Fairfield County Schools, for example, recently used Schoolzilla to improve equity by identifying chronically late or absent students to reach out to and identifying the need for professional development targeted to English language arts. Users can identify schools across the district in need of additional support, as well as bright spots. They can also: - Measure student progress across the entire district to track progress toward goals; - Create school-specific goals; - Monitor groups of students within individual schools or across the district; - Dig deeply into strand-level data; - Explore performance for up to five years; and - View daily data to quickly spot highs and lows and see patterns based on day of the week.

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    Proliftic - Sourcewell

    Proliftic is an evidence-based MTSS/RtI-focused student data integration platform that provides intuitive reporting—from the systems-level to the whole child. By bringing attendance, behavior, social-emotional, grade and test score data together, Proliftic equips districts to identify patterns, gaps or disproportionality in learning. Sourcewell launched the updated Proliftic in September 2021, which included an added User Group, new name (FKA edSpring), refreshed logo and product application, and new website. With Proliftic, educators can: -See all their data in one view to accurately identify students in need of support -Use a customized bank of research-supported interventions to match instructional support to student need -Monitor student progress and document adjustments to maximize student growth -Evaluate intervention outcomes at the student, group, grade, school, and district level Tool agnostic, Proliftic seamlessly integrates with a district’s existing student information system (SIS) and preferred assessments and interventions—simplifying data to promote clarity and purpose. Proliftic also enables collaboration between classroom, school, and district-level leaders to ensure a cohesive, coordinated system of supports for all students. Additionally, the Sourcewell Technology Advantage combines a user-focused approach with a proven process for change management—including onboarding, post-implementation and coaching support—focusing as much on the technology as the educators and students Sourcewell serves. This high-touch process begins with a discovery of the school or district’s goals for Proliftic implementation and use, and includes: -MTSS implementation consultation -Change management assessment -White-glove SIS integration and data load services for up to 3 years of data -Data and configuration validation -One-click report consultation and customization for up to 5 reports -Target score consultation and customization -Intervention & progress monitoring consultation and bank customization -Stakeholder communication toolkit -Post-implementation evaluation -Training: Three 2-hour sessions for the district implementation team with their data Two 2-hour sessions for district and building leaders with their data

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