Best Business Intelligence Solution

Recognizes the best solution that supports decision making in a business process by providing analysis, information delivery and platform integration.

Nexis Newsdesk™ - LexisNexis

Nexis Newsdesk™ is an all-in-one media intelligence solution designed to help PR and communication professionals discover actionable insights with the most comprehensive, global content collection in the industry. Offering access to both licensed and open web content—newspapers, websites, broadcast news sources, blogs and social media—from a simple interface, Newsdesk improves visibility of media coverage and uncovers business-critical intelligence. The broad range of content allows organizations to monitor what’s being said in near real-time—ensuring quick, agile responses to trends and crises. Plus, Newsdesk simplifies analyzing complex data sets then visualizes findings in easy-to-digest charts and graphs that can be shared using alerts, customizable newsletters and live, embeddable charts into a company portal or Web site. At its core, Newsdesk empowers users to search and analyze, but its power is in helping professionals make faster, more informed decisions that drive value for their businesses. Newsdesk users can quickly and easily uncover competitive intelligence, measure campaign coverage & share of voice, monitor media sentiment & reputation, and uncover industry hot topics and opportunities. We’re proud of what our users are saying: “An excellent resource for keeping us up-to-date with our clients, competitors, projects and opportunities.” “It gives you up-to-the-minute information from trusted sources, which is invaluable.”

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  • Meaningful Automated Conversation Score (MACS) - LivePerson, Inc.

    Meaningful Automated Conversation Score (MACS) is the only way to measure conversations with bots from the customer's point of view. As AI-assisted conversations become the prevailing initial point of communication between brands and consumers, MACS' AI-first approach is poised to set the new standard for measuring and improving customer care and commerce. Powered by state-of-the-art machine learning, MACS is the world's first measurement of how much friction customers experience in automated conversations. MACS evaluates every turn of a conversation, providing a level of granularity and precision that helps brands transition to and improve automated sales, marketing, and customer care by making it simple to: ​​- Understand how well bots are helping with requests, questions, issues, and purchases - Highlight points of failure in bot-customer conversations, then drill in to identify fixes - Empower bot builders to quickly adapt and measure impact - Enable users to provide feedback to LivePerson Science to improve MACS accuracy MACS produces a quality score between 1 and 3 for every interaction with an automation. The score combines two critical factors: the customer's response and the level of effort they have to put into the conversation. In pinpointing which specific interactions have failed, MACS makes it clear what actions bot-builders should take next to improve conversations with the automation going forward. its interpretable insights make transforming to automation-based sales, marketing, and customer care more practicable than ever

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  • RatePoint - PRO Unlimited

    Historically, a lack of market intelligence has prevented organizations from fully optimizing hiring decisions, resulting in significant unnecessary spend through paying higher market rates by role and/or location. PRO Unlimited’s RatePoint solution changes this paradigm by providing on-demand rate intelligence for ANY contingent position globally, which is particularly critical given today’s tight talent market. RatePoint enables users to achieve a deep understanding of market rates based on a number of criteria, leveraging the industry’s largest data repository. This on-demand access empowers users to make more informed hiring decisions and optimize the cost and location of resources globally. With RatePoint, users can accurately price contingent labor for all their positions worldwide. Furthermore, they can see how labor costs vary in different global markets With the recent pandemic-driven increase in remote work, this visibility is more critical than ever. By expanding candidate searches to new locations, organizations can often increase cost savings, diversity and their pools for niche skills. These locations can either be configured by default – clients select the markets they want to recruit in, and RatePoint then shares data for these specific areas – or left open so users can select the locations for which they wish to view rates. In addition to location, RatePoint allows users to see how a variety of criteria impacts rates, including skill sets, rate types, engagement types, job levels and more. Users can even compare the rates their organization is paying for a position to the broader marketplace. While most rate solutions pull from limited data sets, the foundation of RatePoint is the industry’s largest data repository. To achieve the highest data quality, RatePoint integrates data from multiple sources, including its vast database of anonymized client data, external public sources and trusted third-party partner sources. The former encompasses hundreds of thousands of jobs being filled globally, along with all the submittals across those positions. Historically, rate intelligence solutions have required users to make complex queries if they want to compare multiple data points. For example, if a compensation expert wants to compare staffing bill rate, payroll bill rate and worker pay rate for a position in a single visual, they have to query each of these positions and rate structures. In contrast, RatePoint makes the process easy and intuitive, leveraging proprietary algorithms and leading-edge UI design principals to deliver insights in a clean, digestible dashboard. Users simply select the desired data parameters, and RatePoint serves up the results in colorful graphs, charts and maps that are easily absorbed. Timeline for implementation is four to six weeks and includes job taxonomy ingestion, strategy alignment, job analysis and matching, training, and ongoing support.

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