Best Emerging Education Technology Solution for Administrators

Recognizes a new and innovative technology solution that is designed to solve an administrative problem or improve operational efficiency and processes for schools or higher education institutions. This new tool could support administrators in their education management or communication functions. All nominated products in this category must be less than three years old.

Brightspace - D2L

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When COVID-19 hit, we quickly heard from our clients that distributing and managing courses within an institution where there may not be an instructor available, or from many institutions especially within a state, looking to share and consolidate resources, courses, and programs wherever possible. Clients were struggling with exporting/importing course packages between different LMSs and were lacking resources to setup and distribute accounts or arrange for single sign-on integrations.

We listened and responded by launching in 2021 with the Brightspace Course Publisher tool. This functionality is designed to enable continuous course content distribution and governance of courses across LMSs. This unique functionality unlocks new ways for schools and businesses to create, share, and manage how their content is accessed while extending their offering to virtually any LMS in the world. Easily distribute updated versions of course content, manage access licenses, and collect meaningful analytics—all automatically from their Brightspace environment. Gone are the days of deployment struggles and cumbersome management steps for courses, users, and authentication. 

Who is Course Publisher for? 

Course Publisher helps any school, board, district, college, university, or any corporate use case extend its reach by bringing their Brightspace courses to external users, wherever they are. Need to share a course with a partner school? Course Publisher has your back, no matter what academic learning management system (LMS) they’re running. Looking to offer upskilling or continuing education content to a local employer? Course Publisher makes it as easy as pie, and it already works with existing human resources systems. It allows our clients to keep their focus on teaching and learning, skip the user management and authentication challenges, and meet learners where they are. For students, this means not having to manage multiple credentials - they simply log into their home LMS, click on a link to launch into our customers' full Brightspace course. 

The benefits of centrally hosting and distributing courses using Brightspace Course Publisher

Extend courses’ reach - With Course Publisher, clients can expand and extend the reach of their and partners’ courses throughout any network group. In addition, they will have the visibility that they have always wanted to understand how many learners are accessing their courses, keep track of their progress and completion, and where they might have challenges.

Make sure content is always up to date - Creating, sharing, and maintaining accurate courses is critical but can be a time-consuming and labor-intensive process. With Course Publisher, when an update is made to their courses in Brightspace, learners will automatically access the latest and most up-to-date content. Real-time course updates to all their clients’ LMS’s are now within reach. 

Decrease administrative burdens - The responsibility of managing different versions of courses often rests with an already pressed for time admin team or partners, who must update new versions of their own LMS. Tracking which course versions they have can also be a challenge. The Course Publisher solution reduces the burdens for both. 

Gain actionable insights and analytical data - Real-time data, aggregated reports, and all data and analytics features available within Brightspace can be used to track the effectiveness of their training/learning programs across all users, empowering them to make strategic decisions about their subject matter. 

Course Providers can simply take an existing Brightspace course, publish it either as an AICC package or LTI 1.3 link and distribute the URL to their partners and customers. This results in a seamless, secure transition into the Course Provider’s Brightspace course from the customers' external LMS. No user provisioning or SSO is required. This feature removes the risk of distributing copies of their intellectual property through traditional course packages, as all the content remains securely in Brightspace. It also allows Course Providers to allow access to their courses without the administrative overhead of SIS/HRIS and SSO integrations. 

Accessibility and usability 

As Course Publisher is simplifying the SSO integration process, this extends all the accessibility and usability of Brightspace to all users no matter their existing LMSs’ compliance and approach. Since the courses are hosted in Brightspace and D2L Brightspace is the only learning innovation platform that includes accessibility tools and features aligned with WCAG 2.1 AAA.

D2L’s commitment to Universal Design for Learning (UDL) means our platform is designed with accessibility in mind and is interoperable with assistive technologies. We support teachers in technology, content, and pedagogy, so courses are more accessible for students with disabilities in each of these areas. 

  • Our standards-compliant technology platform and tools allow teachers and students using assistive technologies to easily create and access learning content and activities. 
  • Built-in accessibility checking tools and accessible course templates assist with making great content for everyone. 
  • Numerous features in D2L Brightspace allow differentiation in instruction, assessment, and engagement, and enable teachers to align their pedagogy with the principles of UDL. 
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    Frontline HCM - Frontline Education

    Frontline HCM equips schools with everything needed to support the entire employee lifecycle from recruiting to retirement under one connected solution. Built exclusively for K-12 education, Frontline HCM software provides real-time visibility into positions, staffing, and vacancies for better organizational planning. Automated workflows, forms management, proactive alerts, actionable dashboards, and employee self-service help make HR teams and other K-12 leaders more efficient and productive and free up time for more strategic work. Frontline’s comprehensive HCM suite includes applicant tracking with proactive recruiting capabilities, connected time tracking and absence management functionality, professional learning and evaluation tools, and the ability to oversee benefits, compensation, and position management. Designed around the unique needs of K-12 and flexible enough to support state and local regulations for time tracking, performance evaluation, and hiring practices, Frontline’s HCM suite brings greater efficiency, productivity, and performance to school districts so leaders have more time to focus on what will most support great teaching and student learning. With Frontline HCM, K-12 leaders can: Proactively plan and manage their organization • Forecast staffing needs and conduct what-if scenario planning • Know with confidence how many positions, people, and vacancies are available • Request, approve, post, and recruit for open positions with automated workflows • Manage absences, find qualified substitutes, and view filled and unfilled absences in real-time • Capture employee hours electronically and quickly and accurately run complex K-12 payroll calculations • Benchmark district performance against other similarly sized districts Engage and retain top talent • Empower teachers and staff with personalized professional learning and opportunities to collaborate • Provide employees with self-service ability for common tasks such as address changes or forms access • Build dynamic new teacher induction programs, mentorships, and career succession plans • Conduct growth-focused evaluations with customized forms for each employee type Increase efficiency, productivity, performance, and security with connected HR systems • Automate HR workflows for labor-intensive processes such as benefits, onboarding, contract renewals, and policy notifications • Get users up and running quickly with streamlined user management and permissions in one program • Access real-time reports, identify trends, and benchmark performance to solve critical school HR needs • Save time and get greater visibility into what’s happening within the district — online or on the go — with the Frontline mobile app • Ensure data is secure and compliant with rigorous, industry-accepted security, privacy and reliability standards

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  • MobyMax - Best Emerging Education Technology Solution for Administrators - MobyMax

    MobyMax offers the only complete and comprehensive K-8 curriculum for 27 subjects, including math, reading, phonics, language, vocabulary, spelling, writing, science, social studies, and state test prep. MobyMax saves teachers precious hours by finding and fixing students� missing skills from prior grades. MobyMax�s full suite of integrated and automated classroom tools include comprehensive assessments, grading and markup tools for writing, accurate diagnostics, IEP reporting, messaging, and real-time progress monitoring. Teachers are seeing unprecedented student growth, thanks to Moby�s built-in incentives, such as badges and contests, which encourage students to use the program at home. The interactive curriculum personalizes learning, allowing educators to combine face-to-face education with online learning and resulting in remarkable gains. In 2018, MobyMax expanded it�s product offering to encompasses over 60 subjects, assessments, and practice modules, along with the most motivating rewards program on the market. This unique offering makes Moby the most comprehensive, motivating, and efficient education solution available. It also makes administrators� lives a breeze, enabling them to view diagnostic results, data from ongoing practice, and continuous assessments for all subjects, all in one place. MobyMax solves the following problems: The Equity Gap. Our product is the most affordable on the market and offers the same quality experience, whether the student is in a Title 1 school or in the most affluent area of the US. Moby can be used as a stand-alone curriculum, as a supplement, for remediation, or to get an instant snapshot of where students are. This can all be done from anywhere, at any time, and on any device. Missing Skills. Students begin with a placement test to find missing skills. Then, MobyMax automatically assigns lessons based on skill levels. As soon as they master a topic, students move on. This approach makes MobyMax highly effective in the classroom and at home. Differentiating. �Students build on skills they need to practice that may be below the grade level material we are covering in class. They may also accelerate into above-level content.� ~ Monica Contreras, McKitrick Elementary Too many options. From award-winning early curriculum to pre-algebra, formative assessments, benchmark tests, adaptive practice to fluency games, MobyMax is the only comprehensive solution available. Schools can purchase one Moby product to meet all their needs, rather than a hodgepodge of products that don�t often complement each other and end up costing the school more money. Low Test Scores. Students who spend 30 min a week using MobyMax increase a full additional grade level more than students who do not use MobyMax. *Source � MobyMax was named a SIIA Education Technology 2021 CODiE award finalist for Best Emerging Education Technology Solution for Administrators.

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    Munetrix School Enterprise Edition - Munetrix

    The Munetrix Enterprise Edition is a comprehensive, all-in-one solution for school districts looking to create a district-wide culture of community through trust, teamwork and transparency. From financials, human resources and business processes to educator evaluations and student progress reporting, the Munetrix Enterprise Edition features easy-to-adopt and easy-to-use modules that facilitate simpler and more robust forecasting, planning and performance management. The product is a comprehensive suite of powerful, interdependent solutions that takes multi-level, complex data sets and makes them simple to understand, report and act upon, including: achievement and growth data, student reporting, needs assessment, educator evaluation, and progress monitoring, as well as financial budgeting, forecasting and modeling. It was developed in partnership with educators and administrators to accelerate academic outcomes and facilitate the monitoring of progress made by the whole student, as well as the whole district—academically, emotionally, socially, demographically, fiscally and socio-economically. Maximizing the product’s interoperability by integrating with a district’s existing systems, the product enables users to harvest and contextualize publicly available and privately generated data in one powerful combination, supporting horizontal succession planning, building institutional knowledge, and facilitating workflow management. The product’s Academic Module provides robust analytics, reporting and visualization tools for achievement and growth data, student reporting, needs assessment, educator evaluation, progress monitoring, and more. The interconnected Financial Module addresses the complete range of a district’s departmental operations, including business and process workflows, fiscal wellness, personnel management, safety drill reporting and a complete range of compliance reporting needs. The system empowers users, from the district office to the individual teacher, to easily analyze various student data at individual student, class, grade, building and district levels across multiple assessments and departments with a few clicks. Correlations between state and nationally normed assessment data are calculated using actual student data—not projected data—providing an accurate picture of achievement, staffing and budgetary trends. It also allows users to analyze year-over-year grade-level trends and cohort trends to identify areas of strength and need in curriculum, instructional practices, etc. The product saves users hundreds of hours per year, otherwise spent on outdated methods such as spreadsheets, Google forms, Word documents, etc., stored in multiple locations, where they are difficult to sort, search and cross-analyze. It represents a robust combination of financial, demographic, student achievement, educator assessments, and perception and process data tools to accommodate the optimization of educational outcomes.

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  • Polaris® - n2y

    Polaris® is designed so that all members of an educational team can effectively participate in the IEP process. Administrators (and sub administrators who oversee teachers of record) have full access to student roadmaps of teachers who report to them within Polaris. They have the opportunity to both contribute and monitor all student roadmaps along with the rest of the stakeholder team. They can monitor overall performance data as well as the status of current IEP roadmaps, filtering in a variety of ways. They also have the ability to be invited as collaborators on specific student roadmaps which provides the ability to more fully participate in the IEP planning process. Polaris is designed in 4 stages to easily guide teams, including administrators, through the IEP process: First, teams plan together by completing assessments, then they write Present Levels and goals using that assessment data, then they Execute using our data collection, visualization, and trend analysis tools, and then they use our Report tools to demonstrate compliance. Along the way, there are light bulbs to indicate suggestions, point of use articles to give the “why” behind each section, and targeted resource articles to help plan and organize IEP meetings and provide instructional strategies. IEPs are the backbone of special education. And while all school districts use IEP management systems to help create the actual IEP, we consistently heard from educators that what was lacking was: a comprehensive and easy way to connect assessment data directly to applicable IEP goals for students (especially in critical areas such as social/emotional/behavior, communication and adaptive functional skills); a product that would not just help with data collection but would help teams more easily graph and analyze that data to make more informed decisions; and finally a way to align instructional materials directly to goals so they would know how to help students actually meet the goals they had written. And they needed to be able to do all of this as a unified team. We took all these requests about what was missing to create exactly what it is that they needed…a solution that guides them systematically to create a compliant, student-centered IEP. Administrators are increasingly responsible for analyzing KPI data to ensure compliance within their schools or districts. With Polaris’ reporting capabilities, administrators have full access providing greater insight into the performance of students within special education. They can monitor goal progress at the district, school, teacher, or student level. They can view how teachers are using Polaris to collect data and make educational decisions for their students. For administrators, this means that they are providing and utilizing a tool with their teams to easily ensure compliance with IDEA and receive greater insights into student performance and outcomes for students with IEPs.

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