Best Formative Assessment Solution

Recognizes the best formative student assessment solution that identifies a student’s learning gaps and learning standard they have not yet achieved throughout a class or course, and assesses how to close those gaps to improve student achievement. This category is available for PK-12 or higher education solutions.

Apex Tutorials - Edmentum

Tutorials offers personalized learning to identify learning gaps, close them, and accelerate 6-12 students to on-grade proficiency. Tutorials takes a unique approach using skill-level pretests, deployed on an educator’s schedule, to assess grade-level skills as they are taught—instead of once or twice a year—to accelerate learning. Here’s how it looks: • Ms. Jones teaches exponents next week and assigns the corresponding Tutorials module. • Students take a sort, topic-specific pretest. • Students not showing readiness receive lessons to fill gaps. • Students move to the on-grade instruction and take a posttest to validate mastery. • Ms. Jones gets standards-aligned data (also aggregated for administrators) including growth data. Each lesson includes direct instruction (Learn It), non-scored practice with answer-specific feedback (Try It), review (Review It), and assessment (Test It). Media engage students and appeal to learning preferences. Students participate in the lessons not as passive receivers of information but creating learning that sticks. Scaffolds and supports focus on literacy, language, and academic supports needed to provide success for more students Success Managers help districts scale Tutorials for changing situations and support teachers in accelerating learning for all students. Tutorials easily integrate with districts’ systems and are proven to quickly transition between learning settings for a consistent, high-quality formative assessment solution.

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  • Edulastic - GoGuardian

    Edulastic is a comprehensive, standards-aligned assessment solution for K-12 teachers and administrators. Rooted in the belief that online assessments can increase student engagement, provide focused and targeted feedback, and personalize the learning experience, Edulastic’s technology empowers teachers with instant classroom data that shows which students are on track and who needs help so that action can be taken for growth. With Edulastic, educators can create technology-enhanced, standards-aligned district or classroom formative assessments, receive immediate feedback on student performance and identify gaps in achievement. Key assessment features: + Edulastic Certified Question Bank - Created by our team of experts with decades of experience developing assessments for publishers, the Edulastic Certified item bank includes more than 20,000 items aligned to Common Core and many state standards in Math and ELA. The Edulastic Certified bank also contains questions from popular Open Educational Resources like Engage NY, PARCC, SBAC and state-released items. + Inspect Comprehensive Assessment System - Published by Key Data Systems, Inspect includes more than 100,000 questions and 300 pre‐built assessments designed to emulate end‐of‐year, high‐stakes exams. Inspect employs the most demanding item writing process in the industry to deliver rigorous, valid assessments accurately aligned to state and national college and career readiness standards. + Spark Assessments - Custom aligned to your district’s curriculum map, Spark includes 5 interim assessments in Math, ELA and Science for grades 3-12 that mirror the skills and format of your state standardized test. Assessments can be auto-scored for instant data to individualize instruction, and teachers are able to measure progress over time to determine what assessments and remediations were most effective in driving student outcomes. Edulastic's popular free teacher version provides powerful core functionality, while a premium version adds in-depth data and analytics, collaboration with colleagues, and more. Both school districts and individual teachers can purchase premium versions. To ensure long-term success, Edulastic’s customer success and support teams provide: + Free web-based training for teachers and staff + On-site professional development sessions available + On-demand how-to videos, webinars and training materials + 24/7 email support + Live chat and phone support 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM ET Edulastic is part of GoGuardian's unified learning system, one of the most widely used educational technology ecosystems in the United States, reaching one out of two K-12 students. GoGuardian serves more than 24 million students and over 685,000 educators at more than 14,000 schools and districts nationwide.

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  • FastBridge - Illuminate Education

    FastBridge is the only K-12 research-based universal screening and progress monitoring solution to assess reading, math, and social-emotional behavior (SEB) in a single platform with intervention recommendations. Developed in collaboration with researchers at leading universities across the country, it gives educators valid, reliable, and accurate information about students’ academic and SEB risk levels and skill gaps, along with teacher-friendly, information-rich reporting to guide aligned supports at the district, school, classroom, and individual student levels. Teachers can identify specific skill gaps faster, align the right interventions at the right time, and measure whether interventions are helping students catch-up—all in one platform and in up to half the test time.

    FastBridge’s unique academic universal screening process combines Computer-Adaptive Tests (CAT) and Curriculum-Based Measures (CBM), assessing both broad and specific skills in only 5-30 minutes. Immediately after screening, educators are provided with precise, prescriptive reporting that pinpoints specific class-wide, small group, and individual students’ skill gaps. It also recommends aligned class-wide lesson plans and small group/individual student intervention strategies targeted to students’ specific skill needs. Aggregated screening data help educators monitor for equitable outcomes and drive high-impact Tier 1 resources targeted to the universal needs of all learners.

    FastBridge’s SEB screening tools help reveal whole child needs and potential barriers to academic success. The Social, Academic, and Emotional Behavior Risk Screener (SAEBRS) provides valid, reliable SEB screening data to align Tier 1 SEL programming and professional development to students’ specific social, emotional, and/or academic behavior needs. It also helps teachers drive small group inventions and inform individual supports. FastBridge now includes a suite of vetted behavior interventions aligned to each of the SAEBRS subdomains, so teachers are able to quickly turn their SEB screening data into targeted interventions. With a Convincing Evidence rating, FastBridge provides the ONLY behavior screening tool rated by the National Center on Intensive Interventions (NCII).

    Educators are also able to monitor the effectiveness of students’ math, reading, and SEB interventions using FastBridge’s progress monitoring tools. The FAST Projection Line™ gives teachers an accurate prediction of student progress in only six data points (instead of the usual 12). As a result, educators have insight into intervention effectiveness in half the time as other platforms, saving weeks or months of testing and lost instructional time.

    With both in and out of product training, including teacher certification, a library of online courses, and customized virtual training opportunities, the FastBridge system ensures not only successful implementations, but ongoing support throughout the entire school year.

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    Learnosity Assessment Engine - Learnosity

    The Learnosity Assessment Engine powers assessment excellence for modern learning platforms. These industry leaders–more than 130 companies worldwide, including Pearson, K12/Stride and Powerschool–easily embed our best-in-class, white-label assessment capabilities into their platforms and continually innovate to meet evolving market demands. Assessment is essential to today’s learning experiences, yet assessment excellence is now more difficult to achieve than ever before. In addition to the usual assessment tasks, it requires specialized expertise across a surprising number of specialities to meet expectations: question types, authoring tools, math scoring, user experience, accessibility, devices, reliability, data privacy, security, cloud infrastructure and more. Meeting these digital requirements isn’t achievable for most companies, who find themselves with an Assessment Excellence Gap. Faced with this reality, leading learning platforms have successfully closed this gap and achieved assessment excellence with the Learnosity Assessment Engine. Leveraging Learnosity’s specialized expertise and pre-built APIs, our customers are able to deliver superior tools for content authors (either teachers or professional authors) and students alike, as their product is augmented with a breadth and depth of assessment capabilities​​ to continuously raise the bar for digital assessments. We're having a major impact on education worldwide: ->40m active users* -17.32b questions delivered* -1.51B reports delivered* -164m questions authored Impact-focused: Modern learning experiences depend on assessment. The measurements they provide on engagement, content performance, and learner progress are vital to student and platform success. Our clients use our powerful analytic capabilities to support evidence-based teaching. Educators can evaluate performance by topic, group and individual at a glance. This data can be used to give instant feedback or adapt instruction. Innovation: We go beyond offering question types to power an unparalleled breadth of question experiences which seamlessly embed within learning platforms for more authentic assessments. We enable a more dynamic and teacher-friendly learning experience with powerful capabilities, including workload reducing automation for teachers for question prep, scoring, and reports, as well as more engaging student experiences through adaptive assessments, alternative modalities for communicating learning (like audio and video), and scaffolding tools to provide feedback. Inclusivity: We believe education is a human right and we’re committed to overcoming the many inclusivity challenges for students and teachers alike. We make learning better for millions of learners by delivering: accommodations for differently-abled, our assessments work on any screen, work offline or where internet service is patchy, and make language translations easy. *July 2020 – June 2021

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  • Quizizz - Quizizz


    We're no longer just a quiz program! We've grown up into a fully fledged learning platform. In fall 2022, schools and districts will be using Quizizz to support teaching and learning at every step. 

    We're no longer just a quiz program! We've grown up into a fully fledged student-centered, teacher-powered learning platform.

    Use Quizizz to create and deliver instruction, personalized practice, group work, and formative assessments that motivate students to learn.

    From direct instruction to reinforcement and review–make it all more engaging with Quizizz. Create your own activities or customize others’. All content is teacher-created. Join millions of teachers who motivate students with Quizizz. 

    10 Reasons why Quizizz is the better choice for Formative Assessment 




    1. Our learning platform allows schools and districts to engage every student with equity-influenced designs that support and scaffold learning for all.  
    2. You can challenge students at every step of Bloom’s taxonomy from basic recall all the way to create with question types from multiple choice to show your work to create and submit audio or video. 
    3. Schools and districts can create, curate, and share a collection of activities or assessments. This is exactly the kind of support teachers are citing as a need. 
    4. Align all activities and assessments to YOUR standards, so you can measure and celebrate growth at the student-, class-, school-, or district-level. 
    5. Empower your educators to make data-driven instruction with immediate insights they can use to inform instruction, differentiate teaching, and personalize practice.
    6. Easily share reports with your colleagues to help inform your standards-alignment meeting, curriculum evaluation, policy changes, IEP student plans, and more (p.s., you can share student reports with parents just as easily–with 1 click!). 
    7. We will give your teachers the professional development, support, and training they need to succeed with Quizizz.
    8. You can get the professional service you need from a company that isn’t too big to care: self-service virtual training, live training, monthly impact reports, and a  dedicated account manager. 
    9. Experience seamless onboarding and integration with your current tools and tech stack.
    10. Our LMS integrations make it easy for students and parents to find assignments–and save teachers time by automatically syncing Quizizz results.



    Quizizz features: 

    • Instructor-paced activities that blend instruction and formative assessment: Teachers control the pace; the whole class goes through each question together.
    • Student paced  activities that blend instruction and formative assessment: Students progress at their own pace, and you see a leaderboard and live results for each question or lesson.
    • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD): Students always see the content on their own device, be it  PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.
    • Access to millions of Quizzes: Import any public quiz as-is, edit and customize them.
    • Test at every level of Bloom's Taxonomy: Choose multiple choice or fill in the blank for lower-level recall. Choose open-ended, image, audio, or video for higher-order thinking assessment. 
    • Reports: Get detailed class-level and student-level insights for every quiz. Share with parents/guardians to monitor student progress.
    • Options to Customize: Options to customize your quiz sessions to toggle the level of competition and speed.
    • Sharing & Collaboration: Share your quiz with other instructors and/or ask them to be collaborators.
    • And many more.


    With Quizizz, you can 

    Blend instruction and assessment 

    • Blend instruction and assesment to check for understanding and uncover misconceptions. See real-time results to inform and differentiate instruction.
    • Student-paced live learning experiences ensure every student has the time to show what they know
    • Gamified learning elements like Power-Ups & Redemption ?s make spaced and interleaved practice fun for students--and keeps every student engaged in mastery. Make productive struggle feel fun!
    • Remote friendly—no need for participants to juggle tabs. They see questions on their own device.

    Learn anytime and anywhere

    • Set a deadline so your students can learn on their own time or create an evergreen link. Use Quizizz for in-class, out of class, synchronous or asynchronous activities. 
    • Share via messaging tools, email, or your LMS. Participants join from any device.
    • Retakes, flashcards and other tools enable independent study and promote mastery.

    Instantly know what’s working and what isn’t

    • Instantly identify problem areas by participant, class, question, and more.
    • All reports are saved and can be accessed at any time. 
    • Customizable reports can be aligned to YOUR standards. 
    • Track student growth longitudinally.
    • Share and export results--with parents and colleagues


    Best of all, Quizizz:

    Makes true formative assessment fun 

    Teachers have been making formative assessment fun in the classroom for a long time. Quizizz is one of the first ed tech companies to do it well.  

    Others provide fun games, but the games are so competitive and fast-paced that they really only reveal who works well under pressure or who the strongest readers are, not what students have truly mastered and are ready to learn next.  

    With Quizizz, teachers can provide low- and no-stakes opportunities for students to show what they know without the  fast-paced pressure of a game.  

    Is LOVED by teachers and students 

    Seriously, lots of teachers love other products out there, but students find them ho-hum. Similarly, there’s a few products out  there that students love but teachers hate. Quizizz is perhaps the ONLY solution that can claim to be loved by both students AND teachers.  

    Is learner-centric and teacher-powered 

    Classrooms, schools, and districts are learner-centric and teacher-powered. We believe that ed tech solutions should be, too because that’s the true heart of teaching and learning. Unfortunately, most products center the teacher and are  powered by students. We think that’s backward. And that’s why we built Quizizz differently.  

    Is Used by 80% of teachers, 90% of schools.
    Students across the globe answered 20 BILLION questions last year. That’s big. 

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    Lippincott(R) CoursePoint+ - Wolters Kluwer

    Lippincott ® CoursePoint+, an all-encompassing nursing education digital learning solution, combines high quality content written by nurse educators, tested technology for delivery and assessment of learning, virtual simulations of clinical experiences and in-depth reporting of student progress and outcomes with an intuitive platform design to develop clinical judgment and prepare nursing students for practice.

    CoursePoint+ seamlessly integrates a variety of tools, listed below, into one learning suite that provides didactic lessons and clinical experiences with adaptive and personalized learning, geared to help students understand, retain, and apply course knowledge and prepare for practice. All tools are assignable, trackable, and deliver data on student behaviors and outcomes, ideal to support the transition to distance learning.

    • CoursePoint+ allows every student to receive a personalized learning experience, meeting them where they are on their learning journey. Our adaptive learning system, PrepU allows students to strengthen content mastery in various subjects throughout the nursing curriculum while leveraging best practices in pedagogy, technology, and assessment in a robust adaptive learning environment for students and faculty. PrepU’s ability to maximize student knowledge and generate predictive data based on trends, patterns and student responses supports enhanced instructional approaches, clinical judgment, and critical thinking. Students receive detailed feedback and benchmark data linked to a national sample of students, including a range of data to target specific areas of strength and weakness. Additionally, PrepU provides nurse educators with analytics and predictive measures related to knowledge acquisition as measured by students’ performance nationwide and predictive data based on trends in usage.
    • vSim® for Nursing is our unique clinical simulation solution that allows nursing students to learn the skills needed for clinical success through realistic patient encounters based on actual scenarios, allowing nursing programs to safely replace clinical hours in pre-licensure programs and offset the lack of clinical sites available. To learn see how vSim works, click here.
    • Interactive Case Studies apply learning to real-life situations and enhance clinical judgment by placing the student at the patient’s bedside, requiring them to think through care of a patient
    • “Watch and learn” videos and “Concepts in action” animations offer engaging, foundational didactic learning
    • Exclusive Picmonics® are specially selected for each course area to provide fun and engaging mnemonic visual study lessons proven to increase retention and recall of information
    • Many other features including integrated eText and “SmartSense” links offer guidance in the lack of face-to-face time in an online/blended course”
    • In-Depth Reporting – our unparalleled reporting provides real-time data, in-depth dashboards with key data and insights to help instructors track student progress and identify strengths and weaknesses.

    To help instructors and students with using CoursePoint+ as effectively as possible,  Lippincott offers numerous customer support offerings – meeting our customers where they are in their implementation journey.  We provided a variety of customer support offerings including the following:

    • Wolters Kluwer Digital Implementation Specialists, who can assist in course builds and answer questions.
    • Live and recorded training webinars for both instructors and students.
    • Nursing Education Consultants, who are experienced product users and are available to share their recommendations and best practices for a more effective product implementation. 
    • Account Manager Support – support provided by their local account manager.
    • Videos and training guides for both instructors and students.
    • Resources such as Transitioning to Online Learning in the Age of Social Distancing and Authoritative Research on Learning.  
    • Toolkits for students

    Here is some customer feedback that has been shared with us recently:

    We wanted to evolve to a more active learning model that bridges the gap between clinical practice and the classroom setting. Lippincott’s integrated resources keep things manageable for our students while engaging them and making them think. What I love about vSim is that students truly have to use their judgment to decide the next steps, putting together what they’ve learned in CoursePoint+, in DocuCare, in PrepU. vSim is very, very good at teaching that analytical reasoning and helping them build their clinical judgment skills. Using the Lippincott suite, our NCLEX pass rates rose from 75% to 95.5% as of 2017. And we’re giving students what they need to face real-world practice.

    Jacqueline Semaan, MSN, CHSE, RNC-LRN, Nursing Skills Lab Coordinator, Simulation Coordinator, Lake Superior College

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