Best Business Technology Pivot

Honors the company that best adapted their business model over the past year by creating new value, exceeding customer and employee support, and evolving with the rapid shift in environment.

Commerce Passport - Digital River, Inc.

Digital River’s mission is to enable businesses to sell their products and services to buyers across the globe as easily as they sell to buyers next door. In 2018, Digital River kicked off the most significant business model and technology pivot in its 25+ year history. Our mission didn’t change, but we wanted to supercharge accessibility to ecommerce for brands and consumers around the globe. Our first step was to go headless. We put the brands back in charge of what they do best, managing the customer experience. In the past, Digital River was an end-to-end ecommerce platform that served enterprise-level clients with highly customized, high touch technology and services. Going headless, we could focus on what we do best, managing the complexities of the back office. We also needed to be much more agile. We shifted focus to developing more modern, flexible technology in the form of APIs, allowing brands to scale quickly with low-touch integration options. This new technology dramatically shortened launch time to weeks versus months or years. We wanted to increase the value we brought to brands by adding more modular flexibility. Our APIs were built to be universally compatible with leading ecommerce platforms. We then expanded our ecosystem, becoming a Commerce Passport hub. In 2021, we successfully approached eight of our former chief competitors – salesforce, Big Commerce, SAP, and others – to go to market as partners, all in one easy integration. The final phase of Digital River’s pivot delivered on our mission to empower brands to sell almost anything to anyone, anywhere in the world. Brands can now ship from 249 markets worldwide, including Japan and China. New partners in logistics and others such as Trevipay, Klarna, Avalara, Ascertify, have enhanced our capabilities to penetrate new verticals, such as apparel, e-learning, and health and beauty aids. From an existing client perspective, the pivot was not disruptive. We continue to fully support that business model. Prospects have reacted very positively to the new API technology and Commerce Passport ecosystem. Digital River’s client base has grown exponentially, and increased sales and profits for brands are realized more quickly. At the launch of the effort, the need for the pivot was presented from all stakeholder perspectives, including employees. For Digital River to remain relevant in the ever-changing commerce marketplace, we had to make the change happen and happen quickly. A road map was defined. Leadership check-ins with all employees increased. A dedicated office of project management was established to be the hub of the effort, with cross-functional teams created to focus on global expansion, ecosystems, and a partner-centric model. The culmination of our efforts has created a commerce super passport that allows clients access to new markets and new geographies, attracting new customers easier than they have been able to in the past.

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  • Fluid Remote Productivity Solution Pack - HCL Technologies

    Many organizations were not equipped to swiftly adapt to remote working. That’s where HCL created an empathy-based offering to help protect indispensable business aspects of our customers: safeguarding workforce & continuing operations. Our Fluid Remote Productivity Solution Pack helps customer accelerate digital transformation & build an empathetic, personalized & on-demand remote workplace to deliver greater productivity & superior UX. 1. Fluid remote productivity readiness assessment: Accelerated business led; data driven telecommuting readiness assessment & consultancy covering all essential tracks 2. Fluid remote virtual workspace: An intelligent, flexible & secure in demand digital workplace empowering users to be equally productive while working from home 3. Fluid remote collaboration: Unified & personalized chat centric remote collaboration for teams that need to engage from anywhere anytime 4. Fluid remote support: Cognitive AI & AR based immersive remote support to ensure minimum downtime 5. Fluid Remote UX monitoring: Big data analytics based preventive support & real time remote worker user experience monitoring 6. Fluid adaptive security: Cloud based software defined remote access security solution based on zero trust principle 7. Compassionate change management: Contextual behavior change strategies incorporating multiple channels & management key customer project during pandemic: German multinational shoe, clothing & accessories retailer: 60+ countries, 150+ offices, 55K Personal computers, 25K retail devices, 16 languages Scope: • Service Desk for 12 primary languages & 4 additional optional languages • Field services for 150+ o¬ffices & 30+ distribution centers globally • End-User Computing managing Microsoft 365 stack for solutions • Retail Device support using Microsoft Endpoint Management Solutions • Application Management services for SharePoint developed internal applications Uniqueness of engagement: 1) E-2-E retail devices support for all global stores 2) Grounds up chatbot and retail assistant 3) Regional governance for services including different RSMs for office support and store support Solution: • Fluid UX Monitoring: MS Endpoint Analytics powered real-time user experience calculation • Analytics Dashboards with a view on user and store experience; User Experience Index, Site Experience Index and Store Prism • Fluid Support: Automated real-time translation enabled Live Chat accessible via MS Teams • Fluid Device Monitoring: IoT enabled Smart Asset Monitoring & location tracking • Fluid Device Enablement: Out of the Box experience for enterprise devices powered by Windows Autopilot • Fluid Virtual Workspaces: MS WVD based virtual workplaces with dedicated Digital Experience Offi¬ce & Field Services Command Centre to ensure service quality

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  • Paper - PAPER

    Paper partners with school districts to deliver 1:1 tutoring that is equitable, scalable, and cost-effective. Students get unlimited 24/7 live help and writing feedback, teachers get insights to tackle individual learning gaps, and administrators get actionable data to inform strategic decisions. Paper’s multilingual tutors add an extra layer of support across all content areas and grade levels, in and out of the classroom—so students always have access to expert help exactly when, where, and how they need it.

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