Best Higher Education Remote Learning Partner

Recognizes the best education technology product that supports remote learning for higher education. This includes all asynchronous and synchronous learning applications, learning management systems, network services, hardware, and school administrative applications.

MindTap - Cengage

MindTap is an online learning platform that enables instructors to create personalized learning experiences built to engage students and boost performance, while delivering access to their eBook, study tools, assessments, multimedia and performance analytics. 


MindTap introduces students to concepts using a learning path that progresses from understanding to application and provides students with opportunities to study, practice and apply concepts using a variety of assessment content that instructors can personalize.

New functionality is available in select products for instructors and students when teaching and learning online:

  • The personal study plan and performance reporting helps instructors and students easily identify challenging topic areas to inform where they need to focus their time. Instructors can see trouble areas at the class or individual level, and pivot instructional time to address or reach out to individual students. Students can pinpoint course concepts and topics for improvement directing their study time and complete remediation activities aligned to the specific areas where they are struggling.

  • Side-by-side activities present instructional and assessment content in a dual-pane view providing students with the resources they need to remain engaged within an activity without distractions. Students receive on-the-spot feedback as they complete activities, which helps address any knowledge gaps.

  • Instructors can personalize their MindTap course by adding their own or third-party content, rearranging or removing chapters within the learning path, and making highlights and notes within the eBook to help students identify key content. Instructors can now edit existing assessment content and create custom new assessments. Instructors can edit questions, answers and feedback content and author new questions within pre-existing assessments. Instructors can also develop their own custom assessments using question bank content and/or authoring their own questions. Like other assessments, they can select activity settings and where to place these assessments in the course.

MindTap supports learning whether a class is online, hybrid or in-person. It offers a centralized location for students to get real-time feedback, test their knowledge and interact with their instructor. Students have access to support and learning tools, enabling them to work anytime, anywhere.


Students can download the free Cengage mobile app to access course materials from their mobile devices. They can read and listen to the eBook offline, complete assignments, use study tools, check grades and receive due date reminders. MindTap can be integrated into any Learning Management System streamlining the location where students access their course materials. Instructors and students receive 24/7 technical support from Cengage customer support teams and instructors can work with their dedicated support team to setup their course, receive training and more!   

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  • Brightspace - D2L


    Customer Stories:

    HE University of Dallas – Overcoming the challenges of Covid-19

    “As a software-as-a-service solution, we knew that the Brightspace platform offered the robustness required to support the move of all our classes online,” explains Vanessa Cox. “With a cloud-based platform, we don’t have to worry about our own network handling the massive rise in traffic, or the risk of infrastructure failures on campus. We knew D2L had us covered.”

    HE HACC, Central Pennsylvania’s Community College – Flexible workforce learning

    “Our team provided coaching sessions all day, over the weekends, and in the evenings on different topics like pedagogy and assessment. It was a real trial by fire, but the Brightspace platform has made it possible to keep a lot of our courses going while our campuses remain closed,” said Fisher-Bammer.

    At D2L, we highly value our customers’ interactions and feedback. We listen and work closely with our customers to continuously deliver innovative new features—and enhance existing ones—to help our customers use Brightspace to create the best possible online learning experiences. We work collaboratively on an ongoing basis through many channels to focus new development efforts on what we believe are our clients’ most critical needs for today and tomorrow.

    Brightspace is an online learning platform for educators who care deeply about maximizing student success. The intuitive interface makes it easy for students to access material. Brightspace uniquely supports the pillars of quality teaching – providing tools that assist with timeliness and personalization of feedback, a variety of assessments tools, and differentiation. Instructors can keep students engaged with audio, video, written and gamified content. Tools such as annotations, video, audio, and rubrics make feedback specific, relevant and timely. Different course delivery methods or pedagogical approaches and innovative learning models can be explored, including blended, online, and competency based-education. Simplified content management is available with intuitive course building tools including suggested pacing and drag-and-drop functionality. Brightspace products are usable by people with disabilities and interoperable with assistive technologies. It can be accessed on any device from laptop to mobile without compromising usability. Apps provide notifications and offline access. Intuitive analytics dashboards give insights into course performance with the ability to drill down the individual level. It’s easy to track and measure student success and have the information needed to intervene quickly with at-risk students. At D2L, we take security and privacy very seriously and put our client’s security and data confidentiality, availability and integrity first.

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    Lippincott(R) CoursePoint+ - Wolters Kluwer

    Lippincott ® CoursePoint+ is a fully integrated, digital learning solution for nursing education that can integrated into a school’s learning management system. The solution combines high quality content written by nurse educators, tested technology for delivery and assessment of learning, virtual simulations of clinical experiences and in-depth reporting of student progress and outcomes with an intuitive platform design to develop clinical judgment and prepare nursing students for practice.  When creating our digital content, Wolters Kluwer Health Education has adopted the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 Level A and AA success criteria as our standard.

    CoursePoint+ integrates additional tools, listed below, into one learning suite that provides didactic lessons and clinical experiences with adaptive and personalized learning, geared to help students understand, retain, and apply course knowledge and prepare for practice. All tools are fully assignable, trackable, and deliver data on individual student behaviors and outcomes, ideal to support any way a nurse educator may teach -whether in-person, fully online or hybrid.

    • CoursePoint+ allows every student to receive a personalized learning experience, meeting them where they are on their learning journey. Our formative assessment solution, PrepU, allows students to effectively and efficiently practice and master content across the nursing curriculum at their own pace and matched specifically to each student.
    • vSim® for Nursing is our unique clinical simulation solution that allows nursing students to learn the skills needed for clinical success through realistic patient encounters based on actual scenarios, allowing nursing programs to safely replace clinical hours in pre-licensure programs and offset the lack of clinical sites available. To learn see how vSim works, click here.
    • Interactive Case Studies apply learning to real-life situations and enhance clinical judgment by placing the student at the patient’s bedside, requiring them to think through care of a patient.
    • “Watch and learn” videos and “Concepts in action” animations offer engaging, foundational didactic learning
    • Exclusive Picmonics® are specially selected for each course area to provide fun and engaging mnemonic visual study lessons proven to increase retention and recall of information.
    • Many other features including integrated eText and “SmartSense” links offer guidance in the lack of face-to-face time in an online/blended course.
    • In-Depth Reporting – our unparalleled reporting provides real-time data, in-depth dashboards with key data and actionable insights to help instructors track overall course and individual student progress, identify strengths and weaknesses of topics and much more.  The CoursePoint Gradebook is also exportable into a school’s learning management system. 
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