Best Higher Education Science Instructional Solution

Recognizes the best instructional product that offers science curriculum and content for the higher education market. The solution provides for deep and personalized learning experiences for students and reflects current curriculum practice.

NutritionCalc Plus (NCP) - McGraw -Hill

NutritionCalc Plus is a powerful dietary analysis tool that makes the study of nutrition personal for students. Newly redesigned, NutritionCalc Plus makes tracking and analyzing food intake fun, easy and accessible. With NutritionCalc Plus, students get comprehensive intake and activity tracking, reporting, and student learning tools combined with industry-leading support. NutritionCalc Plus includes various formative and summative assessment learning tools to support student learning.

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    Knewton Alta - Wiley

    Knewton Alta is accessible and affordable adaptive courseware, priced at only $39.95 per term, that provides students with the support they need at the moment they need it. Knewton Alta's mastery-based learning experience is personalized based on student performance and provides detailed answer explanations, integrated just-in-time instruction, and remediation of pre-requisite skill gaps. All students start on the same assigned goal topic, working through a personalized path to mastery based on their individualized responses and needs. Rather than relying on a diagnostic, the platform continuously monitors students' mastery and adapts in real-time to maximize their learning outcomes. When students struggle, Knewton Alta recognizes their knowledge gaps immediately and delivers precisely what students need at the moment they need it. The data science behind the Knewton Alta technology is designed to ensure students can retain, recall, and apply knowledge in the future, while also providing instructors with actionable data and insights into student performance and preparedness. The end result? Learning that lasts.

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