Best K-12 Remote Learning Partner

Recognizes the best education technology product that supports remote learning for grades PK-12. This includes all asynchronous and synchronous learning applications, learning management systems, network services, hardware, and school administrative applications.


When learning remotely, teachers and students face many challenges. One of the biggest ones is not being able to get instant access to their learning materials and have them all centralized in a single place. With NEO, our soon-to-be intelligent learning platform, the learning experience is engaging, intuitive, and enjoyable for every user. Teachers are aware of the fact that the one-size-fits-all approach is outdated, so it’s essential to consider individual goals, needs, and interests when creating courses. The lack of engagement is another pain point that teachers experience. NEO provides a sense of community and makes everyone feel confident in their learning. Users can communicate through the embedded chat function or instant messaging. When providing feedback, teachers can add audio or video recordings for a personal experience. We also pride ourselves in making learning accessible to all users. Our platform is available in 40+ languages, and it includes features that make learners feel part of a close-knit community. The accessibility features include hidden content that improves screen reader use, underlined links settings, a high contrast theme, and a skip to content shortcut. Students with disabilities have been using NEO successfully. Teachers structure their lessons, making it easy for students to get familiar with the content from the beginning. They know what comes next and what’s expected from them. “Through this structure, we’re able to teach these students information that they typically wouldn’t be able to access outside of high school or even in high school.” - Cathi Allen, Executive Director, IHECP The integration with Amazon Alexa makes NEO an excellent learning tool for teachers and students. Based on voice commands, they can find out if they have any upcoming assignments to prepare for or if there’s any work to grade. Since many students are digital natives, they need to access their learning materials on the go. NEO makes it easy to access them on different devices, even offline. During the pandemic, many young learners used NEO daily to continue learning in a modern and convenient environment while schools were able to save money. For example, at De La Salle University-Dasmarinas, they saved $12,600 annually, just on printing materials. At an institution level, the successful implementation of NEO in the DLSU-D campus primarily supports the university’s Center for Innovative Learning Programs. Another success story that we’d like to share is that of Mindbuilders Preschool. They managed to shift their learning materials online during the pandemic and provide an engaging learning experience for their learners. Despite children’s young age, teachers created a learning atmosphere that excited them to learn new concepts. These are some of the reasons why NEO is a great remote learning partner no matter what circumstances are involved. It is convenient, featuring a sleek design and features that can be easily customized.

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  • Brightspace - D2L


    Customer Stories:

    K12 Illinois Virtual School – Scaling up to support schools online

    “Our schools need customized solutions, and we are meeting those needs thanks to Brightspace,” says Danielle Lewis. “Moreover, we have had absolutely zero downtime with Brightspace, even when our enrollments doubled to almost 5,000 for this summer term.”

    K12 Blyth Academy Online – Helping more students access online learning

    “We really like the fact that the Brightspace platform gives us the option to customize course material and integrate with third-party applications. For instance, we deployed Integrity Advocate, a proctoring tool that ensures exam integrity is upheld in our school,” says Nathan Bishop.

    K12 Calgary Board of Education CBE-learn - Empowering schools to embrace distance learning 

    “D2L has been a fantastic resource—we’ve been working with them since 2005, and they’re always extremely responsive to our ideas,” says Ken Weipert. “Brightspace works exceptionally well, and every year it gets a little better as the functionality grows. For example, the work that D2L has put into the new Brightspace for Parents tool is quite exciting. Being able to communicate directly with parents about the work that students are doing in Brightspace will be hugely beneficial.”

    “We quickly moved all of the course content from our junior and senior high programs into Brightspace Learning Repository using dynamic linking. The Learning Repository’s dynamic linking feature allowed us to update and adjust the content centrally, without having to edit thousands of individual courses by hand. It also gave classroom teachers a starting point, so they had the content to support their transition to online learning in the early stages of the pandemic.” — Ken Weipert, Principal, CBe-learn

    Brightspace is a learning platform for people that care deeply about maximizing student success. It uniquely supports the pillars of quality teaching – providing tools that assist with timeliness and personalization of feedback, a variety of assessments tools, and differentiation. Icon-based navigation makes it easy for younger students, including those still learning to read, to find their way around the system. Brightspace for Parents is a dashboard that provides a snapshot view into how children are doing with minimal extra steps from the teacher. The Portfolio app makes it easy for students to share their progress, reflections, and learning experiences. It is a central place that can bring everything together, including SIS integrations, content integrations with publishers, open educational resources, and Google Drive. Simplified content management with intuitive course building tools makes it easy to create lessons aligned to standards. Brightspace can be accessed on any device from laptop to mobile without compromising usability, and native apps provide notifications and offline access and are usable by people with disabilities and interoperable with assistive technologies. Student-level reports and detailed grade statistics allow for granular analysis of student performance. At D2L, we take security and privacy very seriously. Our approach puts our client’s security, data confidentiality, availability and integrity first. 

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    Pear Deck - GoGuardian

    Pear Deck is an award-winning student engagement platform that helps educators foster meaningful connections with learners of every age and ability. With features that work across all grade levels and subjects, Pear Deck helps teachers use active learning techniques to maximize student engagement. Districts that implement Pear Deck report improved outcomes and equity, improved student engagement and achievement, and a more positive school climate and culture. When students feel a sense of belonging or connection to their teachers and peers, they’re more likely to succeed. Informed by peer-reviewed research and evidence, Pear Deck makes it easy for teachers to connect with every single student in class—across all subjects and grades. With Pear Deck, educators: + Gain insight into daily classroom instruction + Are guided towards and celebrated for using effective instructional strategies + Create environments where every student can engage and build confidence Providing easy-to-follow guidance, the Pear Deck Logic Model outlines how administrators, teachers, and students use Pear Deck, what they do with it, and the outcomes they can expect to realize. For the administrators and teachers who use Pear Deck, the Logic Model helps explain why using Pear Deck results in more effective teaching, what the indicators of success will be, and what should be improved to increase efficacy moving forward. Data reveal Pear Deck’s impact: + Over 90% of teachers think Pear Deck is essential for remote learning + 95% of teachers feel that Pear Deck helps students express their understanding + 94% of teachers feel that students are more engaged when using Pear Deck + 85% of teachers agree it supports them using formative assessment Pear Deck has earned two product certifications from Digital Promise, recognition that is intended to serve as a reliable signal for educators, administrators, and families looking for evidence that edtech products are based in research about learning and support the unique needs of their learners. Pear Deck is part of GoGuardian's unified learning system, one of the most widely used educational technology ecosystems in the United States, reaching one out of two K-12 students. The platform serves more than 24 million students and over 685,000 educators at more than 14,000 schools and districts nationwide.

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  • MobyMax - Best K-12 Remote Learning Partner - MobyMax

    MobyMax offers the only complete, fully-integrated K-8 curriculum for 27 subjects. It can be on any internet-connected device, whether it’s a desktop at school or tablet at home, seamlessly blending in-person instruction with remote, independent learning. MobyMax’s suite of automated classroom solutions saves teachers precious hours with comprehensive grading and markup tools for writing, accurate diagnostics, IEP reporting, messaging, and real-time progress monitoring. Moby’s Assessments package allows teachers to get an instant snapshot of where students need help. Interactive curriculum personalizes learning, allowing educators to combine face-to-face education with online learning, resulting in remarkable gains. MobyMax helps teachers overcome obstacles to remote/blended education that might otherwise derail student achievement. • Obstacle: No Teacher/No Access to Continued Learning. With MobyMax, students continue learning in 27 subjects, anytime, from any device, even when teachers are unavailable. Our proprietary software empowers teachers to send a video lesson to their remote learners in seconds, spice up online practice with Fluency Team Games. motivate remote students, and more. Moby also provides a secure messaging system, providing safe communications between teachers and their students and parents. • Obstacle: Missing Skills. Students begin with a placement test to find missing skills. Then, MobyMax assigns lessons based on skill levels. “Teach Me” videos accompany every lesson and include immediate feedback to help correct mistakes. • Obstacle: Differentiating Learning. o “Students build on skills they need to practice that may be below the grade level material we are covering in class. They may also accelerate into above-level content.” ~ Monica Contreras, McKitrick Elementary • Obstacle: Too many solutions. With MobyMax, teachers can find every tool they require in one place. • Problem: Low Test Scores. Students who spend 30 mins/week using MobyMax increase a full additional grade level more than students who do not. *Source – From award-winning early numbers curriculum to pre-algebra, from formative assessments to benchmark assessments, from adaptive practice to classroom games, MobyMax is the only complete education solution designed for remote teaching and learning. MobyMax’s completely integrated system shows 360-degree progress monitoring for students, parents, teachers, principals, and district administrators. With over 27 subjects and almost 80 modules, MobyMax provides the best “A to Z” platform for remote learning.

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  • Texthelp - Texthelp Inc.

    At Texthelp, our vision is for a world where difference, disability or language are no longer barriers. Technology has a hugely important role to play in helping to remove barriers to learning and at this time, that’s more important than ever. Texthelp tools work across browsers, devices and most LMSs in order to keep teaching and learning meaningful and engaging for all students, whether they're learning in-person, in a hybrid environment, or fully-remote. Additionally, Texthelp tools were designed with the principles of Universal Design for Learning in mind, ensuring that students have multiple means of expression and can feel confident no matter where they are in their learning journey. Features within Texthelp tools are continually improved upon based on the changing needs of users. Our ability to support our customers as remote learning partners is bolstered by the fact that Texthelp products were designed to aid the reality of remote learning, including: -Development of our PDF tool, OrbitNote, to help with increased student/teacher collaboration and digital workflow. -The ability to provide motivation through gamification and highly interactive feedback to students on their writing practice remotely through WriQ. -We also offered our reading fluency tool, Fluency Tutor, to schools free of charge so that students could learn remotely through the lockdown phase of the pandemic. -Our STEM product, EquatIO, which allows users to create equations, formulas, and more, digitally.

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