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Political Extremism and Radicalism - Gale, a part of Cengage Learning

Political Extremism and Radicalism provides insight on unorthodox groups and movements from both the right and left of the political spectrum through providing digital access to rare, hard to find primary sources supporting the study of activism, cultural studies, political science, policy studies, gender studies, sexuality, race, religion, civil rights and many other related areas of research. The first module, Far-Right and Left Political Groups in the US, Europe, and Australia supplies a range of documents covering the twentieth and early twenty-first centuries, when the world saw the formation of several major civil rights movements, including the fight for racial minorities’, women's and gay rights who were considered ‘radical’ at the time. It also encompasses several peripheral and grassroot activist groups deemed ‘extreme’ or ‘radical’ by their contemporaries, such as anti-Catholic, anti-Semitic, pacifist, communist or socialist (operating within a capitalist society), creationist, environmentalist, hate, holocaust denial, New Left, survivalist, white supremacist, and white nationalist. The second module Far-Right Groups in America focuses in on the radical right and centers around ultraconservative, white supremacist, and nationalist groups in the U.S., such as the Ku Klux Klan, the National White People’s Party (a.k.a American Nazi Party) and the Citizens’ Council. The resource examines the varying manifestations of far-right ideologies, looking at their emergence, growth, structure, and development over time. Researchers have access to essential sources covering nationalism, racism, anti-Semitism, Christian Identity, homophobia, political misinformation and conspiracy theorists. Excitingly, both modules contain audio. The ‘Searchlight Oral Histories Collection’ hosts interviews with several anti-fascist activists and the ‘James Aho Collection’ contains recorded sermons, interviews and lecturers considered to be, or concerning, far-right extremism. The addition of this multimedia content not only offers fascinating insights but encourages students to build a more diverse range of research skills.

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    Nexis Uni - LexisNexis

    Nexis Uni is an easy-to-use academic search engine. It delivers relevant content that makes scholarly research more efficient, and it provides personalization, discovery, and collaboration features that students and university faculty want in a student research tool. Trusted content Nexis Uni features more than 17,000 news, business and legal sources, including U.S. Supreme Court decisions dating back to 1790. Personalized experience Students can create individual user IDs and passwords to enable setting of Alerts, saving searches and bookmarking documents of interest. Intuitive design Input from university students led to a solution that offers an intuitive, engaging research experience on a wide range of devices. Shared workspace Collaboration tools make it easier for students to work on team research projects efficiently while ensuring that individuals stay accountable. Benefits: Aids librarians to help students conduct research: Whether librarians are mentoring freshmen on how to conduct research or recommending scholarly journals to more advanced researchers, having an academic search engine students want to use makes libarians' jobs easier. Helps students to conduct academic research faster: Having grown up googling for answers to any question, today's students expect their academic research to offer the same convenience and ease-of-use--whether they're writing research papers or working on group projects. Enables faculty to transform students into scholars: Fake news and sponsored content make it difficult for students to identify credible sources. Nexis Uni helps them find trusted content for writing research papers. Nexis Uni delivers: -Personalized research experience with alerts, saved searches, annotated documents and suggested sources by discipline -Sophisticated discovery tools that—with one search—quickly sift through countless websites and databases and return relevant results -Collaborative workspace for groups with the ability to share, save and annotate searches and results into shared folders

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