Best Mathematics Instructional Solution for Grades PK - 8

Recognizes the best instructional product that offers mathematics curriculum and content for students in the PK-8 market. It includes managed classroom/course-based instruction or online supplemental instruction for all student learners so they can learn and apply mathematics concepts and methods. The solution provides for deep and personalized learning experiences for students, supports standards alignment and reflects current curriculum practice.

DreamBox Math - DreamBox Learning

DreamBox Math is the only K-8 digital math program powered by students, built by and for educators, and independently proven to positively impact student achievement. Both during and between lessons, DreamBox Math dynamically adapts and differentiates in real time based not only on students' answers, but also on how they solve problems. By automatically and continually supporting all students at their just-right level, DreamBox is a powerful partner in every classroom, school, and district.

Along with actionable reporting and tools that empower classroom differentiation for all learners, DreamBox also gives teachers content- specific professional development relevant to the math their students are learning, provides administrators with insights about how all students are progressing, and enables strong connections between home and school.

The DreamBox Math curriculum is rigorous, research-based, pedagogically sound and standards-aligned. Our student-driven curriculum is designed based on National Council of Teachers of Mathematics NCTM focal points. With the power to deliver millions of individualized learning paths, DreamBox Math individually tailors every lesson and ensures that students work in their optimal learning zone. A math learning curriculum that connects to common assessments, DreamBox Math effectively builds conceptual understanding, procedural fluency, and college and career readiness.

DreamBox Math provides a motivating environment that students love. Students learn what they need to know--when they need to know it--at their own pace and place.

The DreamBox student experience is rooted in video game fundamentals, designed to attract digital natives, encourage learning progress and keep engagement high. This construct, when interwoven with math lessons, allows students to learn in a familiar environment and encourages desirable behaviors like persistence, ingenuity and focus.

DreamBox Math responds to students' actions and decisions by continuously adapting to support student competency with math concepts, and promoting strategies for fluency and application. DreamBox promotes active learning so students think and do for themselves in math instead of sit-and-get content, where they watch someone else do all the thinking. Age-appropriate learning environments put students at the center of their own learning--encouraging independent critical thinking and productive struggle while fostering engagement and motivation.

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    IXL - Mathematics Instructional Solution pk-8 - IXL Learning

    Trusted by more than 800,000 teachers and 12 million students worldwide, IXL is a personalized learning platform proven to enhance outcomes for pre-K through 12th-grade students. In fact, studies in 31 states show that IXL schools outperform others by as much as 18 percentile points on state assessments. The platform is built on four key components that work together and give educators everything they need to differentiate instruction: IXL’s comprehensive K-12 curriculum, the Real-Time Diagnostic, personalized guidance, and IXL Analytics. Schools use IXL’s comprehensive curriculum to differentiate instruction and support nearly any learning need. With more than 8,500 adaptive skills aligned to all 50 state standards, popular textbooks and assessments, schools can easily incorporate IXL into their curriculum. IXL’s rigorous, mastery-based skills deeply engage students, build a strong foundation of knowledge, and prepare learners for higher-level thinking. In addition, hundreds of bite-sized video tutorials walk students through math concepts, supporting learners as they practice independently. IXL’s adaptive assessment, the Real-Time Diagnostic, accurately measures students’ grade-level proficiency and growth, helping educators understand exactly what learners know and what they can do to improve. The diagnostic can be used for district- or school-wide benchmarking, and throughout the year as an instructional diagnostic, allowing schools to capture students’ current knowledge levels and track progress throughout the year. To further target instruction, the diagnostic provides educators with personalized action plans for each student. Action plans link to specific IXL skills and give teachers a simple way to differentiate instruction, fill knowledge gaps, and facilitate meaningful progress. IXL provides personalized guidance, using insights from a student’s work in the curriculum and Real-Time Diagnostic to generate specific skill recommendations. The recommendations help educators fill knowledge gaps, provide personalized pathways for remediation and enrichment, and give students flexibility to work at their own pace. IXL Analytics is an essential daily tool that helps teachers deliver data-driven instruction, use limited class time more effectively, and respond to individual needs quicker. With the real-time insights from IXL Analytics, teachers can easily pinpoint trouble spots, monitor performance on skills, and make more informed instructional decisions. Administrators use IXL District Analytics and IXL School Analytics to uncover insights that help track student progress and teacher engagement, enabling them to improve IXL’s impact on their school or district. IXL also provides educators with continuity and consistency across any learning environment by supporting virtual, hybrid, and in-person learning. And as a web-based product with mobile apps for all major platforms, students can access IXL from anywhere.

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  • Freckle Math - Renaissance Learning

    Freckle is an adaptive program that helps educators to effectively differentiate math instruction and practice. Freckle is flexible, captivating every learner with differentiated math practice, and designed to be teacher-led and student-paced. Teachers can assign specific math exercises based on grade-level standards, and for students who need practice outside of their grade level, Freckle can provide self-paced practice that continuously adapts as they progress. Featuring more than 70,000 unique math questions, Freckle uses a blend of student-friendly incentives, age-appropriate designs, and �just right� adaptation to provide the perfect balance of fun and learning to help students progress at their own pace. Interactive features, team challenges, real-world scenarios, and instant feedback make Freckle math practice engaging and fun, while embedded supports and scaffolds help students master even the most challenging concepts. Freckle includes in-depth and user-friendly administrator dashboards to accelerate student learning and support district-level initiatives and goals. Freckle for math provides the just-right practice to inspire every learner by: Identifying each student�s individual level in math through a brief, adaptive assessment. Students practice standards in Freckle at their level, and Freckle continuously adapts as students progress. Students set their own weekly goals for answering questions correctly, achieving high accuracy, or growing levels. Educators can view real-time student data, identify skill gaps, and determine where to focus instruction. Real-world lessons encourage students to work in groups to solve fun, practical challenges with the skills they�ve learned. Freckle for math covers all of the standards and skills for Kindergarten-Algebra 2. Freckle meets students where they are with an excellent mobile device experience, making it easier to practice either in-person or remotely. Teachers can see when students are actively practicing to ensure students are getting their practice in each day. Recent studies have shown that math practice with Freckle has been associated with higher levels of growth and assisting students to avoid the �COVID Slide�. In the 2019-2020 school year, students who used Freckle for 15-30 minutes per day experienced tangible growth. This positive outcome increased as students practiced more than the recommended minutes per day and over a longer number of weeks during the school year. And, in our fall 2020 How Kids Are Performing study, results showed that students using Freckle for math experienced smaller or no deficits when compared to students within the same district who did not use the program. Freckle helps teachers to motivate their students to reach their full potential through differentiated adaptive instruction, engaging activities to balance fun and learning, and actionable data on student performance and progress.

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    enVision Mathematics Grades K-8 with Savvas Math Screener and Diagnostic Assessments (MSDA) - Savvas Learning Company

    enVision Mathematics is a comprehensive curriculum for grades K–8 that supports all students in developing deep conceptual understanding, fluency, and application through problem-based and visual learning. The nation’s leading math program, whose full K-12 series earned the highest “All-Green” rating from EdReports, provides standards-aligned focus, coherence, and rigor in its high-quality instructional content, across all grade levels. What sets enVision apart is its research-grounded lesson design and customization options to engage students with rigorous problem-solving and high-interest projects.


    For the 2021-22 school year and beyond, the new Savvas Math Screener and Diagnostic Assessments (MSDA) work directly with enVision Grades K-8 on the Savvas Realize LMS. The MSDA offers norm-referenced, valid and easy-to-administer screeners and adaptive diagnostic assessments that provide deep data-driven insights into students’ math skills when they come into a classroom, combined with seamless access to personalized instructional content, helping teachers address the needs of all learners. 


    Working in tandem, the screeners and assessments provide educators, through robust reporting features in Realize, a clear picture of student proficiency at the individual, classroom, and district level. Scoring results link directly to enVision resources that teachers can assign to help close skills gaps and accelerate learning. The enVision program itself features differentiated instruction and intervention to support students of all levels.


    With a wealth of interactive content and assessment tools on Realize, enVision delivers flexibility to every teacher and personalized instruction to every student. The program gives students real choice in how they learn and apply math, offering adaptive learning experiences to increase student engagement with such digital activities as: 


    • 3-Act Math Modeling — Multimedia lessons present real-world situations where students use mathematical models to propose solutions that are meaningful to them.


    • Practice Buddy (K-5) and Practice Powered by MathXL (6-8) for School — Personalized learning options such as additional examples, videos, and individual questions provide instant feedback to help correct errors and misconceptions.


    • STEM Projects — High-interest activities encourage students to explore real social, economic, and environmental issues that foster math connections across topics.


    • Interactivities powered by Desmos (6-8) — Interactives like a cutting-edge graphing calculator and geometry technology are embedded directly in lessons.


    • Pick a Project — Student-centered activities promote student choice and engage learners in real-world math projects.

    With the flexibility of print, digital, and blended instruction, enVision provides a proven scope and sequence to help all students succeed at math. Together with enVision, the Savvas MSDA offers a seamless approach to diagnose student needs and target the right resources for every learner.

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