Best Compliance Solution

Recognizes the best compliance solution to address regulatory rules, ethics, sustainability and governance. The winning solution provides audit, risk and compliance solutions and/or expert insights that enable businesses to connect regulatory developments with internal policy systems, organizational risks and controls, and regulatory training.

Kion 3.0 - Kion

Kion combines cloud governance and management to offer a unique all-in-one cloud enablement solution, empowering users to easily achieve the benefits of the cloud. The Kion 3.0 platform focuses on three core pillars: Automation and Orchestration, Financial Management, and Continuous Compliance. These offerings address all critical aspects of cloud governance and management and support customers throughout the complete cloud lifecycle - from startup to deprovisioning. The Kion platform is designed as a thin but powerful layer between the cloud user and the cloud providers. This allows customers to leverage the platform to gain greater visibility, control, and confidence in their security, budget, and decision-making abilities while still enjoying the native experiences that the cloud providers offer. Kion provides users with the necessary resources and context in a single, intuitive interface to confidently accelerate their cloud usage in a cost- and time-efficient manner. Kion is a Microsoft Azure, Google, and AWS partner and serves leading government agencies including NASA and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as well as cloud-first commercial enterprises like Indeed and Verizon. The software helps align organizations with best practices so they can consistently meet standards such as HIPAA, CMMC, or NIST. Kion acts as an enterprise hub for an organization's cloud ecosystem to integrate with existing tech stacks, workflows, and cloud landscapes.

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    Axon Market Data Compliance Platform - TRG Screen

    Our Market Data Compliance Platform is disrupting market data (MD) management practices with its automated processes designed by industry-leading experts with a focus on automating compliance, reporting & policy management. The platform provides a consolidated approach to market data management – driving efficiency & productivity. The platform is made up of the following products:

    PEAR: deploys smart technology & uses standardised searchable data sets of regulations, rules and pricing for exchanges and other data content originators. This reduces time required to source & understand the many MD policies, pricing models & keep up-to-date with the latest announcements.

    ACT: on-line bespoke questionnaire enabling clients to profile an applications’ MD usage through regular recertification over its entire life cycle from on-boarding to end of life. Gives a clear view of the exchange compliance obligations for all your firm’s applications, allowing to quickly identify licensing & policy requirements.

    ADS: outsourced solution for exchange & vendor reporting process. Automates time-consuming elements of preparing exchange & vendor declarations. This systematic approach provides accurate & compliant reporting by removing repetitive manual processes.

    ACR: offers complete transparency into your firm’s licensing & reporting requirements. ACR helps firms establish where they sit within the market data compliance spectrum, & makes recommendations for savings, efficiencies & process improvements.


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    Visual Lease - Visual Lease

    New US-GAAP requirements (ASC 842, GASB 87 and IFRS 16) require organizations to account for their leases with a much higher level of scrutiny and disclose asset and liability details for anything they pay for the right to use.

    That's easier said than done as leases are complex agreements that change all the time, and they're managed by siloed stakeholders, processes and systems. Not to mention, transactions can have hundreds of permutations and calculations to capture in reports and throughout the year. Visual Lease solves for all sides of this compliance challenge.

    Our accounting tools are purpose-built, acting as a single sub-ledger for lease financials with powerful compliance solutions to automate US-GAAP, IFRS and GASB lease accounting compliance, reduce risk and maintain audibility. Our accounting solutions are built on the foundation of the industry's most robust and informed lease administration system. This portion of the platform enables customers to centralize lease documents, contacts and changes. It is designed to handle any asset type or payment scenario, making it simple to manage lease terms, options and modifications and to streamline cross-functional collaboration. And our Integrations Hub makes it easy for teams to leverage lease data within systems they already use such as ERPs, BI tools and more.

     Today, Visual Lease is comprised of three solutions:


    • The Lease Accounting solution is a sub-ledger for lease financials that maintains internal controls, automates calculations and ensures reports are complete, correct and current. 
    • The Lease Administration solution is purpose-built for lease data and projects. It can handle any asset type or payment scenario, making it easy to track terms and critical dates, manage projects, options and modifications. It also enables organizations to easily maintain an audit trail and stay compliant through day 2 and beyond.
    • The Integrations Hub offers users options to schedule, monitor, manage and automate data imports and exports between Visual Lease and any third-party application. With the Integrations Hub, users can configure and schedule imports and exports from the system in any format, send reports to secure servers for review before they hit the general ledger, build APIs for real-time data feeds to any other tool and monitor and manage data feeds to troubleshoot interruptions. 

    The Visual Lease team regularly enhances its software to anticipate and accommodate its users' needs. Committed to continued innovation and unparalleled customer service, Visual Lease empowers organizations to transform lease accounting compliance requirements into financial opportunities.


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    TeamMate+ Agile Audit - Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting

    Traditional audit cycles and procedures are not sufficient to keep pace with an ever-changing risk landscape. Organizations expect and need more timely and frequent insight to accelerate risk mitigation. Internal Audit leaders recognize it’s time for internal audit to transform its approach in order to meet those expectations. The need for transformation is evidenced by the Touchstone Insights for Internal Audit research work in which Agile Audit was found to be one of the top-three game-changers (along with continuous risk assessments and data analytics) audit teams are pursuing or considering to enhance their effectiveness within the organizations they serve. The Touchstone Insights research includes responses from over 1,100 organizations, from more than 120 countries, and across industries as well as government agencies. Modified from software development, agile audit has been discussed for several years. The pandemic disruption exacerbated the need for more agility within traditional audit methodology and the ability to support remote work both for auditors and auditees. While off-the-shelf agile applications were originally designed for software development and bug tracking, the needs of auditors are quite different. To integrate the framework and the practice of agile for internal audit, auditors had to manage and maintain separate systems. TeamMate+ Agile Audit embeds agile capabilities into the audit management workflow. Purpose-built for internal audit, TeamMate+ Agile Audit enables audit teams to leverage the agile framework and core principles (breaking work into timebound increments, more frequent sharing of results, daily stand-ups, etc.) while aligning with the professional standards (performing risk assessments, documenting and preserving the audit trail, stakeholder engagement, and reporting). Ultimately, contributing to the organizational need to understand and mitigate high-impact risks. While agile is growing in importance for Internal Audit, it does not eliminate the need to align with accepted professional standards and practices. TeamMate+ is a leading provider of audit management software because it encompasses the entire workflow from risk assessment to audit execution to stakeholder engagement to issue tracking/remediation to reporting. Including and synching agile capabilities into the overall audit workflow means that auditors can be more efficient and effective as they adopt and adapt agile principles to their organizational context. Another important consideration as internal audit teams adopt or “become” agile is their unique circumstances – agile maturity, location/number of the audit team, internal governance, etc. TeamMate+ and the Agile Audit component are configurable to allow each team to align it with their current needs. As their agile audit practices evolve, this configurability means the tools they rely on evolve with them.

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