Best PreK / Early Childhood Learning Solution

Recognizes the best digital product providing or supporting learning for children ages 3-5. Includes applications designed for tablets and/or desktop computers, in areas such as pre-literacy and numeracy content, assessment and reporting, for use at home or in early childhood development settings.

Ignite by Hatch - Hatch Early Learning

Ignite by Hatch™ Even prior to COVID-19, Hatch has been at the forefront of providing flexible learning experiences with our flagship product, Ignite by Hatch. Ignite was created for this moment: its adaptive learning environment is designed to help teachers extend their reach to nurture whole child development across 7 domains with emphasis on social-emotional development, mathematics, and literacy. In as little as 30 minutes of independent play per week, children make meaningful progress toward their school readiness goals providing teachers real-time, objective, and actionable data — progressing through 1 grade-level of growth in 3 months and 2 grade-levels of growth in 6 months. Ignite’s whole child approach is particularly critical this year, as programs have returned to in-person instruction, have re-established routines, and are addressing the interrelatedness of young children’s social-emotional and academic needs. Ignite is proven to engage children and help them progress. Its Math and Literacy experiences feature Guided Practice — a rich scaffolding mechanism that supports independent mastery of skills and builds confidence while accelerating progress. But just as importantly, Ignite is built to support teachers. It gives them real-time data and resources to guide individualized instruction, and accessible reports to better understand children’s progress and growth. We even have a family portal to drive engagement outside of the classroom, with individualized home learning activities. With an intuitive design and straightforward implementation, Ignite powerfully extends teachers’ reach and impact and boosts children’s learning all year round.

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    Johnnie Max - John Jones Media LLC

    Johnnie Max is a new online literacy program for the next generation of PreK teachers, learners, and their families. Nonfiction eBooks and videos feature content-rich photography to foster a sense of wonder and meaning as children interact with images and text that put the world in their hands.

    The foundation of the Johnnie Max program includes nonfiction, highly interactive eBooks that feature real-world photos from around the globe, multi-disciplinary content aligned with PreK guidelines and curricular standards, and English-Spanish equity. All components are built from the ground up in English and Spanish.

    Flexible Digital Media Components in English and Spanish include:

    • Videos that INTRODUCE academic concepts and vocabulary with video content.

    • eBooks that TEACH literacy concepts and develop oral language.

    • Online Vocabulary Games that ASSESS lesson vocabulary.

    • Fiction eBooks that DEEPEN ENGAGEMENT with relatable characters who model social emotional and academic learning.

    • Hands-on Activities that EXTEND LEARNING.

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  • Rosen LevelUp - Rosen Classroom

    Rosen LevelUp is a robust adaptive reading platform that meets the needs of modern learners and PreK–3 educators. LevelUp is the ideal solution to foster growth—and a love of reading—in young learners at a critical time in their development. LevelUp’s library contains more than 2,400 authentic fiction and nonfiction texts, plus controlled vocabulary literature for practice. This includes more than 650 Spanish and bilingual titles. Books are available in online, projectable, mobile, and printable formats to ensure access for all users, even at home. A complete phonics practice resource helps students master the essentials of foundational reading, with 110 engaging eBooks that provide practice and review of phonemic/phonological awareness and phonics through interactive activities. Students love LevelUp’s personalized bookshelves, which offer a diverse collection of books in each user’s "just right" reading range to maximize growth. Professionally recorded audio narration and text highlighting aid emergent readers while quizzes assess comprehension as well as skills and standards taught in the classroom. Users are incentivized to read—not just by LevelUp’s high-interest offerings, but also with LevelUp Land, an immersive 3D gaming environment. With stars earned for books and quizzes completed, students can customize their open-world gaming experience. Teachers control game access to maximize engagement without distracting from learning goals. LevelUp is an ideal solution for remote, in-person, or blended learning environments. It is optimized for classroom instruction, small-group instruction, and individualized practice. Its flexibility saves educators time while providing powerful tools for intervention. Digital running record assessments provide crucial data on whether students are growing into fluent readers. Book- and concept-specific lesson plans, practice pages, and instructional guides help teachers reinforce reading skills. Teachers can assign books or oversee students as they engage on their own. While LevelUp makes differentiated instruction easy, a suite of powerful classroom management tools gives teachers the option to customize the experience for each learner. User-friendly reports provide clear, top-level insights for teachers and administrators and just as easily facilitate deep dives into usage and performance data. Unlike similar products, LevelUp precisely tailors reporting to each user: it presents detailed data expressed in that user’s state or territorial English language arts standards. Administrators can identify important trends at the district, school, class, or student level, with intuitive controls for filtering and exporting data.

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