Best Reading/Writing/Literature Instructional Solution for Grade 9 - 12

Recognizes the best instructional solution for reading, writing or literature curricula and content for students in grades 9-12. Includes solutions for learners at all levels, through managed classroom/course-based instruction or online supplemental instruction. Provides for deep and personalized learning experiences for students, supports standards alignment and reflects current curriculum practice.

Writable with HMH Into Literature - Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Writable for HMH Into Literature is a digital solution that combines close reading and analytical writing on an intuitive platform to help teachers easily connect reading and writing, give feedback sooner, and benchmark and track writing growth. Best-in-class fiction and nonfiction mentor texts are displayed alongside point-of-use writing and revision tools, empowering all students to produce great writing. With access to curated writing collections containing over 1,000 high-interest assignments and prompts, students are able to exercise voice and choice as they learn and practice the skills needed to complete HMH Into Literature’s Unit Writing Tasks. Writable for Into Literature’s curated collection of skills-based assignments build within and across grade levels ensuring success in high school and beyond. Writable and HMH Into Literature work together to provide core reading and writing instruction with targeted, research-based scaffolding and extension opportunities to grow all learners. Point-of-use reading support for striving, multilingual, and advanced learners is paired with four levels of differentiated writing support (on-level, light, moderate, and substantial) to ensure all learners receive the instruction they need for standards mastery. With Writable for Into Literature, authentic feedback is delivered to student writers at point-of-use, throughout the writing process, to facilitate meaningful revisions. Integrated automatic feedback and revision tools such as RevisionAid, GrammarAid, and Originality Check from Turnitin intervene while students write to refine grammar, style, punctuation, organization/structure, and prevent plagiarism, saving time on grading and accelerating student growth. Not only is Writable for Into Literature aligned to state standards, the pairing allows teachers to easily customize the content, district rubrics, and assessments to emulate their state standards and tests. Teachers can also share customer district rubrics and assignments to ensure alignment. Whether teachers are looking for benchmark assessment or formative assessment, Writable for Into Literature provides the range of assessment, actionable data, reporting needed to give feedback sooner and track reading and writing growth. Assignment and assessment data is captured in two easy-to-use reports- the Student Proficiency and Recommendation Report and the Student Growth Report. The Proficiency and Recommendation Report provides an at-a-glance view of a class’ proficiency in reading and the three key writing modes. While the Growth Report makes benchmark and progress monitoring simple by enabling teachers to compare interim assessment data side-by-side. This powerful data helps teachers form differentiated groups and strategically plan to bridge instructional gaps.

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  • Connections: English Language Arts - Perfection Learning

    Connections: English Language Arts develops students' critical reading, analysis, and writing skills. High-interest themes and thought-provoking essential questions build engagement as students become immersed in outstanding literary and nonfiction selections. The step-by-step lesson design focuses students on a key learning objective as they read a selection; annotate the text; apply the targeted skill; and respond through discussion, writing, and collaborative activities. Interactive editions with writing and language skills support feature a range of learning tools to improve comprehension, close reading and text analysis, discussion and collaboration, and much more.

    Break down comprehension barriers-all students have the power to:

    • Adapt the reading selection based on their own abilities and learning differences with built-in IEP and 504 accommodations support.
    • Translate and listen to the text in their native language-dozens of languages available.
    • Enhance word knowledge through a picture dictionary, add line focus (1, 3, or 5 lines of text), or identify parts of speech and syllables.
    • Customize font type, size, and background colors for readability.

    Move students from skimming and scanning to extracting meaning with Annotation and Note Tools. Students can quickly:

    • Identify, label, and comment on textual evidence.
    • Collect evidence automatically in a digital notebook.
    • Transfer ideas and evidence into discussion and writing tasks.

    Encourage dynamic and exclusive discussions.

    • Share ideas and perspectives based on meaningful text-based questions.
    • Participate in dynamic discussion both online and in small groups.

    Track and grade participation in real time.

    • A range of built-in assessments and teacher support tools saves time and reduces the complexities of grading
    • Formative check quizzes, project-based assessments, summative and end-of-course assessments, and more.

    Real-time classroom management for in-class and remote learning.

    • Select and share individual, group, and whole class responses.
    • Track progress using embedded formative assessments.
    • Move seamlessly between online and in-person discussions.
    • Access all student work and teacher support at point of use.

    Save time with a range of built-in assessment and reporting tools.

    • Automated and rubric-driven scoring for activities, discussions, and formative assessment-all within the lesson.
    • Actionable data from standards-based proficiency dashboards, reports, and item analysis.
    • Customizable writing rubrics, discussion expectations, and automated participation tracking.
    • Reporting with drop-down menus and drill-down capabilities.

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    myPerspectives English Language Arts 2022 - Savvas Learning Company

    myPerspectives is an English Language Arts program that focuses on student-centered learning to engage all learners and prepare students for the demands of college and career. With an emphasis on promoting student voice and choice, the standards-aligned curriculum uses multi-genre texts, multimedia content, and purposeful activities to create personalized learning experiences that enable students to master reading, writing, language, and speaking and listening skills.


    Students read a variety of diverse, compelling, and relevant texts, from classic and literary to informational and contemporary, that inspire thoughtful discussion and debate. As students interact with texts and engage in collaborative projects that include real-time peer-to-peer commenting, they learn how to formulate and express their opinions and develop their own perspectives.


    Providing the focus, coherence, and rigor of state and national standards, myPerspectives offers high-quality instructional content that builds on previous grade skills levels and content knowledge. Offering materials in blended formats, this powerful program features a gradual release instructional model that enables students to become self-directed learners as they move from whole-class to small-group to independent learning.


    With a wealth of interactive content, assessment tools, and data reporting features accessible on the Savvas Realize LMS, myPerspectives delivers flexibility to every teacher and personalized instruction to every student to support learning anytime, anywhere. Hook & Inspire texts allow teachers to use engaging videos, songs, infographics, and other popular multimedia to help students connect literature to their own lives.


    myPerspectives provides rigorous activities that require critical thinking and analysis, as well as synthesis of information from many sources to demonstrate learning. Designed to appeal to students’ diverse learning styles, it offers engaging digital resources, including:


    • Skills Centers provide in-depth tutorials, videos, and practice activities that reinforce important skills. 

    • Interactive Mini Lessons break complex concepts into manageable pieces and allow students to work at their own pace.  

    • Listenwise Current Events provides nonfiction podcasts aligned to unit topics and news stories. 

    • Novels Integration includes 130+ digital and 1000+ print novels, with 200+ novel lesson plans.

    • Multimedia Resources, such as graphic novels, film clips, and plays, offer real-world content.

    • Video Library offers curated media connections.

    • English Learner Resources feature text and audio selections in English and Spanish and a multilingual glossary in 11 languages.

    With instructional support and editable resources, myPerspectives is a student-centered program that gives educators tools to differentiate learning and meet the needs of all learners.
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