Best Social Sciences/Studies Instructional Solution

Recognizes the best instructional solution for social sciences / social studies curricula and content for students in the PK- 12 or higher education markets. Includes history, geography, government/political science, economics, etc. via managed classroom/course-based instruction, online supplemental instruction for individuals. Provides for deep and personalized learning experiences for students, supports standards alignment, and reflects current curriculum practice.

National Geographic American Government - National Geographic Learning

National Geographic Learning American Government is a new, high school American government course with rich online and print resources.  The course is available through MindTap, National Geogrpahic Learning's online platform supporting diverse learning styles in high school social sciences with its full eBook audio, highlighted vocabulary, study tools for the student, and the ability for the teacher to rearrange, hide, and add content.  MindTap may be accessed on a PC, Mac, or iOS or Android tablet.

Varied assessment in the program includes formative assessment after every lesson with interactive, online questions to encourage and develop critical thinking skills, and chapter summative assessment. The content may be aligned to state and national standards.

Units include Foundations of the American System, The Constitution and Federalism, Civil Liberties and Civil Rights, The Lexislative Branch, The Executive Branch, The Judicial Branch, The Politics of Democracy, Government in Action: Public Policy, and State and Local Government.  

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  • Revel for Political Science / History / Sociology / Psychology - Pearson Education

    Revel improves results by empowering students to actively participate in learning.

    More than a digital textbook, Revel delivers an engaging blend of author content, media, and assessment. With Revel, students read and practice in one continuous experience. Interactive content and assessments integrated throughout the narrative provide opportunities for students to explore and apply concepts. And Revel is mobile and user-friendly, so students can learn on the go — anytime, anywhere, on any device.

    Pearson Originals Videos. Stories have the power to inspire. Bring the real world into your classroom, and harness the power of visual learning, with Pearson Originals videos. These short-form documentaries and contemporary videos contextualize the complex social and political issues impacting the world today. Available in Revel Sociology and Revel Political Science.

    History 360 Experiences. History 360 Interactive Experiences are an immersive experience, which brings students into the settings of historic sites. Available in Revel History.

    Artifacts As Evidence Video Series. Created in partnership with the Smithsonian Institution, these videos present unique artifacts from the Smithsonian collection as starting points for explaining and illuminating the American historical experience. Available in Revel History.

    Interactive maps, figures and tables with Social Explorer technology allow students to interact with real data to explore concepts. Available in Revel Sociology, Revel Political Science, and Revel History.

    Current Events Bulletins are author written articles that help students connect chapter concepts with real life current events. Fresh topics every semester help students better understand and relate to the content. Available in Revel Sociology and Revel Political Science.

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    Advanced Placement United States History, 4th ed, Interactive Edition - Perfection Learning

    This concise and accessible coursebook is structured and written to follow the current AP® Course and Exam Description. Content topics provide the core narrative of U.S. history organized in short, focused sections. The text is aligned to course exam framework and correlated in the areas of historical thinking skills, reasoning processes, themes, and content. The text includes primary sources, special features, multiple assessment opportunities, and a complete AP® U.S. History practice exam. The interactive edition uses the latest instructional technology and design to ensure accessibility and help teachers create a dynamic, inclusive classroom.

    Better comprehension for all students. Comprehension is the gateway to meaning, and the embedded state-of-the art Immersive Reader technology delivers. All students have the power to:

    • Adapt the reading passage based on their own abilities and learning differences.
    • Translate and hear the text in their native language-dozens of languages available.
    • Enhance learning using a picture dictionary, add line focus (1, 3, or 5 lines of text), or identify parts of speech and syllables.
    • Customize readability by changing font type, size, and background colors.

    Identify and extract textual evidence. Students can quickly:

    • Identify, label, and comment on textual evidence.
    • Collect evidence in a digital notebook.
    • Reference textual evidence when completing activities and responding to free response questions.

    Engage students through collaboration. Reduce reluctance to participate through the Collaboration Wall. Students and teachers can use familiar social media tools to:

    • Participate in dynamic discussions both online and in small groups.
    • Share ideas and perspectives based on meaningful, text-based questions.

    Track and grade participation in real time. Inform instruction and intervention with real-time data and user-friendly reports. Teachers can quickly:

    • Create student and class proficiency reports based on the College Board's Course and Exam Descriptions.
    • Review participation scoring for collaborative and discussion activities.
    • Access a comprehensive grade book.
    • Generate item analysis and usage reports by student or class. 

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