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CupixWorks - Cupix

Founded in 2015 by global pioneers in the fields of 3D-scan data processing software and cloud-based 3D applications, San Jose, California-based Cupix delivers cutting-edge 3D digital twin solutions for the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industries and building owners. Cupix's mission is to empower contractors and owners everywhere to build smart. The Cupix vision goes beyond 3D digital twins and sees a world in which builders and owners everywhere can visualize resources, workflows, digital services, environmental impact, risks and rewards in everything they build and manage. And it starts by revolutionizing the way builders and owners create value in their projects and properties across the entire built-world lifecycle. This past summer, in June 2021, Cupix announced a major update to its leading product, CupixWorks. CupixWorks transforms any construction site into an easy-to-manage project, creating value across the entire life cycle of a property. Requiring only a consumer-grade 360-degree camera, CupixWorks is the fastest and easiest way to create and share a best-in-class 3D digital twin, whether for a relatively simple commercial building, a highly complex facility, or an external infrastructure project like roads and bridges. By integrating BIM, plans, issues, and RFIs, CupixWorks empowers AEC pros to create punch lists, make queries and assign tasks. Product enhancements integrated in the CupixWorks platform include automated 3D spatial information extraction and editing tools which enable 3D spatial intelligence-based site management, comprehensive BIM data support, and secure collaboration and data access controls. Available via a usage-based pricing model that is unique for the industry, the new platform features a completely redesigned digital-twin viewer for easier integration with third-party vendors, more streamlined LiDAR data support, and drone-mounted 360 image sequence capture and support. Other enhanced features in CupixWorks include customizable, enterprise-ready data security and access management tools, multi-cloud storage options for building and design files, and ready-to-use hardware kits and self-service templates that enable quick onboarding for both technical and non-technical users. While manufacturing has begun to embrace digital twin technology, construction remains largely a 2D industry and one that hungers for technological innovation. With CupixWorks, off-site experts now have access to on-site views into the deep details of projects. In a world where surprises and complications are commonplace and costly, CupixWorks gives customers the collaboration, confidence and control they need to stay on time, on budget, and on target. We believe the launch of CupixWorks represents a significant step forward for the AEC industries and building owners and we look forward to demonstrating CupixWorks' strengths to SIIA's CODiE judges.

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    STRUXI - Penta Technologies, Inc.

    STRUXI is a simple construction management platform that helps construction businesses root out problems and act with real-time insights by cost code, project, crew and employee.

    With the scan of a hard hat, the STRUXI Capture app clocks in workers in seconds and automatically syncs that data into the STRUXI web app. This is the quickest interface on the market for foremen to allocate crew time to cost codes for their whole crew. STRUXI Business Intelligence (BI) gives construction project managers the freedom to build any report they need based on this real-time data and past performance. With the use of STRUXI BI, project managers can track how many crew members are needed to finish a job, daily production goals, workdays to completion and more. STRUXI stands out for its simplicity and flexibility.

    Our simple software can be implemented in under an hour. It takes 15 minutes to set up, 30 minutes to train the trainer and 5 minutes to train crew members. With such a simple set up process and easy-to-use platform, there is a huge return on investment.

    STRUXI pays for itself on the first project and scales to meet your growing demand.

    • Up to 5% labor savings across your organization
    • Up to 50% reduction in back-office admin data entry
    • Up to an hour per day saved per project supervisor

    Our mission is to deliver a construction software toolset that maximizes efficiency in your construction business, by empowering people on your job sites as well as in your back offices to easily track, analyze and manage time.

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