Best Student Experience

Recognizes the company, school, tool, platform, program or service that has gone above and beyond to positively impact the education, health and wellbeing of the students. Be sure to outline how the positive impact was achieved and show measurable outcomes. Entries will be evaluated based on the information provided in the written and/ or video nomination entry. Support with data and examples where appropriate.

ST Math - MIND Research Institute

ST Math is a PreK-8 visual instructional program that leverages the brain's innate spatial-temporal reasoning ability to solve mathematical problems. The program’s unique, patented approach provides students with equitable access to learning through challenging puzzles, non-routine problem solving, and formative feedback. With ST Math, students build deep conceptual understanding, and schools see proven, repeatable results. Whether distance learning, in the classroom, using a hybrid model, or at home, ST Math has been proven effective at keeping meaningful math learning happening for students. By design, its mastery-driven approach develops deep conceptual understanding at the student’s own pace, making ST Math just as powerful a learning tool outside the classroom as it is inside of it. The evidence-based impact of ST Math continues to be shown through independent, third-party validations as well as annual, transparent evaluations of results from ST Math school cohorts. These join more than 100 studies on the efficacy of ST Math. Independent research firm WestEd published a study on ST Math, the largest of its kind, to evaluate an edtech math program across state assessments. Grades that faithfully implemented ST Math improved significantly more than similar grades that did not use the program, outgrowing them in statewide rank by an average of 14 percentile points. In late 2019, The Journal of Research on Technology in Education (JRTE) published a rigorous study that found students who play ST Math have higher mathematics self-beliefs than non-ST Math students. The study included all second through fifth grade students at 52 southern California schools, each with high percentages of English learners (ELs) and students qualifying for free or reduced lunch. Grades using ST Math were compared to students in the same grades with similar demographics that were not using ST Math. In late 2020, ST Math earned the Learner Variability product certification from Digital Promise. The certification is a reliable signal for educators and families looking for evidence that edtech products support their learners’ unique needs. ST Math was one of only 15 products to be recognized with this certification. This new certification accompanies the research-based design product certification ST Math earned from Digital Promise last year. For both certifications, the ST Math program was recognized in the first cohort. ST Math currently reaches over 1.7 million students, 102,000 teachers, and 8,700 schools.

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  • Paper - Paper

    Paper partners with school districts to deliver 1:1 tutoring that is equitable, scalable, and cost-effective. Students get unlimited 24/7 live help and writing feedback, teachers get insights to tackle individual learning gaps, and administrators get actionable data to inform strategic decisions. Paper’s multilingual tutors add an extra layer of support across all content areas and grade levels, in and out of the classroom—so students always have access to expert help exactly when, where, and how they need it.

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  • Learning Suite -

    For 22 years and 22 million tutoring sessions, has been partnering with K–12 schools, higher education institutions, libraries, organizations, associations, and the U.S. military to provide learners from elementary school through high school, college, graduate school, and continuing education with highly effective, 1-to-1 academic and professional support. The Learning Suite is easy to use (no apps to download) and robust enough to provide sophisticated functionality. Through our partner institutions, tens of millions of learners can readily access:

    • 1-to-1, online, on-demand tutoring with fully vetted expert tutors in 250+ subjects as well as test-prep areas
    • 24/7 drop-off reviews of writing assignments, math problems, cover letters, and resumes
    • Individualized support in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese (more languages coming soon!)
    • 2-way voice and text for learners of all ages and stages
    • Video lessons for math/ELA and AP® subjects
    • The Princeton Review SAT®/ACT® Essentials with practice tests, drills, video lessons, and detailed score reports
    • The Princeton Review practice tests for GMAT®, GRE®, LSAT®, and MCAT®
    • Practice quizzes for ASVAB, math, science, and English
    • SkillsCenter Resource Library
    • Accessibility features including screen reader software such as JAWS®, ability to resize fonts and images, etc. 
    • Session history and favorite tutors (optional)

    We offer free learner webinars and provide a wealth of materials through our Client Resource Centers to help institutional partners support their students. We deliver what one partner dubbed “the highest quality of service and customer support.” Students have written that is "a lifesaver," "amazing," "excellent"—and "very helpful, especially during COVID times."

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    Lippincott(R) CoursePoint+ - Wolters Kluwer

    Lippincott ® CoursePoint+, an all-encompassing nursing education digital learning solution, combines high quality content written by nurse educators, tested technology for delivery and assessment of learning, virtual simulations of clinical experiences and in-depth reporting of student progress and outcomes with an intuitive platform design to develop clinical judgment and prepare nursing students for real-world practice.  

    Wolters Kluwer understands that each nursing student comes into the classroom with his/her own unique strengths and challenges.  [CH1] CoursePoint+ was specifically designed to integrate a variety of engaging and interactive tools into one learning suite that provides didactic lessons and clinical experiences with adaptive and personalized learning, geared to help students understand, retain, and apply course knowledge – whether in an individual or group setting -  and prepare for practice.   All tools are assignable, trackable, and deliver data on student behaviors and outcomes.   

    • CoursePoint+ allows every student to receive a personalized learning experience, meeting them where they are on their learning journey. Our adaptive learning system, PrepU, allows students to effectively and efficiently practice and master content across the nursing curriculum at their own pace and matched specifically to each student. With over 1 billion responses submitted, PrepU has  improved students’ retention and mastery of course content.
    • vSim® for Nursing is our unique clinical simulation solution that allows nursing students to learn the skills needed for clinical success through realistic patient encounters based on actual scenarios, allowing nursing programs to safely replace clinical hours in pre-licensure programs and offset the lack of clinical sites available. To learn see how vSim works, click here.
    • Interactive Case Studies apply learning to real-life situations and enhance clinical judgment by placing the student at the patient’s bedside, requiring them to think through care of a patient.
    • “Watch and learn” videos and “Concepts in action” animations offer engaging, foundational didactic learning.
    • Exclusive Picmonics® are specially selected for each course area to provide fun and engaging mnemonic visual study lessons proven to increase retention and recall of information.
    • Many other features including integrated eText and “SmartSense” links offer guidance in the lack of face-to-face time in an online/blended course”
    • In-Depth Reporting – our unparalleled reporting provides real-time data, in-depth dashboards with key data and actionable insights to help instructors track overall course and individual student progress, identify strengths and weaknesses of topics and much more.  The CoursePoint Gradebook is also exportable into a school’s learning management system.
    • Students Results Dashboard – gives students performance information on how they are doing on all aspects of their course, provide information on where one’s strengths and weaknesses are on chapter level basis, and also allows students to baseline how they are doing compared to their classmates. 
    • To help students utilize CoursePoint+ as effectively as possible, Lippincott offers a variety of customer support offerings from live and recorded training webinars, access to video and training guides and tookits. 

    Here is some customer feedback that has been shared with us recently: 

    • “With Lippincott CoursePoint+, students come to class better prepared than previously. They’re more engaged and their test scores have gone up.”

    -         Nurse Educator

    • “CoursePoint+ and vSim were our best option. We love everything about it — all the resources are great. The students really get into the virtual simulations. They’re so good for teaching critical thinking, and lead to such rich conversations — clearly, the students are learning.”

    -         Nurse Educator

    • “It’s a really great experience in making decisions under patients’ real-life changes and it’s really the closest thing we’ve had in lab to real-life clinical experience.”

    -         Nursing Student

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    Xello - Xello

    Xello is an online K-12 college, career and future readiness program that helps students achieve a deeper understanding of themselves, explore pathways and plan for the future. The student-centered program helps learners determine academic and career options best aligned to their unique skills and interests. Xello encourages students to self-reflect on their aspirations and build skills to achieve their goals. In the Xello platform, students create online portfolios to display their interests, skills and abilities. As students gain new experiences, profiles are updated to reflect those experiences. Students also have access to career and college profiles that include real-world interviews, providing an authentic glimpse into different options. A built-in lesson curriculum is built around six core themes: Self-knowledge, Learning Pathways, Career Exploration, Decision Making & Goal Setting, Success Skills, and Real World Readiness. Lessons include reflective activities to help students build social-emotional skills and knowledge that employers value, including communication, problem-solving and self-advocacy. Other notable features include end-to-end support for high school course selection as well as the college application process, empowering students to take ownership of their future. Xello is used in over 9,000 schools across North America, and has earned a reputation as a high-quality college and career planning solution for K-12 school districts. Xello is set up to ensure local and federal requirements for college and career readiness are met. The program is available in English and Spanish, optimized for mobile, tablet and desktop. Xello uses the latest protocols to keep student data secure, is EdFi certified and is a signatory of the Student Privacy Pledge. Xello has won numerous awards, including an EdTech Award for best career planning solution.

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