Best Virtual Learning Solution

Provides the remote learning educational solution that best delivers course support, full courses or degree programs online, in either subscription-based or massive, open environments. Includes tutoring, self-paced digital instruction, home-schooling, advanced placement course work, credit recovery, instructional support, personalized learning environment or college credit and targets the PK-12 or higher education market.

Amira Learning - Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Amira Learning provides 1:1 reading tutoring, reading fluency assessment, and dyslexia risk screening from anywhere to support all forms of learning. Proven effective, Amira has strong ESSA evidence of improving student achievement and has been shown to double fluency growth in just 45+ minutes a week. Amira’s approach to reading success is built on decades of research and continues to be studied and enhanced upon. Amira is the culmination of 20+ years of AI and reading science research. More than 100 peer-reviewed research papers from Carnegie Mellon University and other leading universities have shown Amira to be as effective as a certified human tutor and even more effective for multi-lingual learners and those furthest behind in reading Amira accelerates reading mastery for all students in Grades K-5 with anywhere, anytime 1:1 reading tutoring – you only need an internet connection and a tablet or laptop. Making individual tutoring scalable, Amira maximizes the number of students who can receive personal attention. It all starts as Amira listens to students read out loud, assesses mastery, and then delivers personalized coaching based on the students reading. Amira is the first program to deliver powerful tutoring powered by 35+ precise micro-interventions rooted in the Science of Reading. The micro-interventions act as a “scaffold” to support the reader in mastering foundational reading skills. Amira’s support is organized by the Five Pillars of Literacy—the skills identified as critical elements of effective early literacy instruction. Amira accelerates skilled reading through proven interventions like reading along, lip-syncing, and rhyming words. Pre-readers can benefit from Amira’s 1:1 tutoring capabilities as well. Students who are identified as early readers practice with Amira through an Early Reader Skills Scaffold sequence consisting of Echo Reading, Word List, and Letter Story. Amira engages all students with the right practice at the right time and gives teachers more time to provide small group instruction, meet with students 1:1, and connect with students on a personal level.

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  • Raz-Plus - Learning A-Z

    Raz-Plus is a blended learning platform that combines teacher-led whole-class and small-group instruction with technology-enabled resources for personalized student reading practice. All resources are accessible online in a variety of formats to strengthen the connection between what is taught and what students practice independently.

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  • MobyMax - Best Virtual Learning Solution - MobyMax

    MobyMax offers the only complete and comprehensive K-8 curriculum for 27 subjects, including math, reading, phonics, language, vocabulary, spelling, writing, science, social studies, and state test prep. MobyMax�s digital courseware solution can be used at any time, on any device with an internet connection, whether it�s a desktop at school or a tablet at home. MobyMax�s full suite of integrated and automated classroom tools saves teachers precious hours with comprehensive assessments, grading and markup tools for writing, accurate diagnostics, IEP reporting, messaging, and real-time progress monitoring. The company�s newly released Assessments allow teachers to drill down to discrete skills to get an instant snapshot of where students are. Interactive curriculum personalizes learning, allowing educators to combine face-to-face education with online learning and resulting in remarkable gains. The MobyMax differentiated learning/blended learning model enables students to learn twice as fast. Since its inception ten years ago, MobyMax has enabled students to consistently gain more than one full grade level after just 20 hours of work. In August 2018, a large-scale independent research study of 4,000 students concluded that students using MobyMax Math showed 53% more improvement than students in the control group who did not use MobyMax. MobyMax was the most awarded EdTech company in 2021, racking up 57 industry awards including the SIIA CODiE awards for Best Cross-Curricular Tool, Best Foundational Science Instructional Solution, and Best Enterprise Learning Solution. MobyMax was named a SIIA Education Technology 2021 CODiE award finalist in a record-breaking 18 categories MobyMax is used in more than 82% of all K-8 schools in the United States, with over 28 million students registered by teachers.

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    TutorMe - TutorMe

    TutorMe is an award-winning online learning platform that connects students worldwide with highly qualified tutors on-demand. With over 15,000 expert tutors covering 300+ subjects, TutorMe provides 24/7 academic support to 1.5 million students (and counting) wherever and wherever they need it the most. In less time than it takes to brew coffee, a smart matching system connects learners with a robust network of seasoned subject matter experts like Ivy League students, experienced teachers, and accomplished professionals. To ensure world-class academic support, just 4% of applicants pass rigorous background checks and knowledge exams to become qualified tutors. TutorMe also compensates tutors on its platform up to 80% more than other online tutoring services, helping retain top-notch talent and deliver consistently high-caliber help. Students pair up with their private tutor for a tailored 1-on-1 lesson in the innovative lesson space. The virtual classroom features tools such as a text editor, code editor, two-way audio/video chat, screen sharing, and a virtual whiteboard to make learning engaging and effective. Each session is archived so students can easily access past lessons to help them with coursework and studying. As COVID-19 has disrupted schools around the country and created economic challenges for millions of families, TutorMe has been a much-needed source of educational support and stability for students, tutors, and school administrators. In the past year, TutorMe has seen its online tutoring hours increase nearly five-fold. The company has quadrupled its number of institutional and corporate partners and achieved more than 500% revenue growth over the previous year. With in-person tutoring unavailable and the demand for online tutoring skyrocketing, TutorMe reliably connected students with tutors on-demand, easing the burden on parents with insufficient time to help their children with schoolwork. TutorMe goes beyond traditional tutoring services with its acclaimed Writing Lab. Students can submit papers, essays, and more for detailed feedback from writing experts in 12 hours or less. With in-depth guidance from dedicated writing tutors, students can polish current papers and develop more effective writing skills for future written assignments. TutorMe directly partners with hundreds of schools, districts, and corporations to help address educational equity by providing students at participating institutions with unlimited free access to quality academic support regardless of their location, income, or ability. By offering premium online tutoring services, school leaders equip their students with tools for academic success, increasing graduation rates and reducing dropout rates. Additionally, TutorMe’s Client Dashboard provides educators with just-in-time alerts that deliver actionable insights into students' needs, helping optimize instructional design.

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  • uCertify LEARN - uCertify

    uCertify LEARN is a highly interactive, cloud-based and device-enabled, teaching and learning management platform for online, anywhere, anytime, competency based learning. uCertify LEARN is specifically designed to deliver HigherEd, vocational, workforce development and corporate training programs. Since such training requires hands-on approach, uCertify LEARN is designed to deliver hands-on labs, cloud and virtual environments - a feature that sets uCertify apart from other solutions.


    uCertify LEARN is developed from the ground up to deliver training to diverse audiences with different proficiency levels, making it an ideal tool for delivering diagnostic and remediation programs. Pre-Assessment can be used to configure an individualized, optimal learning path for each student. Educators can also create customized courses to meet different user needs, education outcomes and missions. 


    uCertify LEARN can deliver assessments with over 40 innovative item types. In addition to Pre-Assessment, Exercises, Quizzes, and Post-Assessments, an educator can create graded assignments. Students receive a readiness score that indicates their current level of readiness, real time feedback and reinforcement. Learners also get an individualized study plan to help them focus on areas needing improvement. 


    uCertify LEARN comes complete with a custom website, catalog and eCommerce to support distance education. It can be integrated with a LMS providing a seamless experience to the learner.

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