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Recognizes the best language acquisition solution designed to help non-native speakers learn, increase their knowledge of, or maintain new language skills through course-based language learning curricula, content, online supplemental instruction and assessment. Category does not include English language instruction.

LingoAce - LingoAce

LingoAce is a Singapore-headquartered global education technology company and leading Mandarin Chinese language learning platform. Offering an authentic, interactive and immersive language learning experience, LingoAce is tailored to meet the needs of learners ages three to 15, across a range of language proficiency levels and diverse cultural backgrounds. LingoAce’s programs are built for non-native Mandarin Chinese learners ranging from no exposure to the language to advanced and students in bilingual environments.​​ ​Every learner is unique, with varied language proficiencies, goals and personalities. LingoAce offers a choice of teachers and curriculum to tailor towards different learning needs and objectives. LingoAce currently has five program options: Preschool: Tailored for early learners to spark their interest in Mandarin Chinese.​ Advanced: Designed for learners with strong listening and speaking skills, this program focuses on advanced language application and fosters critical thinking and cross-cultural understanding.​ International: For learners studying Chinese as a second language, this program is based on globally recognized Mandarin Chinese learning materials. Discovery: Created for learners growing up in a bilingual environment, this program helps increase vocabulary, improve accuracy and coherence of Mandarin Chinese oral expression.​​ Foundation: For non-native Mandarin Chinese learners with no or minimum exposure to the language.​​ To assess if the learner is in the correct course, each student is paired with a LingoAce Course Consultant and Learning Advisor who learn the students Chinese proficiency, goals and parent expectations.​ A personalized learning plan is developed for each student, along with advice on the most suitable program and teacher. LingoAce’s globally accredited Chinese syllabus is taught by highly experienced, certified Chinese language teachers, and is brought to life through gamification, bold illustrations and interactive quizzes to better reinforce learning points. LingoAce’s programs ensure that each student gets the most out of their course by offering smaller class sizes, bite-sized content, frequent engagement and personalized progress reports. Throughout every step of the program, LingoAce provides the full attention needed for its students to successfully master a new language. A committed partner to both young learners and parents, the platform is equipped with tools to make it easy for parents to monitor their children’s learning. Regular detailed reports with performance insights, as well as playback of each class provide parents a non-invasive way to personally assess the learning progress. LingoAce has developed its proprietary platform (versus hosting on third-party video platforms) to ensure an optimal experience. LingoAce’s live course programs are accessible on both desktop and tablet, and customized tools and games are accessible to users on mobile to enable flexible learning.

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  • Mango Classroom - Mango Languages

    Mango Classroom by Mango Languages is an engaging, flexible, and efficient language-learning system that guides language learning in and outside of the classroom and inspires new generations of learners to communicate with confidence. This comprehensive resource helps teachers prepare students for emerging careers and global opportunities.


    Designed by expert linguists specifically to engage and motivate students, Mango Classroom is built on a proven conversation-focused methodology, Intuitive Language Construction. The system offers language learning in over 70 world languages (as well as English for English learners, supporting 20 native tongues.)


    The intuitive learning system provides a self-paced learning experience that helps create a “safe space” where students can practice at their own pace. Using audio from native speakers recorded at both a carefully articulated and a conversational pace, the platform showcases practical and authentic material with topically focused conversations, featuring modern expressions presented in cultural context and alongside cultural insights. Pronunciation tools like Mango’s Voice Comparison Tool and interactive phonetic support help students fine-tune their speaking skills. Critical-thinking slides, memory-building exercises, grammar notes, listening and reading exercises round out the content, helping reinforce learning from multiple angles and supporting diverse learning styles.


    Automatically graded quizzes and assessments give students formative feedback and teachers the accountability measures they need to identify gaps and inform instruction.


    Mango Classroom can complement curricula or stand alone. Educators utilize supplemental course guides, lesson-planning materials, and in-classroom activities to promote classroom learning. Families participate in language learning to further proliferate student engagement.


    Mango’s content is specially structured to identify skill levels and track achievements along the Mango Proficiency Scale, which compares favorably to ACTFL levels, the national World-Readiness Standards for Learning Languages, including universally recognized standards of proficiency and the 5 C’s (Communication, Cultures, Connections, Comparisons, and Communities).


    Mango’s online learning system (web-based software and application) is compatible across devices and operating systems: Android, iOS, PC, Mac. Learning is truly on-demand, including offline learning, Bluetooth, and hands-free capabilities for learning-on-the-go.


    Mango Classroom’s administrative portal tracks time-on-task and progress. The system integrates with Learning Management Systems (LMSs) as well as Integration Systems to increase ease-of-implementation. Mango Languages is currently the only language learning provider to be awarded an IMS Global Certification (LTI Advantage Complete, listed on; ensuring that clients experience seamless integrations that are secure and maximize the benefits of open standards.

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