Ed Tech Leadership Award

Honors the Education technology executive who has demonstrated significant leadership through strategy, financial accomplishments, ability to attract and retain talent, etc. resulting in the success of the company, its employees and the community over the past year.

John Campbell - Cambium Learning Group

John Campbell, CEO of Cambium Learning Group, is a leadership force in the education technology industry. As a curated family of companies providing award-winning edtech and supplemental PreK-12 solutions, Cambium helps millions of educators and students feel seen, valued and supported. John’s clear vision, critical thinking and mentorship have helped Cambium’s business units and their employees achieve substantial growth over the last year — no easy feat as education underwent arguably the biggest evolution in its history. 

Specifically, John’s clear vision, critical thinking, and mentorship has helped Cambium reach its recent milestone of serving more than 20 million students and 30% of U.S. teachers across 94% of U.S. districts and more than 170 countries. 

John was also essential in Cambium business units’ delivery of impactful solutions to a diverse community of students and educators throughout 2021. For example, under his leadership, ExploreLearning doubled launches of Gizmos®, its interactive math and science simulations, to more than 63 million, and students answered 9.5 billion Reflex® Math facts. Additionally, Lexia Learning expanded overall product usage to more than 25,000 schools with LETRS®, a professional learning product designed to train teachers in the “science of reading,” now active in nearly 2,000 districts. 

John also grew Cambium’s employee census by almost 50%, hiring more than 600 employees since July 2020. 



The past year has been unpredictable. However, John’s unwavering commitment to better supporting teachers and students enabled Cambium to have one of its most successful years to date.

Specifically, John’s clear vision, critical thinking, and mentorship has helped Cambium reach its recent milestone of serving more than 20 million students and 30% of U.S. teachers across 94% of U.S. districts and more than 170 countries. 



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    Gregg Scoresby - CampusLogic

    In 2011, there was no straightforward way for financial aid and enrollment professionals to easily navigate the manual demands of their jobs, and students could not navigate the financial friction existing between them and their degrees. Gregg Scoresby knew something better could exist. So, he set to work. Gregg began by addressing one of the most significant—and under-addressed—gaps in higher education: Financial aid verification. Verification is the process of confirming if a student's FAFSA information is correct. It often burdens students with getting select tax and income information from their families mailed or faxed to their school. It is a time-consuming and oftentimes shameful experience for students. A disproportionate number of low-income, first-generation and historically excluded students are selected for verification, and many do not finish the process. That means fewer students earn college degrees. Gregg created an intelligent verification solution, StudentForms. More students enrolled in colleges and universities that adopted the software, financial aid staff were supported, and institutions were able to get more students enrolled and graduated. Over the course of 11 years, Gregg has pioneered the implementation of six more high-impact solutions in the CampusLogic suite to support students and institutions. The seven-prong platform combines advanced automation, artificial intelligence-driven virtual advising and data visualization to expand access, reduce complexity and promote informed decision-making. From a one-person operation to one of the country’s fastest growing ed tech companies, CampusLogic has never failed to meet the moment, even as it grew. From supporting institutions during the pandemic, to helping low-income students earn micro-scholarships and moving them closer to graduation, the work meets the times, both present and future. The tech community has benefitted tremendously from Gregg’s influence. Beyond bolstering the software community in Arizona, Gregg’s vision has empowered the higher education industry at large to consider something entirely new about one of its fundamental principles: The entire higher ed industry wins when the financial aid office works most effectively. While his visionary leadership has supported nearly 800 schools across the country, Gregg also inspires his entire team at CampusLogic every single day. From software engineers to a world-class sales team, Gregg works tirelessly to create an environment centered around the company’s mission; to help schools change lives. Internally, he mentors and inspires everyone from executive leadership to college interns to work thoughtfully, think critically and dig into issues to uncover innovative solutions. And all the time, his focus remains: Drive Student Financial Success at institutions across the country, and help schools change lives.

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  • Dan Carroll - Clever

    Long before the pandemic, in 2012, Clever was born of co-founder Dan Carroll’s experience as a tech director in Denver, frustrated with the massive inefficiency and lost classroom learning time caused by siloed technology and forgotten passwords. While we’ve seen a proliferation of apps in the classroom, missing infrastructure blocks, misaligned sales cycles, and long implementation processes stripped edtech of its promise. For many educators, technology became a distraction rather than a powerful assist in creating learning experiences kids love. As Dan once put it, “I wanted to be an innovator, but I got stuck being a human API.” Under Dan’s leadership, Clever’s free digital learning platform has become the gateway into class for more than 22 million students each month. And, this year alone, over 750,000 free apps were downloaded by teachers who discovered new learning apps in the Clever Library. Dan and his co-founders have pioneered a business model that is fundamentally changing access to edtech – from day one, the Clever digital learning platform has always been free for all schools, making access to technology within reach for all schools. Clever’s path-breaking technology has reduced the time and cost of integrating technology through automation and scale – making it possible to provide the service for free to schools. It is this hustle and singular focus of Dan’s that led to Clever being acquired by the global learning company, Kahoot! in September – one of the biggest edtech acquisitions of 2021 – as the two most popular platforms in education join forces to provide improved digital learning solutions globally. Beyond his day job, Dan has become a trusted advisor and contributor to the edtech ecosystem, working to solve industry-wide challenges, encourage more educator voice in product development, and advocate that tech actually solves issues of equity. He has volunteered his time for initiatives like the EdTech Genome Project – a multi-year initiative designed to uncover the factors likely to have the greatest impact on the effectiveness of technology – and Project Unicorn, an effort to improve data interoperability within K-12 education. Dan serves on CoSN’s Digital Equity Committee and is a founding member of the N50 Project, a group that brings together Silicon Valley, government, and nonprofits to create content and apps that intentionally serve those “along the outer edge of the digital infrastructure.” And, he’s lending his voice to advocate for inclusion across all layers of society – for example, advocating that “dreamers” receive the legal status they deserve or encouraging edtech student information systems to allow nonbinary students to accurately identify their gender. Ultimately, we’re nominating Dan not only because of his vision and success as an edtech founder, but especially because of his steadfast advocacy for the ideas and solutions that help education live up to its promise for all students.

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  • Jamie Candee, Edmentum CEO - Edmentum

    March 2020 set off an unprecedented shift in how schools and districts delivered instruction to the children that they serve and expectations for how learning occurs have forever been altered. Because of Jamie's foresight and leadership, Edmentum is uniquely positioned to serve the schools and students of tomorrow. Jamie Candee leads Edmentum’s strategic vision and long-term growth as President, CEO, and Board Director. She has served as CEO of Edmentum since 2017, and has extensive experience in education technology, private equity, and policy. As CEO, Jamie is focused on ensuring that Edmentum programs and services empower teachers with the digital curriculum and assessments for learning they need to personalize instruction and create equitable learning opportunities for all students. Her vision is to ensure Edmentum programs are aligned to every teacher’s instructional strategies and demonstrate evidence of growth and learning. Leading with an educator first approach, Jamie ensures that teachers and students are always top-of-mind – from development through implementation of their Edmentum programs. Jamie lives by the credo of doing well by doing good. In 2018, Jamie founded Edmentum’s We Can Learn foundation. We Can Learn is committed to making a meaningful impact in education through philanthropic giving and service, that supports equitable and innovative learning opportunities. Since its inception, We Can Learn has supported the development of a school in Nakivale Refugee Settlement in Uganda, partnered with multiple local and national organizations, and provided support to over 10,000 children. Jamie is an active member of her community, providing mentorship, speaking, and leading through a variety of volunteer opportunities and board memberships. Jamie has spoken or been quoted on leadership, education, technology, finance, and professional development in The New York Times, Forbes, Today, ASU+GSV, and AASA. Jamie is on the Board of Trustees for Visitation School, and she sits on the board of directors for Project Success and Learning Tree International. In 2021, Jamie was recognized as the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of The Year® 2021 Heartland award winner and most recently she was named a 2022 Pahara Fellow, an organization designed to support and challenge value-driven and innovative leaders who are reimagining public education. “Edmentum is committed to personalizing learning for every student we serve, as well as supporting teachers in their mission to support every student. We will not stop pursuing our goal to ensure every student in this country can learn and be successful”.

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