Visual Explorer - Mode Analytics

Winner In:
Best Business Information or Data Delivery Solution
Mode Analytics’ Visual Explorer is a new flexible visualization system that helps analysts explore data faster and provides easy-to-interpret insights to business stakeholders. A best-in-class visualization suite powered by Helix, Mode’s award-winning responsive data engine, Visual Explorer builds upon Mode’s unique ability to combine BI and Data Science. Mode has always pushed to bring Analysts and Data Scientists closer to their business counterparts in the name of better, faster decision making. Visual Explorer is a critical piece of that puzzle, enabling faster collaboration in greater depth than ever before. By bringing together the workflows of analysts and business users in new ways, Visual Explorer allows analysts to answer questions quickly and advance knowledge across the organization. Inspired by the Grammar of Graphics framework, Visual Explorer enables analysts and data scientists to deliver information and insights that inform business decisions faster than ever before. By enabling anyone to explore and describe data visually across multiple dimensions, it empowers data teams to iterate on data-heavy visualizations with ease. Visual Explorer’s drag-and-drop interface also enables business stakeholders to answer their own follow-up questions, rather than overwhelming the data team with frequent requests. With Visual Explorer, data teams can flexibly explore data and easily create expressive visualizations with pivot tables, faceted charts, and other dynamic options. It also allows business stakeholders to perform table calculations and aggregations without code, providing them with greater ability to produce individual insights and answer common questions about audience segmentation, pricing, product prototyping and more. “With Mode’s new Visual Explorer feature, we can do everything we need within the platform,” said Neil Chainani, Data Science Lead, Square Cash App. “This saves time for my team and empowers us to do our jobs better.”

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