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Best Solution for Students with Special Needs

Bridge the learning gap to grade-level proficiency with Vizzle’s® standards-based K-12 web-based Math, ELA, Science, and Social Studies curriculum. The program provides interactive visual and instructional learning for students receiving special education supports with over 15,000 interactive lessons, games, and activities in all core subjects as well as life skills, vocational/transition, and speech. The program includes customizable content to support a student’s unique learning needs as well as lesson plans and course options. Automatic and secure collection and tracking of student data through lesson play assess student progress to provide personalized educational support. The Vizzle K-8 program includes interactive lessons and activities across all core subjects. Lessons are aligned to state learning standards and have an integrated authoring tool that allows educators to edit/create lessons to support any student learning objective. Lessons are designed to be presented digitally however can also be printed for use across specific learning environments. Vizzle provides multi-tiered support in line with district curriculum maps, providing access for all students to the general education curriculum. Structured, differentiated instructional materials, unit guides, lesson plans, and interactive engaging content can be personalized for each student’s specific needs while mapped to a district’s scope and sequence for success. VizZle also offers courses for students in grades 9-12 to assess, instruct, and generalize standards-aligned lessons. Each course includes a full suite of multi-tiered curricular tools to plan, organize, assess, instruct, and practice core academic knowledge and skills. Structured, standards-based units can easily map to district scope and sequence, providing all students access to the general education curriculum. Each course is organized into units and includes 36-weeks of sequential, leveled instruction and interactive lessons to support students varying learning needs. Courses include step-by-step unit guides and lesson plans, as well as pre/post-assessments. Subjects include English 1, 2 & 3, Algebra 1&2, Geometry, Civics, US History, World History, Biology, Earth Science and Chemistry. The Vizzle program supports districts with: • Effectively and efficiently implementing a special education curriculum that empowers students to bridge the learning gap to grade-level proficiency. • Consistency for students and staff with a program that supports student learning throughout their school career. • Ensuring instruction is aligned to State/District Learning Standards. • Empowering educators in providing individualized and personalized instruction to students based on needs. • Enabling timely and informed decision-making regarding instruction/intervention using student progress data. • Improving engagement and collaboration among educators, between teachers and students, and amongst schools and families.

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