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Best Emerging Instructional Technology Solution

As the number of Emergent Bilingual students continues to increase nationwide, educators and district administrators need smarter ways to ensure better academic outcomes for every learner. Lexia® English for grades K–6, was developed with this in mind. Founded on the leading-edge expertise of Lexia Learning, the program boasts advanced technology in speech recognition, meeting students' needs for interactive academic English speaking and listening practice in a variety of subject areas. This state-of-the-art English language learning solution was created to help Emergent Bilingual students reach their academic potential and is designed from an asset-based orientation. Its culturally and ethnically diverse characters in the program engage and encourage students throughout their learning journeys, while interactive academic conversations empower them to build the linguistic competence and confidence needed for academic success. To address individual needs, the program offers both standard and scaffolded instruction. With Lexia English, educators are equipped with the tools necessary to address individual student needs, reduce the impact of time constraints, enhance their preparedness, and access actionable data to better support student achievement. Teacher-led resources and lessons complement the online component of independent, student-driven learning, helping to streamline instruction and ensure teacher effectiveness. Aligned with multiple language proficiency standards, the program's rigorous academic content supports language acquisition for students at all proficiency bands. Providing educational opportunity and closing long-standing accessibility and equity gaps, Lexia English helps schools and districts improve performance, meet district and state standards goals, and increase graduation rates.

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