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Kluwer Arbitration is the world’s leading information-based solution for international arbitration. It provides access to exclusive arbitration materials and a streamlined research experience that support legal professionals throughout the arbitration process end-to-end, from selecting the right arbitrator for the case to building a winning strategy. Now days, clients don’t want to pay for research, they would like to pay for the ability to transform the research into a strategy that makes them win a case. With Kluwer Arbitration, legal professionals are supercharged with tools that empower them to get to the answers quickly so they could focus on the more strategic, high value tasks. Kluwer Arbitration supports legal professionals with the most pressing and challenging issues relating to the arbitration process, such as selecting an arbitrator to best suit the case strategy. Recently developed tools provide data-driven information about arbitrators and their experience, drawn from a wide range of resources, to create as complete a picture as possible. The information is extracted using machine learning supported by rigorous quality checks performed by arbitration experts to ensure high quality of the data. As another layer, the tools identify connections of arbitrators to uncover potential conflicts of interest. Together, these data-driven tools empower legal professionals to find, compare, or challenge arbitrators while minimizing involved risks and increasing predictability and efficacy of arbitrator appointments for the parties. With 4,300+ data-driven arbitrator profiles and relationships of 13,000+ arbitration professionals, the tools provide customers with easy access to information that is typically confidential, saving time on research and replacing a cumbersome and incomplete process with a data backed up approach. Each arbitrator profile visualizes the information in a user-friendly manner, including pie charts and tables, and provides links to publications and awards associated with the arbitrator within Kluwer Arbitration database to gain a deeper understanding of the arbitrator’s views and approach in a seamless workflow. Kluwer Arbitration is evolving with the customer’s need in mind to solve the main challenges in international arbitration, which is inaccessibility of data-backed information and time spent on research, providing a different, more efficient way to do things.

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