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Best Corporate / Enterprise Learning Solution
Gamified simulation company Attensi is built on three core simulation principles: they are realistic, engaging and impactful. Powered by the best insights from psychology, learning and gaming, Attensi delivers a new paradigm for corporate learning. Gamified simulation training engages employees in learning with measurable impact on business key performance indicators (KPIs), whether on mobile, desktop or virtual reality (VR). Using Attensi’s 3D modeling employees are immersed in authentic situations involving hypothetical interactions and use of business-critical software systems, with no coding required. Because organizations do not need a dedicated developer to create the trainings, content can be continuously updated as needed and customized to drive skills acquisition in staff. For the past 20 years organizational development has relied on the same methods: classroom training, mentoring, videos and linear e-learning. These practices have proven ineffective – wasting money and time. Shifting to simulated, gamified training allows employees to learn and fail in a safe environment. Attensi uses the principles of behavioral psychology to design mini games that are motivating and repeatable. This repetition is the key factor in retaining information in the long term. One example of Attensi’s success is through their creation of the world’s first ‘underwriter simulator’ for specialist global insurer, Hiscox to help tackle the skills gap in risk management and insurance. After using the Attensi simulations, the Hiscox team now trains and mentors junior underwriters on best practice, bridges any existing skills gaps, and provides support for complex tasks, such as assessing risk. Junior underwriters can learn with real-world scenarios, without a real-world impact should they get something wrong. This gives them the freedom to learn from their mistakes in a safe environment. Following a survey of Hiscox staff, 85% of participants agreed the training had helped them understand how to develop reviews and analysis to identify areas of improvement for account and portfolio analysis. And 85% agreed the training helped them learn how to apply technical concepts across the underwriting cycle. Attensi has delivered gamified simulation training in more than 100 countries, in 20 languages and employs over 125 staff. Since 2019, Attensi has grown by 540% with over 300,00 current global users as of 2021. Over the past two years, they continuously have seen high customer satisfaction rates with a typical project having over 90% positive responses from participants, who report they prefer this way of training versus traditional learning methods, e.g. e-learning, book based or classroom. The average completion rate for e-learning courses is 25% and for MOOCs (massive online video training) is just 10%. By contrast, Attensi experiences a 94% completion rate and has had 25 million playthroughs of its gamified simulation training.

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