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Best Personalized Learning Solution

DreamBox Learning - Reading Plus is

  • an adaptive, personalized online literacy program 
  • proven effective to improve comprehension, vocabulary, fluency, and motivation for students at all achievement levels.
  • the only program to address all of the skills required for the efficient and effective processing of text.
  • designed to work seamlessly between classroom and home
  • an ideal solution for hybrid-learning as well as blended learning environments
  • the recipient of a "Strong" ESSA rating by Johns Hopkins University's Center for Research and Reform in Education (2019)

Our program

  • begins with an online assessment that provides a diagnostic profile for every student and places students on personalized, adaptive learning paths in Reading, Writing, Vocabulary, and Visual Skills components
  • is grounded in decades of research, pedagogical expertise, and technological innovation
  • uses formative data from each student to continually adapt instruction
  • provides educators with actionable reports and resources for targeted teacher-directed instruction that extends the learning
  • provides students with choice and control over reading materials, 2,500 high-interest texts, hands-on practice with critical reading skills
  • Supports teachers with ease of implementation, point-of-use resources and PD, printables, and user-friendly data reports at the district, school, or student level

Our Customer Service

  • is available via LiveChat, email, phone, or web form
  • provides rapid response times and personalized attention
  • has maintained its exceptional customer service throughout the pandemic


  • integrates with SIS/SSO platforms 
  • provides the highest level of data security

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