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Winner In:
Best Reading/Writing/Literature Instructional Solution for Grade 9 - 12

myPerspectives is an English Language Arts program that focuses on student-centered learning to engage all learners and prepare students for the demands of college and career. With an emphasis on promoting student voice and choice, the standards-aligned curriculum uses multi-genre texts, multimedia content, and purposeful activities to create personalized learning experiences that enable students to master reading, writing, language, and speaking and listening skills.


Students read a variety of diverse, compelling, and relevant texts, from classic and literary to informational and contemporary, that inspire thoughtful discussion and debate. As students interact with texts and engage in collaborative projects that include real-time peer-to-peer commenting, they learn how to formulate and express their opinions and develop their own perspectives.


Providing the focus, coherence, and rigor of state and national standards, myPerspectives offers high-quality instructional content that builds on previous grade skills levels and content knowledge. Offering materials in blended formats, this powerful program features a gradual release instructional model that enables students to become self-directed learners as they move from whole-class to small-group to independent learning.


With a wealth of interactive content, assessment tools, and data reporting features accessible on the Savvas Realize LMS, myPerspectives delivers flexibility to every teacher and personalized instruction to every student to support learning anytime, anywhere. Hook & Inspire texts allow teachers to use engaging videos, songs, infographics, and other popular multimedia to help students connect literature to their own lives.


myPerspectives provides rigorous activities that require critical thinking and analysis, as well as synthesis of information from many sources to demonstrate learning. Designed to appeal to students’ diverse learning styles, it offers engaging digital resources, including:


  • Skills Centers provide in-depth tutorials, videos, and practice activities that reinforce important skills. 

  • Interactive Mini Lessons break complex concepts into manageable pieces and allow students to work at their own pace.  

  • Listenwise Current Events provides nonfiction podcasts aligned to unit topics and news stories. 

  • Novels Integration includes 130+ digital and 1000+ print novels, with 200+ novel lesson plans.

  • Multimedia Resources, such as graphic novels, film clips, and plays, offer real-world content.

  • Video Library offers curated media connections.

  • English Learner Resources feature text and audio selections in English and Spanish and a multilingual glossary in 11 languages.

With instructional support and editable resources, myPerspectives is a student-centered program that gives educators tools to differentiate learning and meet the needs of all learners.
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