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Winner In:
Best Emerging Technology
Best Overall Business Technology Solution
Honeywell Forge accelerates digital transformation in complex, capital intensive industries. Forge connects assets, people, and processes to deliver a system of record that is revolutionizing operations and supply chains. It is helping to improve product quality and save patient lives in life sciences. It is connecting buildings, ensuring greater efficiencies, and enhancing the occupant experience in commercial real estate. It is better managing resources, introducing new efficiencies, and reducing waste in warehouses and the supply chain. It is improving workplace safety, decarbonizing operations, and increasing profit in industrial operations. It is modernizing the passenger experience, revolutionizing flight operations, and delivering on sustainability goals in aerospace. It is also helping to manage new risk, such as ensuring vaccine compliance. Honeywell’s flagship digital transformation product, Forge is enabling a new era of intelligent operations. Forge includes a mix of software and enabling services that help companies use operational data to drive insights that improve processes, enhance productivity, support sustainability, and empower workers. It is helping to better connect, automate, measure, analyze, simplify, and transform complex operations and supply chains, often for the first time. Forge allows the operational technology side of the business to overcome the challenges of digital transformation and deliver business value. Through its shared SaaS architecture and purpose-built software that leverages advancements in AI, Machine Learning and IoT, Forge puts the power of reliable data in the hands of the people who need it by connecting disparate systems, eliminating data siloes and automating manual processes. The results include greater workforce productivity, improved decision making, lowered costs, enhanced performance, an ability to meet rising expectations for safety, compliance, and ESG, and ultimately, a better user experience. Forge is the first industrial-grade software system that mimics real-world behaviors and relationships across assets and acts as a foundation for Honeywell’s AI/ML algorithms to intelligently automate end-to-end processes. Its SaaS architecture allows for accelerated deployments at scale. A business-grade, plug-and-play tool leverages cloud technologies to auto-detect assets and improve the reliability of the data without the need for capital investment. A flexible system of record enables visibility into data silos and critical downstream applications. A horizontal suite of applications solve for common business problems, like process control, energy optimization and asset performance. Analytics give 360-degree views of operations and a framework companies can customize without the need for software development. A scalable software architecture allows for easy enhancements to meet specific business needs and allows for seamless integration with other industry-standard platforms.

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