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Best No Code/ Low Code Platform
OutSystems provides an enterprise-grade low-code development platform that delivers significant productivity gains for developers building complex, mission-critical applications. Using innovative technologies including advanced automation and AI, OutSystems improves every aspect of the Dev/Sec/Ops lifecycle, from development to deployment- providing flexibility, scalability and enterprise-class security. The platform integrates the most important features into a single, integrated cloud-native platform in order to help developers build solutions fast and maintain flexibility. As a pioneer of the low-code space, OutSystems recognized early on that “low-code” alone wasn’t enough for the complex solutions companies needed to build. Unlike many of the low-code players in this space who are targeting workgroup apps, the OutSystems platform takes the foundation of low-code and spans far beyond combining speed and efficiency with the expressiveness and capability of traditional development to build and manage serious enterprise applications. Customers are choosing OutSystems to dramatically accelerate the development of their most important applications while also delivering unprecedented levels of flexibility and efficiency to their teams. Rather than depending on 10x engineers only available to the tech elite, the OutSystems platform empowers companies across all sizes and industries to create 10x teams that can build applications to address the most significant business issues and modernize business processes and technologies. Analysts consistently recognize OutSystems as a leading enterprise development platform - with 2021 marking the company’s fifth consecutive year as a Leader in Gartner’s Enterprise Low-Code and Application Platform-as-a-Service Magic Quadrant reports and a recent Forrester report labeled OutSystems the “developers’ choice” and quoted a customer who “compared OutSystems with the experience of driving a Porsche.” Most recently, the company announced a new platform, codenamed Project Neo, that combines the productivity benefits of visual, model-based development with a state-of-the-art container- and Kubernetes-based cloud architecture, hosted on AWS. This next generation platform stands alongside OutSystems flagship platform, OutSystems 11, providing companies with the ability to build custom cloud apps capable of global-scale and continuous change. Today, OutSystems has global customers in 87 countries across 22 industries, including Toyota, Logitech, Schneider Electric, Santander, Ricoh, Exxon, ING, GM Financial, Vodafone, and thousands more use the OutSystems modern application development platform for a better, faster way to build enterprise-grade applications.

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