FISD Virtual Roundtables: Standardised Usage Reporting - Progress and Prospects

Date: Tuesday, July 28, 2020
Location: Webinar (9:30AM SGT - 2:30AM BST - 9:30PM EDT)


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* NOTE: This webinar is set to run at 9:30AM in Singapore and 9:30PM in North America.

Tuesday, July 28

9:30 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.

Virtual Roundtable: Standardised Usage Reporting - Progress and Prospects

The purpose is to discuss whether standardised reporting would contribute to increased reporting and resource efficiency.  We want to hear the perspectives of information providers (exchanges, IDBs), market data vendors and consumer institutions.  The discussion will navigate the current state of the community and the future trends that members of each constituency intend to take to pursue its respective objectives; what are the standardisation challenges in various usage functions? 

Current reporting state:

  • Market data vendor-to-information provider (e.g., exchange) 
  • Subscribers with direct agreements 
  • How does the reconciliation process between information provider, market data vendor and subscriber work when there is a direct agreement?  

What are the perceived benefits/downsides for standardised reporting:

  • For the information provider
  • For the subscriber
  • For new/future data consumption models: cloud, social media  

Can standardised reporting be implemented (or difficult to implement) for specific policy/usage functions?   

  • Terminal / display
  • Datafeed
  • Non-Display Usage
  • Netting
This event will NOT be recorded!