Thank you for renewing your membership!

The following descriptions cover the various membership types SIIA has established. Please read these descriptions and click the one that best describes your firm. You will be taken to an application form that corresponds to that membership type.

Full Corporate Member
Full Corporate membership is available to firms whose primary business is the creation of software, information or other publishing, including distributors. This category entitles all full time employees of software and information publishers and online software and information-based service providers and their subsidiaries to participate in SIIA activities. Dues are based on a company's gross worldwide revenue. [Dues Scale]
Associate Member
Associate membership is available for professional service firms with software and information industry interests, clients, or practices. These include, but are not limited to, accounting firms, advertising and public relations agencies, executive search, management consulting firms, firms of financial analysts and lawyers. [Dues Scale]
VC/PE Associate Member
The VC/PE associate membership is available to firms that invest in software and information companies and are based on funds under management. [Dues Scale]

NOTE: Companies with more than 50 percent of revenues generated through publishing software or digital content must join as full members.